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Slappers Only

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    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Justin Sherman
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Stevie Emerson
    Reiss Parsons
    Christian Olivo
    Joey Fernandez
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Marc Shuster
    Max Marshall
    Steph Langlas
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only ghosted ghost sketch

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    1. Slappers Only


      1. Henry Cressy

        . Up oh I didn't I will

      2. Daire Mc Cormac

        Yeah, not the way

      3. np122

        Im sorry, but this is not the way.

    2. Ichigo 15

      This is amazing..

    3. James Gallagher

      I’m losing her boys pray for me😭

    4. William V.

      I love this channel🤙🏽

    5. Jordan Cooper

      wow this one is potentially one of your guys best, from an acting perspective and from a writing perspective, truly funny stuff

    6. Kix Musaid

      This is a real struggle for men

    7. Francisco Pulido

      "She really done did that though" lmfao😂😂😂😂

    8. Abdulkadir Isik

      What was the old name of this channel ?

    9. elemenopi

      1:19 ghost dick

    10. Tyler Sneen

      Um was that Bonnie McMurray?

    11. Shortcut 101

      That's spongebob 1:42 what the heck lmao

    12. Azard Coxley

      This is sooooo good 😂😂😂

    13. Acasa Diirene

      Great sketch! Part of the joke is that the last one wasn't actually ghosted, right? Am I getting this right?

    14. David Llewellin

      That has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    15. Austin Sosnowski

      Love you dudes 🤘

    16. Michael Gaebe

      Too real

    17. βασιλης καρας

      one of your best!

    18. Insane Clips

      Stevies voice this video is soo funny

    19. LyricV

      haha I love how they came on increasingly more strong too soon

    20. Chris

      🤣 🤣 🤣

    21. PNXDA


    22. Discopark

      "The number you've dialed has been disconnected... or whatever the lady says" XD

    23. Richie Polignone

      She really done did that thoooooo

    24. Emyloy

      Why tf is this chanel so underrated??

    25. mikecantreed

      Hey I’m sure you guys realized but it looks like your views took a nosedive when you changed the name to Slappers only. Maybe you’re going to a patreon model or something.

    26. Orion

      only 23k views??? Where's youtube recommendations???? Underrated AF

    27. Nisar Askar

      1:18 subtitle says ghost dick instead of ghosted. I guess it's the same thing

    28. Jacob Bornowsky

      You guys are hilarious

    29. Ajay Tek69ashi

      Lmfao “I even called her friend Chelsea, who told me to delete this number and never call her again.” Funniest video I’ve seen in a while. Hits too close to home.

    30. Willy B

      Stevie sounds like spongebob lol

    31. EYZ

      This one goes out to all my fellow ghosted brethren

    32. Cletus Biggum

      lol 😂

    33. Nuraddin Khalilov

      "pilates instructor at your cousins wedding that would have been sick" 😄😄😄

    34. Roman Papec

      "Nana? 😟" 😂😅

    35. Andrew Padilla

      Tell me why I was simultaneously reacting when they said “ghosted”

    36. James Schug


    37. ztszv

      Na na

    38. Andrew Cantu

      Epic craft! I will support your movement.

    39. Akshay Kumar

      How many times will you change the channel name

    40. Abdulmalik Abubakar

      These guys don't miss

    41. Riley Arthur

      This needs to blow up

    42. Jace Widman

      The part where Stevie imitated the phone operator is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this Chanel.

    43. T Tanaka

      Linkedin too....loool

    44. Max Ayres

      deserves more hype

    45. CaptBeardie

      2:16 gets me every time lol

    46. CaptBeardie

      Hilarious! You got me cracking up.

    47. Ashutosh Verma

      So so underrated 🙄

    48. SpaghettiNoob


    49. Augustine Akoto Larbi-Ampofo

      I wish everyone realizes how brilliant this is. Damn!!! loved it

    50. Babetravelling


    51. GamingTalk2099

      What kind of girl goes out of town and doesn’t have their phone??? These girls run from confrontation.

    52. RsChoas0wnage


    53. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

      “I told you guys we shouldn’t be messing with these evil spirits” lmao I ghosted a girl once it felt great. Ended up copping a 12 pack of white claws and drank them with the boys in celebration 👍🏼

    54. Philippe Gauvin

      This was amazing.

    55. Will

      I came into this with not that high expectations but this was one of their funniest videos

    56. JeVaughnte Robinson

      Apparently there are 7 ghosts....

    57. Mark Anthony’s Music Picks

      "always the fit ones" lololol

    58. TheRomanZero

      Once again, something beyond stupid, thank you 🤣

    59. Melaku

      Relatable content 😂

    60. Brandon Hendon

      Omg I was sooo fucking confused on who the fuck slippers only is I haven’t watched you’re videos since you changed the name😂😂😂

    61. posteriorpounder

      How has the renamed channel been working out for you all?

    62. Raphael Guay

      SUH DUDE, wanna carpool to area 51??

    63. Hunter Dean

      The moral of the story is that girls are always looking for something better. No matter how well the relationship is going, they will jump ship for a better guy at any second.

      1. N W

        Not always the case. Moral of the story is to let the girls do the lovey shit as soon as you show feelings, you’re perceived as needy and weak.

    64. Shell Smash'd

      "Just be real with me"

    65. High_on_hope_tara

      Haha yesss. This was beautiful, pure art!

    66. Sean G

      The thumbnail was 3D and nobodys talking about it!

    67. E M

      This one was awesome

    68. Cabacage

      Love the spongebob impressions everyone’s bringing out. Solid vid!

    69. David

      This guys are stealing Stevie Emerson's contents

    70. Jake T


    71. random person

      A moment of silence for everybody that's been ghosted

    72. Manelisi

      And this is why I'm subscribed to this channel

    73. Doclorian Rin

      @1:57 "Maybe we should just turn the lights on and call it a night guys" This dude killed it. A+ performance. LOL

    74. jamesssssss

      2:16 this guy's acting was on A-list level

    75. Babi BOBO

      "get ur right hand" two use ur left hand lmao

    76. Babi BOBO

      as a ugly dude. i can relate

    77. Marc Cannariato


    78. zoberaja burz

      damn 1.5k likes and 5 dislikes only nice

    79. Muhammed Hajaree

      1:45. SpongeBob is that you?

    80. Star Dust

      I did not get the last part please can someone explain???

    81. Nikola Manojlovic

      Guys, maybe we should just stop here.

    82. Ziad Miqdadi

      This one hit home

    83. Gustav Fourie

      Stevie "that would have been sick"🤣

    84. Francesco F


    85. Rathdigital

      Damn that was funny

    86. Yo Speed

      Only channel I have to watch every vid. Never disappointed, always get a laugh.

    87. Pelsop

      Stevie Emerson was better

    88. Chris This

      Damn, girls really dont like you

    89. Brett Kaufman

      “I didn’t even know you had LinkedIn you’re a bartender”

    90. I A N T E K

      You are getting less views since the name change

    91. Sunny Blaze

      This is so goooooooooood!

    92. Skill mania

      Pls dont ever stop ever making videos.

    93. Daire Mc Cormac

      She really done did that doe

    94. Nunya Business

      So good!

    95. REA Beats

      Sorry that you aren't receiving the growth you need to be seeing right now. I don't know if it's related to the name change or just IRvision algorithm shit. Good luck, great content as always

    96. Dia E

      I feel rude now 😂

    97. Andrew Young

      Bruh this is so funny 😂

    98. amandeep gill


    99. steffen mullkover

      She kinda reminds me of my mum

    100. G P

      That paranoid guy! LMFAO