So It's Wolf of Wall Street, But for Learning How to Pick Up Girls

Slappers Only

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    And another Hannah.
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    VFX by Nicholas Reynolds
    @Trevor Wallace
    Stevie Emerson
    Outro Song by Lemay​
    stevie emerson trevor wallace wolf of wall street parody funny matthew McConaughey

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    1. Slappers Only


      1. Zachary Cannon

        Dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Just google for it enjoy!

      2. Erick L Gonzalez

        This was gold.

      3. nour

        @YEE YEE man fuck blue lives

      4. iGo0gIe

        You act so well man but trever was awful, should have used your other buddy!

      5. Tony P

        That's right gadnabit! Back like u never left!

    2. Ioan Belev

      You should do a video on the black Monday scene from the movie

    3. Novak

      This dude Trevor sucks at acting, get into something different please and spare us

    4. md sameer

      My man Trevor Wallace ❤️

    5. syah albar

      Nice one

    6. Eddie Haddox

      This is the first video i ever seen of yours off trevors channel and I watch 3 videos a day since. I. Can't. F#CKING. STOP.

    7. Thomas Dubach

      More of these Wolf of Wallstreet videos. People LOVE them!

    8. sour soup

      Another day another hannah

    9. Akash Sharma


    10. irish_texan

      Is nobody going to address how he clears his throat exactly like Leo?

    11. Jack Barnes

      Sips claw**

    12. Ameerun Imi Sairi

      “ Cause deep down, we are all lonely.” Damn that’s deep.

    13. Katona Norbi

      You have no idea how hard a laughed 🤣specially as I saw the movie like 6 times

    14. alaskaboy

      1000th comment

    15. JComm57

      I can’t tell you how gassed up I am. *Sips White Claw

    16. Chakz&Chaks

      It’s like the icloud.

    17. hasnain M

      Just re do the movie id watch it

    18. Victoria Baka

      Wow that was scary accurate

    19. Mr Noot

      Idc if this is a parody, im taking the advice

    20. ikano BG


    21. V N

      They other guy's acting is simply terrible!!

    22. Timothy Mukansi

      This was honestly incredible LMAO

    23. Ishan Ghimire

      Stevie plays Leo playing Jordan better than Leo playing Jordan

    24. Nightbeast


    25. Ankit Rai

      I don't know you were on IRvision, ohh godd best thing i see today

    26. Vincent Woods


    27. Roland Deschein

      I think his type of comedy is complete trash most of the time. But hly shit is he funny and talented. I love your g us crossovers

    28. Teodor Moroz

      The guy who plays Matthew McConaughey has to improve his acting, it is not good.

      1. Phantom Ass

        The guy acts well but Matthew is on a whole another level

    29. B


    30. Brandon Magathan

      Flash warning at the end

    31. delivery boy

      This is amazing.

    32. James Martin


    33. Blue Daylight

      Bruh i thought this was another version of wolf of the wallstreet. The green screen is pretty good tbh

    34. KXD

      Matthew McConaughey got RED PILLED 😂

    35. Santi Merino

      I love these WoWst sketches, they are the best! I didn't really like the other guy in this one though...

    36. David

      (Sips claw)

    37. Santi Merino

      You should do more Wolf of wall St. Please!

    38. Santi Merino

      wolf of wall st is back that's a blessing!

    39. Frosch Bube

      Wolf of Red Light District

    40. TmaN93 Tyr

      420k subs doing a bong rip now...

    41. TmaN93 Tyr

      bro!! awesome loved every second of it

    42. βασιλης καρας

      haha nice ! keep them videos coming

    43. FR TZ

      This is your greatest work yet.

    44. foubert45

      Stevie’s DiCaprio acting is spot on 👌🏻

    45. Garry Gill

      Kid: Mom I want a leonardo dicaprio Mom: We have a leonardo dicaprio at home. * leonardo dicaprio at home *

    46. Josh

      At the time of this comment you have exactly 420.000 subscribers. Congrats

    47. BC

      Why'd you have to pick the name Hannah 😓

    48. I LOVE HIM

      Loved it... Subscribed

    49. fire99xyz

      These videos are great!

    50. Sometimes I Edit


    51. Jace Widman

      Good shit

    52. Phoebe Sun

      i was already chuckling at how good and accurate the acting was until i burst out laughing when that White Claw appeared in front of Trevor

    53. Kimi Yolk

      You and Trevor are the reason I finally watched The Wolf of Wall Street last night. That's how much I love you guys. I'm glad I held off watching your videos because its just way funnier if we know the exact scene you were copying. The acting and dialogue in all of these are spot on. Will we ever get to see you and Nikki doing that "Who's Venice?" scene? The thought of Nikki doing a Margot Robbie is getting me hyped up. Keep it up my man!!

    54. EvanIsBord

      "That's incredible, sir. I can't tell you how gassed up I am." *sips White Claw vigorously* This. This right here is genius level cinematography.

    55. DocProc

      He’s gotta do the “sell me this pen” scene now

    56. Harsh

      Holy shet this is funny

    57. K L

      For the love of fucking god.... Keep making videos with Trevor Wallace. You guys are hilarious.

    58. Space Toast

      The white claw refill killed me 😂

    59. Alex Mercado

      Did anyone start thumping on their chest like I did? Haha

    60. King 595

      I love that this idea has come this far

    61. WhyPee

      I love how they chose "Hannah" of all names... "Hanna" was the last name of the guy Trevor is playing😂 Easter egg?😳

    62. BrunoPadilha

      Holy shit you're good man

    63. Raymond Ritchie

      *sips claw

    64. ؚ

      His hand gestures killed me

    65. Tomislav

      My man is killing the Leo parts.

    66. Billy Bob Jimmy John

      God this is hilarious 😂

    67. Jose Bolivar

      Who is mom hahahahaha

    68. Azile Zimba

      Isn't it mad how there's gonna be someone who takes this as real advice😂😂

    69. Elijah Vigil

      I'd actually pay to see this full movie

    70. Uncle Backseat

      this is gold

    71. Fungaioli Productions

      Amazing bro

    72. Patryc

      the acting here is actually substantial

    73. Gracjan Gornig

      You guys are the best! 😂

    74. Bruno Coccia

      Meanwhile in the table behind the waiter's been taking the order for 4.30 mins

    75. Saif Shahnewaz Saad

      Its Trevor

    76. J.P. Le Maitre

      Kinda miss Stevie Emerson tho. Still love the content!

    77. Raj Soni

      Ironically McConaughey's character name in the movie was Mark 'Hannah'

    78. Jayy Childish

      Gotta collab 😂😂

    79. akshay de

      Are these kind of people the hedgefund manager version of the commodification of relationships in a capitalistic system? Hmm

    80. Phil Matic

      Trevor Wallace tries too hard

    81. elakpucko 3

      Fucking love this

    82. Daddy Zed

      Love u and trevor Wallace together, his McConaughey is actully really good

    83. Wrektem

      Y’all fuckin killed it haha 😂

    84. Damon D. Omand

      The simpletons game common tier

    85. RGP B

      Their impressions are so very bad I missed the comedy

    86. C Marin

      (*Sips Claw*) Lol

    87. Ike Jugend

      Love how “damn” is beeped 😅

    88. Jordan Andrews

      The leo "impression" makes the video.

    89. R awgers

      Ok the dudes hair being messed up in the back in some of the shots is so distracting lmao

    90. Advaith padi

      no way

    91. Matthew 9500

      "- Weird."

    92. Finley Petit

      This is such a great colab

    93. James Anthony Tomlinson

      The production value you of this was so on point.

    94. Sdotbell MMA

      This is one of your best skits.. cuz it’s so accurate to the movie lol

    95. billygenewise

      WHO else is high af rn

    96. MrHdog111

      Can I be Hannah 😏

    97. Jared's sports and pepe

      I know im not supposed to take it seriously but he makes sense

    98. Cyberman King

      *Sips Claw*

    99. James Zhang


    100. K1Cosmos

      Nice reference to Donny brasco