Politics at Thanksgiving

Slappers Only

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    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Directed By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Stevie Emerson
    Christian Olivo
    Reiss Parsons
    Deirdre Anderson
    Leslie Reynolds
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only thanksgiving funny

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    1. Slappers Only


      1. Twisted Mind’s

        Do you respond to early veiws

      2. Twisted Mind’s


    2. Alexander Angelus

      Grannie was not fucking around tho...

    3. Karl-Norman Luly

      1:31 Intentional?

    4. Mr. Chopsticks

      How about, no talking politics with family.

    5. M Prime

      I figured it was a simpler dialogue this year but yeah.

    6. B D


    7. Kinlegate

      Thanksgiving for me is just me guilt shaming myself due to eating so much, while also cringing my way through 1 hour of people loudly chewing, and smacking their lips while that one younger cousin I barely know keeps nagging his mom about wanting another soda.

    8. Kinlegate

      I fear no man... But, that... *pair...* *Liberal aunt vs conservative uncle.* *It scares me...*

    9. mars

      I don’t mean to get political but wtf is a _CANADIAN_

    10. Eric Hargrove

      It do be like that though

    11. Pushkar Phatak

      one of your very few unfunny videos

    12. Blue & Green Crafts

      This channel was good when it was only him, stevie Emerson, that guy was funny 😢i miss him and his skits

      1. Blue & Green Crafts

        @Shaan Bains 😭😭😭😭

      2. Shaan Bains

        Yea when he and his friend were the main focus character. U wish they finished where’s my juul 😔, and actually were in movies

    13. The Algorithm

      Why have their views died so much

    14. Krists Cizevics


    15. oops.

      Damn I had no idea Stevie's grandma was such a babe

    16. Ethan Zagariya

      0:33 *Hits head on ceiling and dude starts screaming* IRvision subtitles: [Applause]

    17. Dexter Renter

      We love you Stevie but listen to the fans! The rebrand is not it my man. Change it back while you still have time!

    18. Brian Griffin

      Thlappers only

    19. A Disappointment

      HOLY MOLLY MY GRANDMA IS IN THIS 🤣 say hi to Deirdre for me

    20. R . E . Y

      ha true lol

    21. Hypertank

      I feel like this video would have been funnier if it started at 1:37. Probably wouldn’t have been as fun to film though👊

    22. 4D Chess

      It was kind of hard to hear the dialogue

    23. Benedek Csákány

      So sad how this channel has gone downhill since the name change. Less viewed and tbh I liked the old content more

    24. Const Stamatakos

      Is that Ian’s mom from smosh?

    25. Will Fer

      This is just american RackaRacka

    26. Sunwoo Kim

      That's kinda hard tho lowkey

    27. Detective Unknown

      999th like, nice

    28. William Cross

      You need to change the name back, I know so many people that used to watch and enjoy your videos who didn’t hear about the name change and now they don’t click on your videos because they didn’t hear about the name change so they don’t know it’s you It’s harming your viewership

    29. joyce joyce

      Ngl feels like something is different after you changed your name... Even the views have gone down significantly. Dont know what it is

    30. UwU87

      Wait is that Cyril O’Reily

    31. Will Howe


    32. MrMVP

      I can’t even hear what they are saying. The music is way to loud

    33. Gentry Gevers

      Stevie seems to be educated on the issues at hand. That’s what I found out about this video

    34. OwnD1

      I wanna fight

    35. Zero Bubble

      Fucking hilarious 🤣

    36. iHelp

      Why arent your videos showing up on recommended anymore

    37. MFTW

      Oh... Canada

    38. myu

      Love these vids. Ever since you changed your name the althogrithm hasn’t been pushing it. Hasn’t been over 100,000 views since you changed slappers only ;(

    39. Tyler Fox

      Yo that has to be stevies dad right?

    40. Layhla Grace

      Anyone else fucking hate family gatherings with distant relatives

    41. Siem Jansen

      Man I hate it when this happens! So relatable lol!

    42. Alex

      Arguing about who's the best cook would be less bloody.

    43. Laurin Wagner

      that insta link is wrong ;) cool video

    44. Lia Mendez

      They really got there moneys worth from the fake glass bottles hahaha

    45. Youtubers' BS

      The same guy going apeshit at the end of every video, gets me every time!

    46. Michael Busch

      I was waiting for “feminism isn’t politics, it’s human rights” at the end

    47. Paarth Sharma

      This is gold, we need a full length feature film 🤣🤣🤣

    48. Reid Pattis

      They mean well though

      1. just_ gaming_

        Yea but there killing eatchother there pricks but they mean well though

      2. mars

        Yeah he’s chill though

    49. mariomasters1

      Before watching I was going to write a comment about how this channel used to be clever and now all it seems to be is screaming. 30s in and it's just screaming. What's the twist? They literally fight over politics instead of just verbally fighting? That's it? Try harder. I know you're funnier and more creative than this.

      1. FBI

        Agreed, didn’t like this video

      2. Rado

        I agree

      3. Aditya Asawa

        Couldn’t agree more

    50. Jeffrey Lowder

      am i the dummy? what does Slappers Only mean? love the content but I dont get the name

      1. Braden Leystra

        I thought it was a reference to 007 GoldenEye on the N64, where you could set deathmatch to slappers only. Hilarious and nostalgic if you grew up in the 90s.

      2. Greg Flip

        every Stevie video uploaded will slap/is gold

    51. YoYo piah

      There's always that one instigator

    52. calzown

      I miss Stevie Emerson 😭

      1. Giorgi G

        Same bro 😔

    53. Clarity

      for the algo

    54. Poop Nuggets

      The old lady is the best.

    55. Mihad Alzayat

      How does this channel not have 10 million subs. I don’t get it.

      1. David Mandujano

        I do

    56. CrunkDust

      LENNNNNAH awesome

    57. Matt Livingston

      love it

    58. Courtney Williams

      For the algorithm!

    59. Heed My Warning

      1:51 cave girls are hot!!!

    60. Astrokris

      I miss when the channel was just alex and stevie, i feel like those videos were funnier than these.

      1. ed3bn


      2. J Buck

        And Nicki too. That three person combo was unmatched

      3. bene100degrees

        More money less impact

      4. Jack Higgins

        I feel like the vibe of the channel went from 2 funny sociopaths who had tight, fucked up senses of humor to a gang of friends making more digestible stuff. Good for them having fun and being a little more wholesome, but it definitely doesn’t lead to the same level of impact that the old videos had

      5. Astrokris

        @Vivek Revankar completely agree. and im not saying, "oh, never have those other people in your videos" just like, if you dial back a bit, and focus on the roots of the channel, (stevie and alex) more often, that would keep the channel fresh. just my opinion anyway. if any of them see this comment, i don't say any of this in a negative emotions. genuinly think you guys can make great content

    61. Brandon Murphy

      Wait...what Thanksgiving? Didn't you hear they are making that illegal now

      1. Mansur estes

        Finally I don't have to go to a family gathering

    62. N R


    63. Shortcut 101

      This is rackaracka shet lol

    64. Sterling

      family full of leftists that watch way to much CNN

      1. Potato Nughes

        My family was split about 60-40 conservative and liberal, but many of the liberals got redpilled, so now it's more like 75-25. Less fights :)

    65. James Walker

      This Australian is slapped, and happy to be so 😂

    66. Conserving Chris

      That felt like a fever dream

    67. TheFifthAmendment

      Your taking this joke a lil over board this time.

    68. thesoulofthehero

      '' in the making of this videos no bottles were harmed or abused''

    69. Jonathan Sanchez

      Why doesn’t IRvision algorithm put Slappers/ Nikki instead those “ we broke up “ videos

      1. hamid alhaja

        Or "I'm pregnant" videos

    70. TCR 223

      Sad and true... but funny as hell!

    71. An Ass Hat Production

      Call the cops ... no one has a mask on ! /sarcasm

    72. David Mandujano

      Look just bring back the where’s my Juul series cuz that was actually good

    73. Mocos

      Aight that dude in the white shirt was either Stevie or his dad

      1. bene100degrees

        Obvs his dad

    74. Teo

      just a normal Thanksgiving

    75. Brent Pella

      this video literally slapped me in the face

      1. Mitch Goldstein

        Sah dude

    76. D- Sean

      At least we can all agree that the media along with "big tech " has successfully socially engineered us citizens into hating each other based on political party loyalty

      1. Jackson Scott

        Wouldn't say Big Tech but yeah people can't just disagree and people are being fed their each version of the truth that they want to hear

    77. Indy Vidual

      Instructions unclear: Stepsister stuck in dryer

    78. Bagelsforsalt

      scrambled eggs

    79. Aidan Ramos

      Slapped as always 🤣

    80. Chris Medow

      You already know that this actually might happen at some Thanksgivings. 😂😂👀😬

    81. Braden

      Slaps harder than nuts

    82. Ana Japaridze


    83. Hilowe Hilowe


    84. julian garibay

      go sub for the boys irvision.info/tree/WUYymZWHq0tHAv4q7qM2aQ

    85. Oliver

      Now thats some quality content

      1. Giorgi G

        @Oliver the channel's gone downhill since the name change

      2. Oliver

        @Govind what do u mean nope

      3. Govind