Shark Tank, But with Your Girlfriend (Holiday Edition)

Slappers Only

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    Patentless spuds.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Stevie Emerson
    @Nikki Howard
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only shark tank holiday parody

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    1. Slappers Only

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      1. Alexander Christofi

        Get your: Before 1 million views ticket here

      2. Cole Secrest

        Let’s gooooo

    2. Gxm3r6874

      Dude there acting like there on master chef

    3. MR. ssj3

      If yo girl makes u pay for uber and says no to split then she aint worth it

    4. Hans Ramirez

      this channel is so underrated

    5. Echelon

      theres no way im going back to that shit hole 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

    6. Farjam Jailani

      her face at 2:42

    7. Jean De Vanderluis

      Seriously this should be on going show!!!

    8. Con Man

      Patent pending on garlic potatoes... OMFG🤣🤣🤣

    9. Chad Cooper Jr.

      3:52 had me fucking dying🤣🤣🤣

    10. Sarah

      “for a bowl of patentless spuds” 😂 I frickin love the writing in this LMAO. If there was a “love” button instead of just a “like” I’d hit it!

    11. sawyer williamson

      The fucking faces he makes in the dramatic scenes

    12. GuysLifeHacks

      I love this channel. Pissed the rebrand is killing you guys

    13. PatsaRules

      From 3:28 to 3:40 does anyone know the melody in the background please??????

    14. Legsus Maximus

      ahahah the close up has gone out of hand :D

    15. Lil Annie

      So underrated, high key annoying.

    16. Unknown

      Just nah

    17. Brian Torres

      The faces they make is so funny I love this stuff

    18. Sean Cook

      This deserves more views

    19. Greg Choney

      dude i slammed a full size breakfast sandwich within the length of this video, great vid stevie

    20. William Knowles

      I am so glad that he likes home alone, some of my all time favorite favorite movies!

    21. Xguarzian 527

      My Mums secret mash potatoes My aunt actually cuts the garlic where then my cousin whips it all up and my mum serves to the table Bruh that killed me

    22. One Night

      Why have you rebranded your channel for 12 year olds? This is not as good as the old ones

    23. Mangobrain82


    24. The Chris Shew Podcast

      Please make more Shark Tank skits!

    25. A Nony Mouse

      patent pending* lolll

    26. jonah ramos

      I just don’t understand how this channel is not huge.

    27. Mark Anthony’s Music Picks

      Love you Steve!

    28. Bull Dog

      Damn your vids seriously took a huge hit from the name change 😳

      1. Relykate

        No cap bro

    29. Krishna Mullapudi

      God daaam

    30. Hunter W

      I’m so glad that me and my wife aren’t pathetic like the rest of our generation.

    31. OfficialSanchez

      The grandma yelling politically incorrect slurs gave me PTSD.

    32. Tyme Suteesopon

      Jeff Bezos surely got a divorce like this

    33. Brennan Munoz

      You guys need a network deal..this shits too funny


      We Like 👍 it ❤️&✌️

    35. alt identity

      Do one on China US trade war

    36. Rice Potato

      Those zoom faces hahaha :O

    37. Blue & Green Crafts

      Omg.. I love this series 😂😂😂🤣

    38. TheNineThrees

      “I will be a Customer...but” Lmao typical Lori

    39. James Orchard Coaching

      PTSD from Thanksgiving! Hahaha

    40. Jan Michael Vincent

      The garlic mashed potato sequence is brilliantly funny my guy

    41. swyx

      how is this channel not already at 1m subscribers wtf guys you know what to do

    42. roach anderson

      Keeep this series comingggggg

    43. Tola Thomas

      Wait.. 0:16.. wasn't that a clip from their homemade video where they were siblings... What's going on here!? 😂😂

    44. Yash Shikhare

      This channel's gem

    45. Luke Chenoweth

      I need to try some hot buttered rum frfr Also the garlic mashed potatoes

    46. Taheem Lewis

      That lyft will be like 40 bucks. Tottaly within product margin

    47. DownloadDeX

      I love these so much I don't know why.

    48. Kenny Crage

      Iam beginning to feel like a slap God slap God

    49. Max Beebe

      ayo she funny af

    50. Max Beebe


    51. GoodLife 15

      This is too fucking much man

    52. RanMind YT

      damn, They views are down lately

    53. Tom Simak

      Good deal.

    54. lior levi

      So much work went into this

    55. Jeremy Chaffin

      The facial expressions are priceless

    56. WTF guy

      The face expressions on the drama points.... Nailed it! 🤣 I pooped myself

    57. Jimi HdX

      Their production quality never ceases to amaze me every fucking time.

    58. John Southworth

      Okay ... I'm out of the loop. Will somebody tell me what "Slappers Only" means? (ps - love any vid with Nikki in it)

    59. Gianfranco Gonzalez

      IRvision nuked em after he changed his name that’s fucked up, only video I’ve seen of his on my recommended list in months

    60. DACE

      hahahahaha the faces omg

    61. Eugene K.

      Quality content again👏🏻

    62. Gorilla Motivation

      love it lol

    63. Nyikiwe Shabangu

      Just giving the algorithm a slap

    64. Yashraj Singh

      You ruined it with the over-exaggerated expressions. This series was better when it was more natural

      1. Amy Huang

        hard disagree lol

    65. András Varga


    66. Leago Mnguni

      What if they aren't acting and this is a reenactment of what happened?

    67. Martin Lastname

      This is hilarious

    68. Aditya Sharma

      Why are the top comments two days old but the video is one day old???

    69. Kelly Hardy

      I love when ya'll do Shark Tank. And thanks for upping the faces.

    70. Kali Bur

      I love how you guys had fun with this one! I subscribed because your mini-movies are just epicly outstanding. However I haven't been a fan of the past few videos because they felt a little forced, almost like you were disconnected from the energy you had which made your videos outstanding. I'm so happy that you've reconnected with that and I literally LOL'd at this video (which I rarely do, IRvision has numbed me). Please please please stay connected to that place y'all were in when this was filmed. It's almost like the outtakes are the scenes and that is what I felt "your thing" has been, making content for yourself and not for the audience. We love it when you love it ... and this one deserves to be in the record hall of greatness. Congratulations you guys, you're absolutely smashing it. I'm heading to Patreon now to give you my support 👌🤜🙌🔥💯

    71. Pawel Zabicki

      Oh no, I'm in love with Nikki... :(

    72. Tiger Sissoho

      My fav IRvisionr

    73. Derick spawn


    74. 13mike11

      The faces are next level on this one

    75. Christopher Sarikaya

      Funny as fck, love this series, greetings from Germany!

    76. Actual Degenerate

      Does she have a patent on those potatoes?

    77. José Victor Franchi

      Please don't ever stop making these kind of videos, you are all awesome and great, love your Content I'm always eager to see the newest video that comes out of you oven fresh and spicy!!!

    78. Starsan1337

      Probably one of my favorite series on this channel.

    79. Lynx Lead

      should have said "liquidating the relationship"

    80. EtherealWeeb

      Love the new outro!

    81. MRZL1

      The zoom in on the funny faces gets me every time 😂

      1. lee jenkins

        Yeah me too.

    82. ItsameAlex


    83. Doctor Culture

      The Uber offer was one of the most clutch moves I’ve ever seen from an entrepreneur 🔥

    84. Nathan Albert

      love it, doing this to help the algorithm

    85. David

      Best one yet

    86. asim barrett

      You guys are genius

    87. Sam Donovan

      Really played up the close ups on this one. Nice/420/69

    88. DigitalKid14

      Why is no one giving him ups on his narrator voice?! Absolutely SPOT ON 😂😂

    89. Meshbesh

      The washing dishes w the aunt is a game changer!!!! Seals the deal

    90. 123peeonyou

      yt stopped recommending ur channel when u changed ur name

    91. Brian M

      I guess you are in the short boyfriend gang

    92. Brian M

      Lol dang

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      Fucking hilarious

    94. Alex Rashed

      this channel's gonna definitely glow up someday

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      u guys r awesome... lmao gets my day going

    96. 2003tomi

      lesh gooooooo new video

    97. Christian Cabrera

      All a man wants is to partake in Christmas drinking activities.

    98. Aidan Ramos

      Great vid as always yung slap god 👍🏽👍🏽

    99. Rod Villegas


    100. Mr. Nissim Productions

      Miss the old Outtro beat 😓

      1. Slappers Only

        nah this one slaps just wait