Shark Tank, But With Your Girlfriend (Part 2)

Slappers Only

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    You kept selling.
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    Written By Stevie Emerson & Nikki Howard
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    @Nikki Howard
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
    Stevie Emerson shark tank parody funny fight mark cuban mr wonderful lori impression deal

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-) follow me on IG + twitter @stevie_emerson

      1. Dan M

        hey man, make a video on the perfect date according to men, then another one according to women

      2. Jacky Vanmarsenille

        That "girlfriend" is quite obviously a trans gender. Why are you deceiving people?

      3. Max

        I pay the water here.

      4. Kevin Rubio

        Hangon Barbara 😂🤣 that was funny!

      5. Spencer Fried

        You’re a beast

    2. Zed

      "Hang on Barbara" And "Congratulations" at the end really sold it!

    3. mishmohd

      whoa who brought mr.wonderful into this relationship

    4. Kit Jackie

      The Mark Cuban impression is awesome.

    5. Luis Lascano

      Are they actually together?

    6. frankymacf

      Tremendous 😂

    7. michaelangaloe

      The face

    8. Joe Odonnell

      That face when he's nodding his head lololololol

    9. jychilly

      I'm kind of on Barbara's side on this one.

    10. Stevo. Apollo


    11. Santi Merino

      What about Barbara's offer? Oh wait... She was out

    12. BA_300_AAC

      IRL, every guy thinking potential for three-way: I'm in.

    13. shanthosh selvarajan

      The scriptwriter for this piece should write a sitcom.

    14. P JX

      1:38, 2:06, 2:38 100% Mark Cuban right there.

    15. I give honest reviews

      My man is not a simp

    16. Justin Ball

      I wish Barbara was actually on the couch when he said hold on Barbara. That would have been nexxxxt level

    17. · Novayx·

      1:38 that’s Mark Cuban’s wildcard right there

    18. Charles Cowart

      Did she just counter with his offer?

    19. JZRX SOLE

      1:36 that’s a perfect mark cuban reaction😂😂

    20. Patrick Nguyen

      Ohh calendar for months? Hahahah

    21. Danny Benhur

      For a PlayStation.... That's hell of an offer.

    22. Devansh Sadh

      He did an amazing job! This is exactly how Mark Cuban acts xD!

    23. Mpire Outdoors

      Relationship: 2/10 cooperation. 8/10 pizdets.

    24. EBV

      I feel like their emotions were real... some unresolved issues manifesting in the work

    25. The ATF

      0:18 yeah right there, that’s the end of the video Just: “deal, bye 👋”

    26. greenspectrum

      The break in between cutting to commercials killed me.

    27. Drey Galon

      This man totally right tho wame do play like this

    28. Sit Back Relax

      That "Oh!" with the clap was spot on.

    29. Andrew R

      This dude has the world's best shit eating grin. I love it

    30. Mark Vlogs

      Mark Cuban Lite hhahhaha

    31. PatsaRules

      She has the most gorgeous smile ever existed

    32. Devan George

      Love the paranoid picture in the background! Proud to have seen sabbath on their final tour!

    33. Jacobo Frescas

      You guys have awesome chemistry! Let’s see more stuff of you guys together

    34. DSR

      Your expectations are completely unrealistic, and for that reason I'm out.

    35. Mn ey

      This was great!! This is how every discussion between bf/gf should go down

    36. Story Time

      How does this channel not have a million Subs? Is this like their secondary, or third channel?

    37. The Maklarry Prime

      Good mark cuban impression

    38. Crunkles1119

      Are they actually together?

    39. roach anderson

      Bruh someone sign this couple for the real shark tank

    40. Bruce Courtney

      “Oooh calendar for months??” Mr. Wonderful to a T 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Lamaar Burroughs

      LMAOOOO “Hang on Barbara”

    42. squad cast

      Love these vids pmsl

    43. Lityer Ambidextrous

      For a ps5 ? Mf bet

    44. Aviva Sings Out

      yes!! hotel!!!! win!!!

    45. Yeu Chua

      Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

    46. NoImaginationMarc

      "hang on Barbara"

    47. Daemein Lanier


    48. Vojtos3

      “Let me simplify this for you” hahaha

    49. Tendai darock

      Bro a free playsration idga gimmie that

    50. Nishab Muhammad

      Is Jessica the actress from the Happy Death Day movie ??

    51. Matteo Ferrari

      Great vid

    52. Prathamesh Mandave

      Why i like your videos ?

    53. RAZ

      Can’t decide if she is hot or a trans!

    54. Fredrik Jonsson


    55. Cheiyenne Jimenez

      That’s a good deal

    56. Sujon Moktan

      You're a con artist lmao😂

    57. MultiTexMex

      3:34 dude ain’t ever getting laid again.

    58. Tony Apa

      He's leo and Mark cuban😂

    59. Sam White

      “Hang on Barbara” who is he talking too? 😂

    60. David Risley

      This dude is more Mark Cuban than Mark Cuban.

    61. Dumb Dominican

      Anyone got any theories on what THAT THING HE LIKES TONIGHT that his girlfriend does?

    62. Patrick

      "Hang on Barbara"

    63. Sean Ferris


    64. Timothy Manlapaz

      She’s smokin

    65. Vincent Woods


    66. Vivek Kaushik

      Man this is some Oscar level shit. I'm watching this 3rd time and it's still amazes me how these guys act. Kudos.

    67. Timothy Lee

      lmao this guy is a kevin o leary

    68. JustonRG

      That cadence in her pitch is SO spot on! 🤣🤣🤣 And also: Buuuurrrrrmmmmmmmmm - Camera push - surprised, dumbfounded look 🎤💧💥 🏹❤

    69. adrian jude

      This is the best 😂😂😂

    70. FenderBender4815

      I just realized that they kept the friends consistent with the Part 1 lmao. Steve is asking to go to Tyler's bday weekend and the gf counters w a Vegas trip with Jessica

    71. Sumit Lamba

      Mark Cuban, Right ON

    72. Raul Hinojosa

      This compilation of ALL Mark Cuban expressions is immaculate!!! Plus the girl acting like Lindsay Lorraine from Easy Peasy....Jeez this is GOLD!

    73. Daniel Todosin

      Hang on Barbara 😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Garrett Murayama

      Steve got an amazing idea for y’all. You guys should make a kitchen nightmares parody! But put your own spin on it Ofcourse!

    75. Joel Salas

      "Hang on Barbara" Felt like the actual show

    76. Koda

      Hang on barbara

    77. John Heffernan

      woulda been better if he panned to a chick named Barbara 🤣 but s+ anyways

    78. Mike James

      Hang on Barbara 🤣

    79. Alan Westbrooks

      You should have countered with 'that thing you like' and taken a flier. Seemed to be some potential here, she was desperate for a deal.

    80. Youngluvmadness


    81. Tom Jones

      “Oohhh calendar for months”

    82. Kix Musaid

      this only works if you have a reasonable girlfriend, which dont exist

    83. Kakashi Boss

      "You're con artist"- 🤣🤣🤣

    84. V. X.


    85. RC-brand

      I hope the Sharks see these 😂😂

    86. kyle alleyne

      Hang on Barbara😂😂😂😂

    87. leeuniverse

      LOL... that was funny.

    88. Paul Lowell

      Low key she won

    89. evillink1

      That girl is what Oscar Wilde meant when he said that only the ugly can be beautiful, the pretty, never.

    90. jlzumwalt1

      LOL “Hang on Barbra!” was brilliant!

    91. Victor Espino

      Hang on barbra... *she's out*

    92. King Hulk

      God knows the creature he would bring home, and keep you up at nite! Haha

    93. Teh Artic

      " hang on Barbara! " I'm dead they thought of everything

    94. Mark Bedford

      hook up with Julie Nolke; she's blowing up during this pandemic and you two would have great chemistry. PS I've never seen Shark Tank.

      1. Thomas Ruiz

        So true! Julie Nolke is so underrated.

    95. Miguel Castanres

      Hang on Barbara sent me 😂😂😂

    96. Kimberly_#idontplay_K

      She didn't make the DEAL SHE SHOULD HAVE .....LOL

    97. kingkhong274

      Whats the outo song name😅

    98. Chino you?

      The acting here is SUPERB!

    99. Tatiana Delgado

      Hang on Barbara 😂😂

    100. tan weixin

      Should've said "Hang on Barbara, you're out."