Stop Looking

Slappers Only

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    You don't want to get caught.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Stevie Emerson
    Marc Shuster
    Reiss Parsons
    Christian Olivo
    Skye McDonald
    Stephanie Anderson
    Jay Urbzz
    Althea Porter
    Kat Dare
    Bobbie Brown
    Max Marshall
    Lindsey Pelas
    Joey Bergren
    Outro Song by Lemay
    Colors by Nicholas Reynolds
    stevie emerson slappers only park stop looking

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY! watch behind the scenes and next weeks video early at WWW.SLAPPERSONLY.CO :-)

      1. Xguarzian 527

        Tbh you should email netflix to let your make ur own series

      2. Dom

        So much truth in fact I'm just seeing M.I.H. Worlds comment above mine. Don't be Jexi'n me, what are you next door to me or something MIH?

      3. Dom

        I've never seen more truth. Thanks man

      4. M.I.H. World

        Hey, we're with a local comedy team in DC. If things ever end up allowing you to head to the DC area, we'd love to film with you. Love your work, and the quality of your productions. Image quality, camera moves, framing, sound...actors- all of it was flawless.

      5. AxxL

        I could cry when looking at my like dislike ratio. I have so many jealous people that my videos always get way more dislikes than likes. Please don't be jealous, dear sla

    2. Vorname Nachname

      this scene is stolen from a movie which name i cant remember

    3. step mom

      LMAO that final ha at the end of his laugh

    4. JasonAndersen7

      Lmao this reminds me of the booby watchers scene from Role Models

    5. Judah Weesner

      Bruh I need to find this park ASAP

    6. God Mode

      Great content as always my guy. Hope you bounce back from the view drop cause of rebranding. Honestly felt much more personal with just your name on it. Now it feels different coming to this channel

    7. Unknown

      I've done this

    8. Coachh Glock

      2:02 is Millie rocking a part of learning to look without looking? 😂

    9. irainkoolaid2

      IGs in the description....wellp hand, here we go again

    10. Messybones

      Wait is this Limitless

    11. RanMind YT


    12. OfficialSanchez

      I love you Mr. Slappers!

    13. Jackson Meya

      Hahaha 😂 😂🤣🤣🤣 I’m wheezing !!

    14. AriesWarlock

      I thought that was Lindsey Pelas.

    15. BoxShifter

      Bro on GOD people are sleeping on you.. funniest sketches on youtube

    16. MrPerfect Mr

      Hey just wanted to say I love you video. ❤️

    17. tr ja

      Dude this videos are literally hilarious every time. Idk why they aren’t getting that many views. I see garbage posted on IRvision all the time will millions of views within a day. The algorithm is nonsense.

    18. Saurabh Chaudhary

      High on NZT

    19. Stu Simmons

      fire brah

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    22. Vazgen Avakian

      good Job 3.8k👍 vs 23 👎

    23. Elfrin Morales

      The ending 😂😂 lmao

    24. SparkLyrics

      I miss when this channel was just Stevie and Alex and a few friends now it’s just kinda boring I miss that friendship in the skits

    25. Mike Rari

      Hilarious 😭

    26. Swedishnbkongu

      When will stevie be cast in Hollywood ffs?

    27. Kepler Pierre

      He rubber necking

    28. Clive Chama

      "Poor guy just needs a hug"

    29. jmiogo

      Cool. I found the dumbest channel on IRvision!

    30. Drich Fanoum

      U actually made it thru no nut november

    31. Thomas Lekhanya

      "Myyyyy guyyyy!" Hahaha your scripts are fucking awesome. Found you guys last week.

    32. Abdulkadir Isik

      What was the old name of this channel

    33. Adrian Garza

      This is like the end of the limitless movie but different lol

    34. Adam Damper

      Park Life

    35. TutsiFruitsi 19

      Woah there . . .

    36. Adnan Nazar


    37. I’m vool

      Outro song?

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    39. naippes

      Quality content... can't wait to see what's up next... why the rebrand though?

    40. Not A God

      the milly rock

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      That 'throw that ass in a circle' got me rolling

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      These are magic mushroom thoughts. Share some pls

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      Lindsey is back

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      This is some sherlock holmes shit

    47. Austin Sosnowski

      Love it!!!

    48. Price Rowland

      This is the horniest park in existence

    49. Ben Lowe

      It's all about the peripherals

    50. Maxim Postyn

      This is literally a combination of Role Models and Limitless. And I love it.

    51. Sic Eastwood

      Crazy good writing and overall quality like always... yeah👌

    52. Reptilian Diplomat

      My new powers after NNN

    53. Calvin Duffy

      Sherlock vibes

    54. Rob Kimball

      I, too, have seen Role Models.

    55. Akshay k

      This guy reminds me so much of Stifler from American pie lmaooo 😂

    56. Siddharth Darji

      The only problem is we can't get more slappers video

    57. Brandon

      This comment is underrated.

    58. Anshal Cp

      You'll get to the top soon.

    59. Jamie Benson

      Will you be doing any longer videos in the near future?

    60. blabafat eso

      Ur grinding and it’s gonna pay off homie keep it goin

    61. Simon Xie

      dark winter vs hot summer

    62. Absolute Indian

      Not enough 'K' !!!

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    64. Chris This

      Proof were part of the matrix

    65. z

      hey bro awesome vids

    66. Matthew West

      Negative a student of human behavior

    67. Zach Smith

      Where has alex been?

      1. Zach Smith

        @Slappers Only wishing alex the best from Georgia!

      2. Zach Smith

        @Slappers Only thanks will do! Love your channel!

      3. Slappers Only

        check his IG

    68. Carlos Ortiz

      Throw that ass in a circle had me dead at the end

    69. TheMrDarkPhoenix

      Stevie unlocked Sharingan 🤣

    70. Luke Pilon

      This is a lot like that scene in role models !

    71. bee ski

      God. I don't even mind the name change. Your videos are just as good as ever. Keep up the good work and idc if you rename your channel "blumkpkins only"

    72. Shaan Bains

      It’s sorta sad videos like this back in 2013-2017 would blow up like around the time bro science was big.

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      my guy

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      This dude is winning NNN

    75. Ralph-Henry xx

      Your boy recently came on a personal finance come up and wants to know...IS THE PATREON STILL HAPPENING?? I want to be a member ☺️

      1. Ralph-Henry xx

        @Slappers Only real quick big doggies!! Im more interested in the Behind the bangers that tier 1 or tier 2??

      2. Slappers Only

        yesssir! go to our website

    76. MrDestruye

      Vids are still fire 🔥 even more so than before. This is literally my fave youtube channel. The rebrand I don't mind at all, but honestly its the thumbnail change that I think is kinda affecting. Im not shure what you guys changed but I feel like, for me, they were better before 🤔 hope it doesnt come off the wrong way. Your content is fire 🔥

    77. Alice in Bath

      This video was so hilarious I did't even know which part was funnier 0:00 - 2:26 or 0:00 - 2:26

    78. Omar Moncayo

      Pls dont stop making videos! The views will come!!!

    79. Donnie Din

      Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t find any parking.

    80. Yoni Kok

      Straight up great stuff! Hope you'll get the views back my man :)

      1. Slappers Only

        thanks dude

    81. I M P O S T R O S I T Y


    82. Jonathan Sanchez

      And that’s why I always wear shades and yes even at the gym

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    84. Above Life

      Lmfao good one as usual

    85. lepkelogic

      I truly hope you guys get the recognition you deserve one day! Content and quality is top tier and you deserve to make a comedy movie. Ill be watching it instantly! 👍 Already looking forward! Keep it up ma dudes!

      1. Slappers Only

        thank you man

    86. Mojy hunter

      This guy took "NZT" lol

    87. Miles King

      Funny shit boys

    88. Najib Afghan

      What camera did you use?

      1. Najib Afghan

        Thank you! You should sell it as merchandise

      2. Slappers Only

        sony a7s iii

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      That's a badbiddymadaawwwwg

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      I'd rather have a 2mn vid from this chanel rather than any Netflix standup comedy garbage

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      such a good channel

      1. Slappers Only

        thank you

    92. Levi Jack

      As soon as the 1:57 music kicked in, I knew this could be a good movie

    93. EtherealWeeb

      Keep up the great work Stevie, your fire content is only going to make you go up from here.

      1. Slappers Only

        thank you for real

    94. tmanowen

      Your social media profiles attached to your IRvision channel are dead links btw ^^ (except Tik Tok)

      1. tmanowen

        @Slappers Only My only wish is to see more Alex content, have seen him much less in the last couple productions : (

      2. Slappers Only

        whoops. fixing now lol

    95. Azaan Gul

      Can i have ur power pls

    96. Sonny Cunningham

      Damn, he like the guy from role models

      1. Slappers Only


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