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  1. Aloysius Cherian


  2. snvff xxx

    she's definitely not working.

  3. AD Winter

    That's one of the nicest coffee shops I've ever seen!

  4. Scott Shadrick

    The second she claimed to be speaking for everyone, she had that shit coming. She is just a pretentious coffee shop bully.

  5. John Doe

    I actually want to fight him

  6. Karanveer Singh


  7. MegaHotdiggity

    Is that Zac Efron?

  8. Intensiti

    Who is mom?🤣

  9. Ruu


  10. SiXiS4

    much gary vee ?

  11. Tuomas


  12. Valerij Röh

    Trevor Wallace LOL!

  13. The Bird

    Most underrated Slapper vid!

  14. Celeste Cruz

    He is so Gary Vay 😆

  15. xomohd


  16. DrDomich

    I feel honestly happy for him. Forgot all my problems for a moment.

  17. Random Person

    I'd argue that a key part of 3somes is for the other 2 people to interact with each other as well as you. If you're in one with 2 people who are both selfish lovers, it's not going to be as much fun as you imagine. Just saying...

  18. Far Lord

    i really hate those kind of people i mean that girl. They always think cafe is some kind of quiet working place

  19. BlackMenAreGods ExecuteChauvin

    Didnt her parents go to jail for bribing her way into USC due to her stupidity? Her mom is from full house.

  20. LH

    You were a tank

  21. Jody Lindsey

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  22. A K

    He sounds like that shark tale movie that shrimp

  23. Jakub Hubicka

    I'm glad he closed the deal, SOME people at a coffee can be extra rude when you are just trying to do your business these days

  24. Arion

    This channel is so underrated

  25. Bill Loveland

    Light his BMW on fire.

  26. Patrick Loftus

    Tickets to the nutcracker tonight. Everytime

  27. skrish

    You're the only one not working - LMAO

  28. free life

    All you had to do is drill the hole through the freaking lock that cheap-ass lock with a busted open real fast

  29. moneyindabank

    Where’s the tootski part?

  30. Guy Fawkes

    Algorithm bump

  31. ding ding

    Black *democrats*.... no thanks. Major Williams seems excellent.

  32. C. Saint-Saëns


  33. beatzoid

    Dang so cool lol

  34. Nikko

    Dude doesn't know yet.. If he was good enough.. she won't share it to anybody

  35. Raghavendra Konkathi

    This is funny dude

  36. Alejandro Gomez

    Don’t even know to go out to the bar anymore

  37. Dimitar S. Aleksiev

    I dislike everyone but the barista in this skit.

  38. Will Page

    So good. Fkn hate those pr1cks.

  39. ChowdaChops


  40. Chad Eun Woo

    Comment for the algorithm!!! New actress is pretty good too !

  41. millamya

    WHERE did she get that Adorable romper?!??!?😍 This video is so true to life😅

  42. Allagí

    "I need my girl to just be spiritually disturbed, like NOT COOL with the man upstairs" That is so fucking funny

  43. ibrahim saeed

    Algorithm, do your thing!

  44. Ben Gray

    A Comment For The All-Powerful Algorithm🙏

  45. Allagí

    Wow. I had only ever seen the Joe Rogan video from you guys a while ago. Just started watching your other content tonight. A lot of it is truly great but this is....this is like a masterpiece parody. I subbed instantly. Ya'll deserve more recognition. Truly well done.

  46. nick ladeeda

    Basic Human Decency. Basic Human Decency LOL.

  47. Melis S Baebah

    The world is governed by self interest. Less than 1 percent of people understand and accept this. They are rare. They are not rich. But happy from being enslaved.

  48. Tom McNeill

    Looks like a younger leah remini

  49. rain rain

    This makes me think joker guys are on par with "witch" chicks a red flag.

  50. Zach M

    "My only fans IS poppin' " 💀😭

  51. Zach M

    I love a good cover of a classic. Edgy AND acapella. Amazing. 10/10

  52. Balín El MAXIMO

    The only time a little girl wants a guy is when the guy doesn't want her.😀

  53. Cam Bryan

    I come back to this every so often.

  54. James Ward

    Stevies face kills me

  55. Alejandro Gomez

    Wait, but where the fook is part 5? The fook


    Thank god for that Y chromosome, am I right? To think it was a 50/50% chance to be born a dude.

  57. David Morales

    I comment, I get the videos to show up in my home page

  58. John Noordhoff


  59. marco moriarty

    Him smashing in a Walmart parking lot is the literal definition of a drugstore cowboy

  60. remo450

    Nikki makes me uncomfortable in every video

  61. UwU OwO

    Can't wait for part 2 where he just doesn't show up.

  62. Gaurav Goel

    Good one brother

  63. Jax

    His accent is the perfect blend of Matthew Mcconaughey and Joe Dirt

  64. Felipe Freund

    this was gas!

  65. GMVCXXC 00

    Killing it

  66. uabir

    I swear, this video would be perfect for the Sony noise cancelling headphones 😂

  67. XoeY Stardust

    This is one of the best sketches I have ever seen. Literally the best plot twist I've ever seen

  68. Əm Iir

    Would've been nicer if the horror husband came after him with a machete

  69. D:\Games

    I feel like this guy could have been an actor for a main character on a show like entourage

  70. Nick Rafaill

    How have you not blown up yet. Your content is so elite. Please bring back a classic video with the iconic duo soon.

  71. 9717cronaldo

    Nobody has friends, Onlyfans

  72. jessie urena


  73. Trevor Przepiora

    That blender did it for me XD

  74. Cannonball

    hey, at least put some kind of liquid in those pink lidded cups.. they're empty!

  75. Alejandro Gomez

    16:44 I like how you just don't see this guy ever again.

  76. Thronesoft Tech

    4k subscribers? Tf?

  77. Damatovg

    Saving this video strictly cause the music alone makes it worthwhile. Completely disregarding how good it is because of the sketch, the music is just on it's own worthwhile

  78. Keegan Jensen

    Comment for the alg

  79. Mr mysterious

    Left wing comedy is...... errrrrrr..... WIERD!