Whats Up, My Guy?

Slappers Only

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    What's up champo!
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    @Nikki Howard
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
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    1. Slappers Only

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      1. xVDRx

        Davie504 doesn't approve.

      2. ryancurry

        Please release outtakes they'd be hilarious

      3. sillE

        you should probably swap back to stevie emerson because views are droppinggggg and not only that people cant find the vids when they type your name.

    2. Alejandro Gomez

      Is Denzel Washington responsible for "my guy"? cause people don't like saying "my man"

    3. True

      She means well though :)

    4. Mikey LaFave


    5. James T


    6. Kamran Sherzad

      As they get deeper into the convo my face just gets more and more confused due to the complex words being used

    7. InspirePerfect

      I love her lmao 🤣 😂 😆

    8. Samuel A

      Boi 😂😂

    9. Mohammad Mohiuddin

      What's up ? The subs are up !

    10. Insane Clips

      It would be funny if Trevor Wallace just walked up and said “hello”

    11. Mason Dyer

      Nikki steals this

    12. Gustav Duys

      Lost it at “son of my father’s sister” and died at “large substantial canine”

    13. savaniste

      See you later, my last substantial canine

    14. Super Saiyin Kakashi

      “What’s up my neighbor” ...slick

    15. TrollingTheNewbs_CM

      These 2 always make me think of american versions of the hockey players in letterkenny

    16. Tejas Bode

      So thass wass up

    17. Drrilem[DXGS]

      2020 middle schoolers be like: wussup 𝚉𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚢

    18. Mason Dyer

      Nikki is so fire lol

    19. Jesiah Calabrese

      What's up buttercup

    20. random person

      "What is up my carrier of the xy chromosome" lol 🤣

    21. joseph gamble

      Whats up my pals?

    22. Francesco

      When you don't remeber your coworker's name:

    23. Jaime Navarro

      My highest achieving position in a firestation

    24. coz dot

      What's up my slime

    25. Samuel A

      love when he says boi

    26. Gen Z

      I used to say what’s up my guy way too much.

    27. N义K

      no " whats up slugger"?

    28. Tom Fortin

      Nikki Howard is always the successful ingredient.

    29. Carlos Mondragon

      You should have way more subscribers dude your so funny bro

    30. DITLab

      Do another Dylan Williams!!!!

    31. Elijah Daves

      When they said, what's up?...I felt that

    32. Steve Poindexter

      Brooo the transition from cringe, pause, to “what up G” 😂😂

    33. HowtoPopo

      The stupid walk at the end kills me

    34. steffen mullkover

      Wassup homie?

    35. lonely Molly

      We want juul back this is just annoying a little funny

    36. TPO Matt

      bring back 2019 Stevie you need something that’s gonna blow up the short videos are great but nothing beats a hit like dwmj

    37. fmerritt2001

      ...the Budweiser Wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

    38. dronedude901

      Imagine a collab with Cherdleys.

    39. Asuryan

      So this channel is sh!t now.

    40. Isaac Johnson

      👁👄👁 me still tryna figure out son of my fathers sister

    41. Matt Cooney

      What’s up beast

    42. Alec Siegrist

      “what’s up my fellow carrier of the xy chromosome” is one i’m gonna steal

    43. Baby Banana

      If key and peele were white

    44. Roger Falcon

      hahahahah had to look up kinsey scale and it made it even funnier bro.

    45. Rocket Reviews

      Y’all should have had her talk in the deep voice connecting the Why are you talking in “that” voice? Vid or whatever with this one

    46. Ahmed

      Why tf did you change the name? Couldn't find your channel for a minute.

    47. Coleman Wolf

      “what it do”

    48. Stephen WIDJAJA

      "What is up, my highest achieving position... at a fire station" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    49. Petru Stoia


    50. Inflake

      And the worst answer to this question is “The sky”.

    51. Akshay k

      Whats up bob

    52. Hunor Parajdi

      Watch on 2x speed for maximum enjoyment!

    53. Dave Wilson

      Missed the big one! They probably can’t say it tho without catching flak..

    54. Benas Digital

      What’s up my dudes?!

    55. AfroDaddy

      We didn't descend from chimps. We share a common ancestor

    56. Mn ey

      You forgot bro-ski

    57. Is this Jish

      When the cameras were off "wassup mah ni**a"

    58. Is this Jish

      Should've added the wazzzzzuuuupppp from the scary movie scene

    59. Yaro's Car Hustle

      Whats up my brother from another mother !

    60. Dhruv Shah

      What's up,My G!!!!

    61. Alex K

      Man this rebranding thing is rough on the view counts

    62. Bob Bob

      They are never going to get that phone call.

    63. Arvind Prakash


    64. Andrew Carr

      What is up my number one primary Homosapien 😂😂😂

    65. Courtney Graham

      Disappointed they could say "wassup mah nigguhhhhh"

    66. jbbreese

      Always forgetting peoples names, this is helpful

    67. mpuchar

      0:31 lmao

    68. Tien Trinh

      Im 0.5 on that scale to be honest

    69. sandra savic

      I don't owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    70. Zack Skinner 2

      They changed the name?

    71. Walter Doggo


    72. P J

      I like Nikki. Ps...the way stevie walks away is lowkey hilarious

    73. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

      Who else waited for " what's up mate" ?

    74. UDontKnow 4Sure

      1:22 women trying 2 be funny again xD ouchy

    75. Aries Max

      Wasssup puuuieeeeee🤣

    76. martinsmillionmoves

      Great script.........better acting!🔥✌🏻😁Fire boys

    77. MintyyGal

      wassup my nephewwww??

    78. PJ

      wassup King

    79. Tiny Mike


    80. Mr. Sani

      What’s up fellow commentators?

    81. NEKMNIT

      Sup G

    82. louis chim

      what's up my n

    83. Mark Purayah

      what's up killa

    84. xpepsimanxcr

      What's up my brethren?

    85. Astrokris

      "Whats up mister" got me💀💀💀😂

    86. Mvusi

      💀 I thought he was a about to say nigga when as soon as he uttered Neanderthal😹

    87. Martin Šego

      What's up Nikki?

    88. D Of

      For some reason the buddy looks like Kyles cousin from South Park?

    89. Hammerhead 13

      Guys we should continue this in the comments I’ll start What’s up dudette

      1. Alexander Tucker

        What's up my beastly primate?

      2. Akash Tripathi

        What's up my groomsmen??


        What's up my best bloke ?

    90. mod channel


    91. Malele

      It's the "Son of my father's sister" for me😭😭😭😭😭

    92. YT Plushtrap games

      What’s next for Dylan

    93. Held Back

      I contracted a terminal case of updog after watching this.

    94. BoxShifter

      cheeeeeee 🤕😂

    95. CescaKhan L

      I’m surprised they didn’t say “pimp” or “player”

      1. glennhagstedt

        why would you be surprised by that? you don´t see the red thread of what they are saying?

      2. FreakOfFear

        Baseball player

    96. Absolute Indian

      He says what's up though.

    97. Chris

      This felt longer than 2 minutes

    98. Bobby Gauvreau

      The audacity, no the nerve of her to talk down to, my guys

      1. N R

        She means well though.

    99. Johnny D

      I miss the gainer into the pool clip at the end.

    100. zaza zaza

      I usually go with “whats up dickhead” but apparently its not a “proper” way to greet my gfs dad..