Guys Night Out (Expectation vs. Reality)

Slappers Only

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    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Directed By Stevie Emerson
    @Brent Pella
    Christian Olivo
    Oana Gregory
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only guys night out funny barn

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-)

      1. Mr. Sani


      2. Carter Vermillion

        Y’all I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure this mans got some stuff in the works, y’all aren’t ready for this mans agenda

      3. Dyllon /\

        blake o fax bro I miss dude where’s my juul sooo much

      4. BlakeO561

        Ever since u changed your name your vids have gotten more corny

    2. Scott Uto

      you could just show y'all coked out be the same

    3. Isaac Musembei

      Seriously though,, Marge or Louise???

    4. lrg1404

      She have an onlyfans? 😏

    5. Highway Gaming

      First scene "We have Dic*s" is freaking ridiculous!!!! 😂😂

    6. Tony Montana


    7. Slow Mo MMA

      When all the boys clicked their fingers in agreeance, I cracked up.

    8. Frumpysnorfls

      bruh you can hear ike spamming up B at the end there 😂

    9. d r e a m w a v e

      Your verbage is unparalleled 😂

    10. Nick Bultman


    11. DaveWhiteInYoFace


    12. Kevin Leon

      Ribs .... Brisket lol

    13. SweetWheatsy

      Boys Night is indeed equivalent to spamming Ike's Up B

    14. TheRomanZero

      "It ain't cheating if I don't remember it" The heck of a drug do you use.

    15. TheRomanZero

      Yo Steve once you guys blow up, remember us subscriber's under 1 million, f that under 400k, under 100k. We want the Lamborghini give aways!

    16. Bubby Flippu

      _e u c a l y p t u s_ *RIBS*

    17. G M

      The white wine completely ruined the “intellectual guys” scene. Red wine boys, red wine

    18. Brendon Patrick

      If you take the wine drinkers and smash them with the farmers, thats essentially my about deep shit like absolute fucking morons 😂

    19. Dhw rha

      I was a farmer in 1965 and the farmers night out is on point

    20. Jacob Garcia


    21. Tom Simak

      Straight. Clean. Original. Comedy.

    22. Vendor

      My mans playing Ike

    23. Impostor82


    24. Coachh Glock


    25. Benayas


    26. Bald man

      Yeah, my boys and I on Tuesday 😂


      U gotta bring back where’s my juul

    28. Maksil Lorenzo

      A relationship sketch video from Stevie, where Niki isn’t playing his girlfriend... that’s kinda sus

    29. rempuia 69

      I need more 🅱️ASS send 🅱️ASS

    30. Jeezy Carry

      When is the cherdleys slappers collab?

    31. V. X.

      I hate guys 😂😂😂😂

    32. ComputerGenerated

      This is my favorite one so far lol

    33. Owen Ho


    34. Donnie Din

      They just pulled a Joe Santagato with that snapping

    35. Scarbr1

      Eucalyptus spearmint candle at bath and body works your welcome in advance lol

    36. Babetravelling

      You guys need more white claw

    37. Dainsleif

      There is always the bro who hold his phone entire time

    38. Phil Leotardo

      Why is he cheating on his real girlfriend from the other videos 😒

    39. Niels Bentzen


    40. Tim Scanlan

      "I miss my dad" Too good

    41. pdamon

      U got fine bitches in your videos

    42. sd sd

      Come on everyone has done marge simpson vs lois griffin at least once

      1. Professor Wiesy

        Lois rn But young Marge over young lois

    43. Liberty Bell

      It really do be like that

    44. Miguel Castanres

      ‘I miss my Dad’ HAHAHAA

    45. Cynthia Cler

      That guy stacking the White Claws on the couch has the face color of a tomato. What the hell did you all do to him to make his face so red?

    46. Price Rowland


    47. james bird

      Eucalyptus 😂

    48. Babi BOBO

      The intellectual part hahahaha

    49. Marcus Mckinstry


    50. Sam Donovan

      Brent is REALLY getting around these days

    51. Albert Chang

      you can do better

    52. jeff30458

      How does he only have 409k subs? The wolf of wall street videos alone should have him several mil.

    53. Babs Ifeoluwa

      Hey baby, if I stick it all the way in, you gotta pull it all the way out🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    54. Ean

      “I miss my dad” 🤣

    55. LAHR 1980

      The fart 😆😆🤣🤣🤣

    56. Tommy Pham

      Slappers:👌👍 👌✌️👌✌️ Me. I felt that.

    57. age restricted

      You should collab with Julie Nolke

    58. Victor Espino

      The finger snapping lol

    59. Dru Vesela

      For single guys we all go to bars expecting to get laid, then we all return to my house at 2:30 and smoke weed until 3 or 4 am. Maybe with one or two girls.

      1. Dru Vesela

        Southern Gent that’s lit, we’ve Been recently micro dosing shrooms before we go.

    60. Shehroz Khan

      I just came home from such a boys night out

    61. Astrokris

      Was that smash brothers in the background 👀 an Ike player 👀

    62. Jamiel Cotman

      I miss my dad

    63. Alex D.

      I consider her more of a partner in this journey called life👌👌👌👌fingersnap

    64. Prathamesh Takane

      Your content is slowly and steadily getting worst since the day you rebranded

    65. AppReviewGerman

      Nobody gonna talk about the brisket and the Eukalyptus?

    66. Burton

      Do I hear Ike sounds from Super Smash HAHA

    67. Noah Borba

      Nothing made me laugh harder than the farmer dude interrupting Stevie just to hell “brisket!”

    68. Cynane


    69. Boluwatife Bowale

      “I miss my dad” 😆😆

    70. Wilca Lopez

      I totally blew up with the little snaps XD XD the best humor in IRvision

    71. Peter Deutsch

      I'm pretty sure that game in the background is Super Smash Bros

    72. lovingreds

      Brisket. 😂

    73. Miguel Rodrigues

      "I miss my dad"

    74. BigTimeJ20

      Been watching this guy since his Wolf Of Wall Street parody..

    75. Nicky

      brah this acting tho nxt level

    76. Notha


    77. Brett Kaufman

      Why is everyone so sunburnt in this ??

    78. Mohammed Yakub

      Am I the only one who noticed his channel went from slappersonlytv to slappers only? 😂

    79. Shivnath Badri

      One of the proud people that's been following him before he blew up (coming soon).

    80. Riley Arthur


    81. B. Benjamin Eriksson

      I realise my broskis are a bit different. We actually do stuff. oh.. and wait. Once a month? Whipped!

    82. Krompa

      Remember us when u hit 1 milion in couple months

    83. Troy Terzi

      “I know what goes on at those things” -Every slut that does worse at Girls night

    84. Dana Reeves

      The farmer part got me rolling! 😂😂😂

    85. Victor L.

      Way too factual ahahah

    86. Marcus Mayorga


    87. Clyde MacTavish

      that "I miss my dad" line outta nowhere actually made me audibly laugh. not just breathing air out my nose or nothing but an actual laugh watching this at 1 in the morning. nice.

      1. Hector Jose Vinalay

        Hands down the best part 😂😭

    88. shapen360

      The channel lives true to its name

    89. Sean Elijah Espinosa

      What a slapper

    90. Bimal

      That finger clap tho!! GENTLEMEN

    91. Quick Nips

      What happened to this channel it used to be good

    92. Rey F


    93. Vibhu

      Now thats supper slappy !!!🤘

    94. Jacob Celmer

      Stop giving away all of our secrets bro, this is far too accurate 😂

    95. eCommerce Paradise

      Accurate 🤣

    96. Don 22


    97. Ryu Pasha

      Create more

    98. 824


    99. Alex Lee

      Me: Trying to draw in my coloring book That autistic kid in the back of art class: 0:38

    100. jimshoes_

      Change the name back to Stevie Emerson it made it so much more personal