You Haven't Seen The Movie?

Slappers Only

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    I thought we were family.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Stevie Emerson
    Alex Varonos
    Reiss Parsons
    Kristina Jimenez
    Joey Fernandez
    Marc Shuster
    Max Marshall
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only movie sketch

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-) we got heaters on deck, follow us on the gram for more @slappersonlytv @stevie_emerson @varonos

      1. Thomas Rognon

        Hater on deck, reporting for duty!!

    2. Tony Equaliser

      me trying to follow the conversation with my classmates about Assasins creed game that i actually didnt play

    3. A K

      This is hilarious, there's always one friend like that in every group!

    4. True

      This is fucking pure gold XD

    5. Donnie Din

      Goodfellas is better than The Godfather. The Godfather is actually incredibly overrated

    6. Stephen Choi

      2:54 Ok that was actually a better impersonation than I'd been expecting

    7. Gautam Raghavan

      ive not seen the movie

    8. Minimum1337

      It insists upon itself

    9. Blue & Green Crafts

      U haven't seen the movie🤫

    10. Manelisi

      Excuse me while I go and... NOT watch The Godfather👀

    11. BIANCA MARGARITA Insigne

      I am in on the joke and hAVING FUN

    12. TOAOM123

      I didnt know iceman had a youtube channel

    13. Wyfy

      I know that because I’ve seen the movie

    14. Wyfy

      It starts playing godfather music close to the end

    15. Nsangu

      i've also never seen the movie lol

    16. Aaron Barthel

      Theres a place in London called The Codfather. Iv seen that

    17. Stephen

      That one chik looks like Amanda Cerny smothered in plastic surgery

      1. Stephen

        And the other a microwaved tana mongeau

    18. Umair Usman

      What's the Godfather?

    19. Dr. Kimchi DaVinci— 인턴 의사

      I’ve seen all 3 but I don’t remember the opening scene. It’s been like 5 years i think. Was it the dead horse?

    20. ur guy

      Lol still haven’t seen it

    21. Jace Widman

      So I guess I need to watch The Godfather

    22. Dario Urbaez

      ahmmm something is missing here. It just doesn't slap the same anymore :(

    23. tmanowen

      I still don't understand how people remember movie lines like they've lived it. I've seen tons of movies, Idk if I can recite a single line of any movie lol

    24. Ayrton Lama

      Hey Slappers, I love writing. Can I send you one of the scripts I wrote recently, and you tell me what you think? You can use it for free of course, id just be glad I could use my skills prodictively, cus right now im unable to be filming jt myself.

    25. mpuchar

      Great clip boys, although I don't think The Don caresses anyone's neck that intimately 😂

    26. Dominic Oses

    27. Ellen Buchsbaum


    28. Tyler Olsen

      Bro when she starts quoting anchorman... Put a ring on that finger ASAP

    29. Martin Šego

      Is that girl Nikki's sister?

    30. Daniel Prieto

      Anytime any one of your friends has any fun with out you. "I'm having fun too"* cries*

    31. joshmanmode

      Alex consistently legendary. These guys are still underrated AF...keep up the A+ work

    32. Gaurav Gulia

      This was really good man, hilarious! Keep making videos like these! You are one of the people who inspire me cz I also have a sketch channel.

    33. SpaghettiNoob

      What's the Godfather?

    34. Devansh Desai

      I haven't seen the movie.

    35. Midas Trinidad

      So no one's gonna take notice of that hilarious Vito Corleone impression? shit had me dying.

      1. Midas Trinidad

        or no one has actually seen the goddamn movie

    36. Joseph Autumn

      I haven't seen Godfather and I am not afraid to be honest.

      1. Joseph Autumn

        @Alok Tripathi I just don't get it.

      2. Alok Tripathi

        Yeah whatever.. I will re watch it today

    37. Victor Espino

      Love the ending, cuz i know the line, but never sat through all of anchor man lol

    38. Victor Espino

      The random guy saying you got this lol

    39. Victor Espino

      I watch it when you're asleep, it's a man's movie.

    40. Nicholas Campbell


      1. Bruno Coelho


      2. BIANCA MARGARITA Insigne

        A thousand times YES

    41. Prajjwal khati

      This channel is so underrated..

    42. Claymon Lamb

      This was amazing

    43. ReymanAintWippd

      That impression is so bad, that it’s good

    44. JimineyBob

      These thumbnails are not it

      1. JimineyBob

        Sorry that sounded bad. Love the content, the scripting, acting, lighting, set, editing. All that is top notch. I just wish the thumbnails were more cinematic.

    45. Noah James

      I’ve always wanted to watch The Godfather

    46. Finnhearts Youtube

      You guys are so talented! Clean camera work too.

    47. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

      I'm dying here

    48. Tony OD Morera

      I’ve seen the CodFather, is a story about a Mafia Fisherman who struggles to stay the head of the Ravioli Crime Mafia. Marlin, a young Fisherman wants his family out of the fishing business. For years they control the Cod supply of fish coming in and out of his town. He always served his enemies with a plate of Cod fish...Frozen Cold. The CodFather.

    49. Roee Douek

      I haven't seen the movie

    50. rachid Bezzaz

      Oh yeh Btw I havent seen the GODFATHER

    51. King fish

      *I haven't seen the movie....come at me!*

    52. Danyal Khalid

      God father is overrated anyways

    53. Mayank Ramnani

      holy shit the yellow teeth distracted me so much in the close-ups

    54. Micah Potts

      I guess i should see this movie!

    55. G -12


    56. Catherine Campos

      I haven't seen the godfather

    57. luna XV

      I hope he doesnt have a horse

    58. Ethan K

      Wow someone bought a new camera, how much was it?

    59. Oskrrr Skrrra

      Great Video!

    60. Jean-Marie CORDA

      Fokin genious as always. I would say "Give these guys a netflix show already" But since "cuties", i guess my bros deserve way better than Netflix to distribute them.

    61. ghosting101

      I haven't watch LOTR and I had my colleague say I have not lived. I watched it and am still not living. Not sure what she was talking about.

    62. Rudra

      This is gonna be the future for Avengers. Kids are gonna be like "that old ass movie? I got better things to watch"

    63. Stan G

      This is a legit phobia I have. I still haven't watched The Godfather

    64. Aapka Jags

      Love your content!! ❤️

    65. Reyes __

      I love you guys

    66. kaushal v

      He sleeps with fishes😆 LMFAO

    67. 777


    68. Ayush Bhandari

      I'm not first But im always here

    69. JesseGthefantasticmagician

      No one: Me: watching the god father

    70. Noir_The_Underdog.

      I would've gotten kicked out for that second movie. I haven't seen anchorman

    71. John Gallagher †

      Some of y’all have t seen The Godfather and it shows.

    72. Jackson S

      enjoyed this one

    73. Fortune Finder

      One question: why do you always film as if none of the people is in the same room?

    74. Celine Anderson


    75. Wyatt Head

      Some of this stuff is great it's just that one I didn't laugh one time. It was just like watching a normal video

    76. Jones

      "But does she follow you tho?" 😁😂

    77. Sean Wyllie

      hahaha this was fucking brilliant the godfather is one of my favorite movies

    78. Pasha 23

      Red shirt guy isn’t funny..

    79. Gabé Itchèz

      the quality of thotties is improving

    80. YoYo piah

      Never disappoints

    81. Ian Roth

      I haven't seen it so I might as well unsubscribe

    82. jesse razo

      shit got me weak

    83. S P

      It'd have been hilarious if Jessie just said out in the end - "Don't insult my intelligence"

    84. Daily Dosage

      ....i haven’t seen it

    85. Liam Kneeson

      I havent seen it either... the references make no sense to me

    86. Jules Sompayrac

      I guess I'm the only one that misses the old content.

      1. Nathan Johnson

        the old content like DWMJ?

    87. cjg1029

      I've seen the movie and honestly had no clue the wedding was the beginning. I know about the scene but forgot all about it

    88. Flav F

      I’ve seen The Godfather and to be honest, for films of that genre, it was not my favorite. Ducks head.

    89. Arsonist 4Head

      this video is definetly how i feel everytime i get questioned by my friends if i haven't seen the movie

    90. Neo The Catuber

      chick in red is hottt

    91. Lyle McDermott

      Everytime the server guy shows up shit is going to hit the fan.

    92. 5K ᔆubscribers With No Videos

      When someone says they have never watched the lion king

      1. 5K ᔆubscribers With No Videos

        Swingin Killa i still haven’t watched the second one😭

    93. Isyraq Akram

      I almost thought that was amanda cerny and if it’s true, I’m afraid i had to stop stanning

    94. Me Official

      Was having a bad day, this cheered me up

    95. Tanish Reviews Film

      I feel like The Godfather is a movie everyone has heard and everyone says they watched, but very few actually watched.

      1. Alok Tripathi

        @Tanish Reviews Film you need to change the school then /s

      2. Tanish Reviews Film

        Candy Cain Lmao I’m still in high school so that probably explains it. Me and my best friend are the only people in my school who have seen the entire trilogy

      3. Candy Cain

        Few have watched? I dont know a soul on this earth who hasnt seen it

    96. Jon Massimiliano

      "leave the gun, grab the cannoli" loved this one Stevie!

    97. Mark AJ

      Why you gotta make us cringe this hard bro

    98. Carlos Banderas

      Honestly your voice was so bad, I didn't recognice Marlon Brando's character.

    99. Alun Sullivan

      I haven't seen the movie so I didn't get it