When The Bass Drops Too Hard

Slappers Only

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    It's not even festival season.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    @Brent Pella
    @Nikki Howard
    Justin Sherman
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson funny when the bass drops drop

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    1. Brent Pella


    2. Stéphane Rutté


    3. Michael B

      “This one will literally blow your brains out.”

    4. Francisco Pulido

      I hope you guys do festival skits how Cherdleys did for EDC and Countdown, that would be epic, RIP festivals ❤🙏

    5. PJ Flood

      I was waiting for him to play some Mozart and resurrect him from the grave or someshit.

    6. lakaumbucha

      I gotta be more careful with my music. I don’t want to fuck my head up.

    7. zazaincalifornia

      There is some legit old school American comedy movie, hard to not laugh out loud LOL

    8. Random korean

      You know how when you watch movies, you try to see whether the dead person is breathing. Yeah the guy here was definitely dead.

    9. JozahXVII

      Who claps at a funeral😂

    10. Dnyceboy

      "Im afraid the drop went a little too hard this time" 💀💀💀

    11. Rosesanctuary Tv


    12. Princess

      This is just too good... Am laughing so hard

    13. Karma

      We all know that Stevie has a good taste in music, and appreciates a nice hard drop!

    14. keid1020

      Chewing gum while giving your eulogy...brilliant bro humor, lol!

    15. Head

      skank face not stank face

    16. Vincent David Underhill

      Key and Peele RIP-Off 100%

    17. HajoonSW

      Whats the name of the song? Is it so hard to point it out, every GOD DAM TIME JEEZ PEOPLES XD

    18. Aandunno

      It’s funny when he made the face, I imagined Nicole making that face lol

    19. Jesus Flores

      You kinda look like Cory Seager

    20. Joe

      You got the stank face dude😩😂😂

    21. Harmon

      It do be like that though...

    22. zack

      What is the outro song???

    23. Rohan Emmet

      Every second the paramedics are on screen is comedy platinum

    24. Seth Borges

      “It’s not even festival season”

    25. creation

      Yoo i died laughing

    26. Rob Carey

      This has such 2013 vibes. I love it

    27. peanut pb

      You is stupid 😂

    28. Sir Moros

      Wait, wouldn't just driving him to the hospital be faster than calling the paramedics?

    29. M C

      Just play him down tempo for 12 hours

    30. Sdotbell MMA

      “Don’t leave me, I don’t want to be left again” 😂😂😂😂

    31. Darnell

      It’s kinda sad that people aren’t funny anymore

    32. Block

      is ur birthday fr feb 22? cuz if so that’s mine

    33. Syed Shahmir Hussain

      If Karen was a doctor: 1:27

    34. Liem Geier

      You need to make were’s my juel part 5

    35. Zeeshan Memon

      I actually thought the bass was NOT too hard and the cure for his stank face was a much harder drop!

    36. Drew Smith

      This is what happens to Nardwuar

    37. Tdawg Luxor

      you could have edited the outro and give it no drop at all. out of respect for our fallen members

    38. Da Trick Yo


    39. atom

      You should do an outtakes episode, I bet there is a lot of funny shit there

    40. Jackson Regan

      Awesome video but the colours looked a little weird

    41. FUNKYCOW

      What song is that

    42. Glasstro Gaming

      Song name?

    43. Guap Stacker

      The outro almost killed me smh

    44. Burnt Burrito

      Damn they really milking this Hospital Set they use LMAO

    45. Ivan Escobar

      Dude got an idea: Do a multilevel marketing sketch like they were Jehovah's Witnesses. "Hi, do you have a moment to talk about financial freedom?🙏 Tell me, ¿Do you wanna be your own boss?"

    46. Racoon Trickster

      It really blew his brain out literally 🤣

    47. Derrick Varnes

      What’s the outdo song name?

    48. live_matter

      Bring back a series 2 to juul god please

    49. war.on. buffets

      That was a dope brendan shaub impression at 0:37

    50. Caroline Cardenas

      Speaking of bangers, what’s the outro song?!🔊

    51. Joe Elías

      How do these guys get access to hospitals and coffins during the pandemic lol

      1. ri3it483qthirf

        they didn't have an ambulance tho

      2. blahburz

        they have covid

      3. EtherealWeeb

        probably filmed months ago

    52. Andrew Padilla

      The amount of work Stevie puts in is insane. What is even more insane is how he doesn’t have a 1 million subs yet?! Subscribe to the best on IRvision!!!🤯

    53. Luis R. Hernandez

      What’s the song at the end?

    54. Raghu Nandan


    55. ctOSr6

      We could learn a lot from this.

    56. Ian Oblen

      the original is always better tho

    57. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

      Me when my homie puts a legit serious banger

    58. Martin Šego

      Hey Nikki, how are you?

    59. Lorenzo Cabason

      Hahahahahah. That was hilarious!!! These guys are getting so good !!! The whole cast. The whole script. All of it.

    60. Cool Beans

      1:29 😂😂😂

    61. OrganicChemistry2

      *I don't want to be left again* I felt that...

    62. mr_wright_official_

      The budget for this must be crazy.

    63. Sarah '93


    64. Saifty

      Is this a lost video from 2012

    65. AniHaven

      i dont know if i should laugh or cry tbh

    66. Ernest Afoakwah

      This is what "Blue Suede" by Vince Staples does to me

    67. LucidClan YT

      So I was wondering why the vid only had 47k and imma be honest not one of his best videos I would dislike it but I love the outro so.

    68. Adnan A

      We never learned about this condition in med school 😂

    69. Michael Clark

      Bruh the song wasnt even that good, I mean you should at least try to make sure it's a great song like if Amilli had a bass drop

    70. Lisa Seabrook

      Be an actor

    71. Robbie Richard

      “BACK UP IF YOUR AROUND THIS” omg 😂🤣💀 And are those the same dudes that did the NELK police prank???? Those dudes are funny AF they gotta get a channel

    72. yeatruestory

      I would be lying if I said I didnt want to go out like this

    73. Jamie Sloan

      Quality acting from Stevie there

    74. Fun with Ben & Klint

      dude the subtle applause after the eulogy. incredible.

    75. Jake Lemens

      These videos are so funny 😂😂😂

    76. Aritra Roy

      Proceeds to add the hardest hitting bassline as the outro...

    77. Tech 86050

      the intro feels like an intro to an episode of house the tv show lol

    78. Michael

      The face of the guy who made it through no nut November on December 1st

    79. LIsa Gamper

      Ik this is a lot to ask for but can you make 10 minute vids? Btw not that the shorter vids are bad or anything but ya know. Anyway fucking great vid! Keep that shit up

    80. Brian

      0:55 "You don't leave me, I don't want to be left again" That feeling too real. :(

    81. DefinitelyNotTfue


    82. thebestof _angel

      "Im afraid the drop went a little too hard this time" 😂

    83. Peter Fehring

      Best part of this video was the "nnyeah" from Nikki lmao

    84. Matthew Perez

      Bro Im going crazy trying to find which specific song/mix is the outro drop. I might just have to listen to the whole soundcloud credited to find it

    85. LostSoulz289

      Where's the cop merch

    86. Jayqo

      Can any1 link me the outro song

    87. Hessy Da Bull

      This duo always better then Jordan and pipp

    88. L

      EDM fans: Epic bass drop! Metal fans: Wut? War vets: Wut? Wut?! SPEAK LOUDER GODDAMMIT!!!

    89. MC

      i replayed the "nyeah" too many times

    90. brownieboiii

      Dropped harder than rayshard

    91. Bradley

      “Roger 5 it’s medicine time” underrated line

    92. Mohammed Salama

      Every one watching this video now I hope you have a nice a good day🤞

    93. UnrulyST

      Trash drop

    94. A. Lecky

      Classic case of Bass Face

    95. Kenny Marvel

      Fuckin dead. Amazing

    96. O O


    97. Lourens

      mfw that outro music comes in

    98. Supportacct

      It's ironic cuz every time the outro to Stevie's vids drops the bass I almost get the permanent stank face

    99. DEEPESH

      Someone play him " Sandstorm "🤣🤣

    100. shivam

      the fact that he hasnt got a million is bringing me pain