Girls During Spooky SZN

Slappers Only

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    They're here. And they're dangerous.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Visual FX By Nicholas Reynolds
    Stevie Emerson
    Alex Varonos
    Christian Olivo
    Marc Shuster
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Oana Gregory
    Joey Fernandez
    Nick Santucci
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only spooky season girls on october 1 funny halloween pumpkin

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    1. Slappers Only


      1. Naani Paz

        What song is this??

    2. Six6sicks

      Older videos were funnier

    3. Ryan Symons

      Yo anyone know what this song is kinda fire

    4. aerxi lyngdoh

      I hope you guys do a Christmas version.

    5. Sean Cook

      Ya boys this one missed the mark

    6. Ian Webb

      Your sketches are better than anything on SNL right now. They should be straight up SPOOKED

    7. Reptilian Diplomat

      What kind of sick sadist smiles and laughs at the saddest scene of Castaway 1:49 #Wilson🏐

    8. Tyler Fox

      How do these guys only have 400 thousands subs?

    9. Gus Farrell

      First min absolutely fire

    10. Arantxa Hernandez

      These girls are dating the Caroling Brothers

    11. Naani Paz

      Hate when ppl make videos and dont credit the ones who made the music. Kurwa just tell me the name of the dub!

    12. Better Tech Enterprises

      Notice how much the views dropped when he changed the name

    13. Kel K

      You forgot the Practical Magic movie..🎃🍁

    14. Cheryl Courage

      Can someone please tell me the name of the song or artist please??😭😂

    15. bismanjit singh


    16. justaddbutter

      *white* girls

    17. ThomasDanzberg

      Reminds me of the caroling brothers lmao

    18. Pelsop

      Wtf is this

    19. Alex Taylor

      Why does this remind me of my sister😂

    20. Charles

      that ending was so damn funny lmao

    21. BIANCA MARGARITA Insigne

      How was this so terrifying.....but so funny....?

    22. Karli Croxton

      can we get the song name ffs. i can't find it anywhere. I NEED MOAR

    23. colton meronyk

      This is so crackhead

    24. T_WARRIORS

      i NEVER KNEW THIS!!!!!

    25. REA Beats

      This is a pretty funny video as always. But I'm kinda upset that you guys aren't getting the views you deserve idk.

    26. Maverrick Metzler

      Why doesn’t this have more views?

    27. Everything Crypto

      Trust me make a short movie it will boost your channel

    28. Emanuel Saupe

      Is it just me or does this feel an awful lot like clockwork orange? :D

    29. Glawsco

      this was amazing 💀

    30. Richard Gonzalez


    31. Travis Phipps

      Slapping the side of the pumpkin getaway van at 1:02 is perfect.

    32. Jace Widman

      This honestly made me so self conscious about how I acted oct. 1st

    33. Arekiffle

      Can confirm this was an absolute SLAP

    34. Connor Pence

      On a scale of 1-awkward, how awkward was it filming this?

    35. Michael Chao

      anyone wanna talk about this FIRE ass beat?

      1. Tyler Fox

        Yeah I'd like to know what song that is but Shazam can't find it

    36. Pablo Lopez

      Bro, that shit was fucking awesome 😂😂😂

    37. Anderson Zip

      This is like Brandon Rogers type shit lmao

    38. Vasqy

      Most underrated video out today.

    39. Laughter Cannon

      HAHAHAAHHA I don't know wtf I just watched but I loved it

    40. Gregg Darby

      Im Scared

    41. Courtney Vickers

      I need the song

    42. DakAttack

      “Three Florida ‘Basic witches’ who’s catchphrase is ‘It’s spooky Szn’ arrested for kidnapping”

    43. The GOAT

      One of your best to date bro

    44. Nikeet Kumar

      is this an american thing?? or why don´t i understand the meaning of this video lol

    45. RestingTea


    46. amarkus4


    47. Tee Simon

      Lmfao im dead bro

    48. Fascist Shrek

      I think that stevies content got worse

      1. Fascist Shrek

        He is to reliant on funny faces

    49. Mithrandir Silvertongue

      Fine dammit I caved and subscribed, y’all didn’t have to go this hard tho 😂

    50. Theo Alchemist


    51. Scott Lauren

      Another slapper.

    52. SpaghettiNoob

      3:12 best part of the entire video. 2020 really brings out the 'good samaritans'

    53. Luke Gangl

      White girls on October 1st*

    54. Laura Athena

      They're the Halloween equivalent of the aggressive carol singers.

    55. dustin temple

      What dubstep mix is this? Anyone know?

    56. EDM RIPPER

      Can u chill on the thumbnails i didn't even know its you , still good videt though

    57. Jason W

      This video felt like it was 10 minutes long of the same thing looping

    58. sibb

      I feel ATTACKED 💀

    59. David Given

      Why did I watch this?

    60. Omar Perez Pulido

      Play this at 1.25 or 1.5, I did it by accident and it's glorious

    61. Celine Anderson

      I think the dning was my favourite

    62. Drew Roberts

      Can someone please ID this banger of a song

    63. Kelly Hardy

      And just after I spent all day looking at all my girls' Oct 1st FB posts, including my own.

    64. Stephen Philip

      Halloween on fleek right now

    65. Luis Barrera

      That’s just kidnapping with extra steps

    66. vDeviin

      this is the most intense female Halloween movie i’ve ever seen

    67. vladanr74

      Exceptionally well produced video.

    68. Koby


    69. Laura Tuller

      ridiculously over-the-top

    70. Youtubers' BS

      No slutty cats?

    71. Koko

      You have to watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween! It's a tradition! 🎃😉 And then a side of "Halloween" for the month bc there are so many of them!

    72. Wrong!

      9 hot, 10 crazy=Danger Zone

    73. Adam Theo

      The girl at 0:26 has to be a relative or Stevie

    74. RedMilan02


    75. Daniel Yoon

      But what's the song that they used tho?

    76. Luxury - Brawl Stars

      Oh shit punching someone ISNT okay thanks random lady

    77. sanchibeatbox

      Now thats how I like my music videos! Btw, whats the name of this brainmelter?

    78. Sam Ehmke

      Very good

    79. OckeyDokie

      I got scared for a second but I realized it was just my reflection in this video.

    80. beclops

      Don't you knock Hocus Pocus, that movie kicks ass

    81. Nicholas Gomez

      "I don't think punching somebody's OK!" "It's fake." 2020 summed up.

      1. Syko Rose

        Karen strikes again.

    82. Reilly Gayton

      Just a filthy track over this LOL Fuck Yes

    83. Sehen Gamhewa

      gold as usual stevie :)

    84. Brayden Moore

      Never been more disturbed lmao

    85. Nick Lieser


    86. gbc 101

      Just thought I'd let you know I changed the like ratio to 690

    87. Elapsed

      what did I just watch.....

    88. Leon Link


    89. Ravina H

      Karen at the end lol

      1. Ravina H

        Trey Idc I’m entitled to my opinion.

      2. Petra

        I don't think that counts as a Karen

    90. Wiemike

      Use me as a wtf did i just watch button

    91. Koettnylle

      I wanted to watch this, but all i got was a "The reasons behind the jokes are not available in your country" message

    92. Jager

      Halloween is canalled this year

    93. Andrew H

      Bless that woman at the end for speaking up against bullying. In this case it was fake, but what if it wasn’t? Then she’d have been a hero 🤣👻

    94. jawadb0199

      This is wonderfully shot. Incredible production quality really

      1. Heed My Warning

        Woefully shot? Insufferable production quality? Really?

    95. Ryker The Bounty Hunter

      That lady at the end is more of a Christmas chick apparently.

    96. Slasher 22

      The last little bloopers you throw in always kill me😂😂

    97. Nolan Smith

      This is a fucking trip and a half

    98. Joel Tyson

      If you disliked then you are one of those types of girls

    99. mhrll

      Hocus Pocus is on point.

      1. Kelly Riddell

        I love that movie, I don't even care. lol

    100. Nicholas Nelson

      Kidnaps a family of four, executes them, spooky scary skeletons :)