The Real Rudolph Story

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    Just warm Christmas love.
    MERCH :-)
    Concept by The Slappers Only Team
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Directed By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Stevie Emerson
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Marc Shuster
    Reiss Parsons
    Christian Olivo
    Lindsey Pelas
    Lauren Compton
    Alex Varonos
    Reggie Luckett
    Max Marshall
    Ryan Jeric
    Voice Over by Justin Sherman
    Audio & Outro Song by Lemay
    Visual FX & Colors by Nicholas Reynolds
    stevie emerson slappers only rudolph christmas

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-)

      1. DJ R-C

        Is it just me or has the views on this channel gone down since the name change? Might wanna consider changing back , but idk I'm no youtuber

      2. Joe Moose

        slappers only

      3. bidmcms3

        Why do Cinnamon & Peppermint have antlers? Peppermint should be your main squeeze btw. Love the channel

      4. Paulieg 1988

        Good shit bro. Hope it gets tons of views and likes

      5. Canilive !!

        Dope ! Ya hella creative

    2. Pan Pan

      Didn't Brent Pella already do this skit???

    3. TheGoldenTheory

      Why aren’t you guys my dads

    4. Nunya Business

      412k subscribers, 26k views?! Criminal!!

    5. Leopold

      the words puns are insanely funny

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    7. Motivation 2 Invest

      Actually had my phone in my hand at the start! We are addicted to tech! haha

    8. DITLab

      Quite a long video

    9. ivyVaughn

      Snopen relationship 😂

    10. Jonathan Santos

      This is awesome

    11. Laughter Cannon

      Absolute SLAPPER!!

    12. Orion

      4 days and it has only gotten 20k views??

    13. Greg Hall

      High quality and funny as hell. this deserves way more views

    14. Jia Xiang Yang

      The antler grab killed me

    15. Dominic Stedman

      It’s actually playing on my fire stick😂😂

    16. shapen360

      Wait, but if Rudolph sleighing Mrs. Claus wasn't incriminating because of their open marriage, why did Rudolph try to kill all the reindeer and destroy the footage?

    17. Babetravelling

      The vin diesel knock off

    18. Piyush Sharma

      I love your work man, good job again!

    19. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

      Watched 2 ads, did my part

    20. Quetzalcoatl Lira-Prado

      I am subscribed already, and after covid-19 got worse for CA, I am staying at my house for X-Mas and not seeing my family. It makes me sad, but honestly your content has made me laugh and helped me on certain days throughout this whole Quarantine. I really thank you so much. And for that reason I will subscribe to your Patreon, to support you. Your content has made me laugh on some really tough days and it has helped me mentally stay together. I appreciate it a lot. Thank You.

    21. Dominic Walker

      This is hilarious 😁

    22. Ian McCall

      ain’t nobody doing it like u man

    23. farfromhome entertainment

      amazing !

    24. Skinny The rappa

      This is lowkey better than every work of netflix

    25. Aryan Singh

      How tf do u guys get the funding to pull off these bangers

    26. OwnD1

      Is it me or does Stevie seems like he’s hot shit among Trevor Wallace, Cherdleys, Ryan The Leader, Cer Spencer, etc.? He doesn’t really feature them at all

    27. Brick Crawler

      Leaving a comment for the algorithm here

    28. Tornado

      I hope this channel blows up in the near future



    30. supercoo1996

      I love this 🤙

    31. Tran Minh Chien

      shit slap yo

    32. ZDY

      1 year from now: “yea sorry guys we have to stop with the good content. IRvision algorithm just doesn’t favour us enough. No more quality, going to post Daily reaction videos and Among Us gameplay with some minecraft here and there. Hope you understand” God I hope that doesn’t happen lol

    33. Vinci Andreozzi

      I appreciate the quality in these vids hope this channel keeps growing!

    34. Jorge Arredondo

      I’m subscribed and yt didn’t even notify me of new videos. Thought you all were on a long break

      1. Slappers Only

        nah we still out here

    35. I.L Investing

      It be like that sometimes...

    36. Calisto Riviera

      She really said “my onlydeers” lmao this fuckin channel wild.

    37. Robert Walsh

      Yt algorithm really doing u dirty here

    38. New Mexico Lucha Libre

      When is Netflix going to sign you guys up. I need some real movies with out IRvision restrictions.

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    40. TheRomanZero

      Yes, I enjoyed this... - Cheap Fk.

    41. Jake Kagan

      shut the elf up vixen

    42. Jon Graffagnini

      Absolutely crushed it. Y’all keep raising the bar and clearing said bar. Can’t stop won’t stop!

    43. mark horn

      Who else watches the ads all the way through for Stevie

    44. poliwayx sword edu

      I went to buy hotwings just for this.

    45. A_D_2 82

      Best video yet.

    46. Ari Gold

      Reindeer Entourage

    47. Miyuden

      "Put your Phone away" about 75% of IRvision content is consumed on phones 🤣

    48. Spencer Farrell

      Yeah this slaps

    49. Thats your end

      Looks a lot like the Amazon logo :|

    50. Vincent Simonis

      Good Job 👍

    51. Kyle Quiriconi

      This ones a slapper for sure I thought this was hilarious. You guys deserve WAY more views for all the work you do for every video

    52. skade

      in swedish to sing Rudolph you sing like: Rudolf med röda mulen, but i usually replace mulen with kuken which means dick

    53. Jordan G

      Rudolph like them does with high testosterone levels with them having antlers like that haha

    54. JusHere4DaComments

      Every Christmas pun used was highly appreciated seriously great word play

    55. Tymon Nieduzak


    56. Steve Div

      You really ain't getting views, huh? Bs...

    57. Mike Baker

      Doe's dont have antlers so Rudolph is gay but apparently into hot transgenders or crossdresser either way way to go haha

      1. Nathan Johnson


    58. Kinetic Finance

      Really well done and awesome attention to detail on set dec, soundtrack, TMZ parody haha. But take a break from the holiday theme videos next year lol

    59. Stocky Mcburley

      "Snow G Bush from the South Pole " lol

    60. bidmcms3

      A doe will only have antlers if she has abnormally high testosterone.

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    62. Average Joe

      The number of Christmas puns is chilling

    63. RanMind YT

      He fell off

    64. Paulieg 1988

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    66. Austin Sosnowski

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    67. Manuel Balaguer

      They forgot to buy merch.

    68. Ashton Hopewell

      He told me to put it on a TV so I did.

    69. Hank Chinaski

      Santa looks high as kite :D

    70. Ethan Israeli

      Been a huge fan of u guys when u were called stevie emerson back in the day . You deserve so many more views guys, IRvision are doing you dirty!

      1. Slappers Only

        coming soon

    71. Omar Perez Pulido

      IRvision's biggest hidden gem of a channel drops another high-quality banger👌

    72. DaLomonze

      Sounds odly familiar..... I was actually hoping for a Deer-tanglement video from Mrs. clause 😂

    73. Thomas Rikelme

      That was great

    74. Broken Clock Films

      The production value. The polish. The PUNS. It's honestly criminal you guys aren't getting more views.

    75. Taheem Lewis

      Santa can police lil children but he cant get a fucking hold on the reindeer hierarchy

    76. yeet boi

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    81. MrCrocodile12

      Continue your great work, slappers only team :). Love your humor and your facial expressions and the accentuation is always on point. Maybe an idea for a new video would be some more Wolf of Wallstreet scenes, you absolutely nailed those. Of course not a revolutionary idea, but IMO those were so great, you could do your own Netflix show. Have a nice christmas. Greetings from Germany.

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    87. King of Nuthin'

      Man this channel has lost it in so many ways compared to what it once was, it's sad to see

      1. Slappers Only

        we'll be back

    88. Judah Weesner

      Santa looks like he's gotten into some cocaine instead of some beard

    89. Vegetica

      I really enjoyed this movie that I DIDN'T pay.

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      Cool channel, cool people

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      Man, idk how you dont get more views tho....maybe change up the titles and the thumbnails to make it more interesting? This may sound cliche but you could actually put a girl in the thumbnail (preferably with revealing clothes)....grabs attention every time.

    98. Trastic

      Was the Santa high? 15:21

    99. Carlos Alonzo Rivera

      Deer Slappers Only, I'm completely snowed in and high as Santa's sled. Please never rein in your creativity and keep delivering these gifts down our chimneys. Bout to go sleigh in on your patreon and also please let me know of any OnlyDeer profiles I can follow!

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