What Should I Wear?

Slappers Only

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    They're good people.
    MERCH :-)
    Written & Directed By Stevie Emerson
    @Trevor Wallace
    Reiss Parsons
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson trevor wallace funny comedy date

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-)

      1. Jon Johnson

        Should've honked your nose once she was game ✋

      2. jc denton

        cayce olson Weird

      3. cayce olson

        I came

      4. jc denton

        I did

    2. Brian Ortiz

      Kinda like one of my cousins

    3. Donnie Din

      As long as they get to go boxes...

    4. daniel Gordon

      And I'm sittin here at 5'8...

      1. Shane Keena

        They just want someone who isn't carrying a derringer. As long as you are carrying a 9mm, you're good!

    5. Michael Jackson


    6. Zack Wood


    7. mma rook

      I have to distract her from the fact that I'm 5'9 .😂😂

    8. Joel Miltenberger

      He exposed that she had a thing for clowns and he didn't see that as a red flag?!

    9. whutwhut

      not gonna lie. this felt like they werent even trying. idk if its just dude was just sitting on the couch

    10. God Mode

      Change it back to Stevie bro wth

    11. Hanako Honda

      Is it my eyes doing tricks or Stevie looks like Merry brandybuck from Lord of the Rings when he smiles👀

    12. Sean Elijah Espinosa

      Bruh, underrated channel.

    13. Benjamin Kozoolin

      Funniest shit on IRvision 10/10

    14. Ethan Zagariya

      Super predictable but still funny

    15. Vox Populi

      "You look like every guy who has 4 letters in his name"

    16. Ivan Garcia barajas

      Dammit 3 I’m too late 😂

    17. Cap Dude

      I think I saw that guy in a Brandon Roger's video

    18. AlaskanThunder245

      4 letter names, the best names

    19. llStoned .Playerll

      this shit is deep hahaha

    20. Chase Naran

      Trevor subtly roasting Cherdley and Ryan the Leader with the 4 letter name one

    21. Joshua Collins

      didn't realise changed the name

    22. Orion

      They're good people

    23. Itskelvinn

      Not liking these new thumbnails since you switched to staplers

    24. M. M

      Me vs me every hangout

    25. Given Mashabela

      You forgot the bill!

    26. Don 22

      You always have the hottest bitches on this channel

    27. Michael Thompson

      Appreciate the shoutout at 1:18 lol

    28. Joseph Joestar

      At the end he got the girl and she loves what he truly is, that's what matters boys

    29. Frumpysnorfls

      they gonna go clownin around after that meal or what? 🤔

    30. prashams

      Bad name dude. Can’t get over this

    31. Matthewjim

      What’s the song during the merch promo

    32. Bradley Smith

      The T-shirt and Jeans hit me hard....

    33. Miguel Rubio

      Why did they changed the channels name?

    34. nicolas bellon

      Hey guys I just full sent it to the girl I like. I’ve dated other girls and shit but i don’t know why I’m nervous please give me advice

    35. Adrian Istrat

      Give us a shoutout you dawgs

    36. Carte 420

      must be what the girls see when they see tekashi

    37. gladelyn mae

      like trey kennedy, but stevie. same guy, but different. love y’all both !

    38. Christian McL

      "Playing for both teams "

    39. Lucifer Morningstar

      What the song at the end?

    40. Antonio Cuesta Repice

      Derek = 4 letter name

    41. nour

      it’s so weird that some people don’t know about this community on youtube with all these comedians lmao they’re all like related

    42. Arsonist 4Head

      the reveal was so funny and sad at the same time

    43. Steve Div

      But that "Who's 5.9" is fucking relatable. God I hate myself.

    44. Rick Ryan

      I have two four letters on my name. Shit.

    45. 5K ᔆubscribers With No Videos

      Whenever i see trevor i see “frat”

    46. Jordan Smith

      Stevie: hits bong Also stevie: who’s 5’9 now 😂

    47. Abhishek Acharya

      Is it just me or have the views gone down since the name change. Content is still slapping though

    48. Sebastian Kroteck

      0:12 "derek"?? thats 5 letters 😂😂

    49. rachid Bezzaz

      dude the guy that says 1 2 3 at the end sounds like Dakotaz


      It would have been jokes if after they agree to leave the restaurant... They stand up and she's like... "Omg, you're just 5'9?!?!"

    51. Chase

      lol the fact that he even had those overalls

    52. Zealot D3

      #clownfetish FTW!!!

    53. prashams

      Worst name for a channel ever.

    54. Sahil Agarwal

      I thought slappersonly was like a 2 day joke but OH MY GOD

    55. Zach Blenkinsopp

      Nothing better on the planet than when a dime piece tells you “let’s get out of here”.

    56. REA Beats

      Good video but the punchline was kinda weak imo

    57. Coachh Glock

      What a lucky dude. Most guys that try the clown makeup end up getting maced, banned from the restaurant, and a no contact order filed by their date!

    58. Josh VanCuyk

      The ending was perfect lmao

    59. Prathamesh Takane

      That is such a bad thumbnail, put in some effort dude

    60. T Tanaka

      Stevie...You have fans in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe bro.....thanks for always making me laugh.

    61. francargeric1

      Trevor has that annoying face lol

    62. Eemeli Kuusela

      Cries in 5'7

    63. Pontifkc

      You're not 5ft 9 I swear you taller haha

    64. REGME

      Ok hypothetically Plzz tell me the name of that ending track .

    65. Marcelo Albuja

      Still looking for that end song

    66. Is this Jish

      What to do when you're 5'5, asking for a friend?

    67. Nikola Manojlovic

      I paid for the meal by buying two shirts

    68. Ayden Khalil

      Great performance and unexpected ending. You guys creative as always 🔥

    69. Nine

      Stevie AND Trevor Wallace in the same video!? I must be dreaming! :D

    70. Anthony Abi Fadel


    71. Adwitiya S J

      name this outro

    72. Dwight Howard

      He said farmersonly.com LMAOOOOO

    73. Fuzzipiffen

      I’m a simple man... Slap daddy uploads.. I click

    74. ChuckNorris3342

      🙏🏻he changed the world

    75. Piyush Dwivedi

      Still 5'9 😂

    76. Marcus Cornelious

      What a solid skit, good job steve

    77. Gabriel Sarpi

      And they lived happily ever after

    78. Malele

      I watch all the ads untile the end, no big deal😏

    79. oops.

      This is pure genius I bet it actually works too

    80. Johnny's Garage

      im 5'8 :(

    81. Dajaim Norris


    82. John Smith

      Good one boys. Tick Tock on the 12-part series on rear BMW suspension we was gonna do though my mans. We gotta get on it before someone else does...

    83. tracerit

      Great video making girls think 5'9" is somehow "short"

      1. Vany

        That is considered short for women I know it.. I am one

    84. jonah ramos

      I’m 5’9 wtf

    85. Kojack

      Plugging your own merch on a date makes so much sense

    86. Ricardo Morales

      Still 5'9"? I'm 5'5". I WISH. I'd have to come up in a warhorse or some shit.

      1. Ricardo Morales

        @DMO_Enterprises who are you angry at fella?

      2. Micah Potts

        Fellow 5'6"er here. It's a thing.

    87. skrounst

      Throw on the headband for good measure LOL... BTW is that a Brazzers pop socket?

    88. Kyle Angeles

      Fuck I literally went out on a date in that outfit last week 🤦🏻‍♂️ blank fitted t, chinos, and chucks

    89. Inure Glocky

      “I care so much about my health type beat”

    90. CaptainTeHe

      They're good people.

    91. Ian Mount

      Definitely expected his date to make a 5'9" comment

    92. Santis Abraham

      Not gonna lie they had us in the... that was kinda 7/8 of the clip

    93. Sepa Reed

      Aren’t you like 6 foot something?

    94. alizierny

      5"9?! Awesome dude with normal average height :)

    95. Tony Tomasi

      I thought you were 6’5

    96. The StrangerTurtle

      You should've gone with a classic darth maul cosplay costume It fits EVERY situation

    97. OwnD1

      Bruh how much did you pay to get that short restaurant shot

    98. Trevor Wallace

      Still 5’9

      1. kiyosk

        damn 5'9 is short? ouch

      2. Mashburn Edits

        Is that supposed to sound short? Isn't 5'7" the average height of a man? I'm trying really hard not to feel short over here being 5'7", and calling 5'9" short is not helping lol.

      3. FAIR ENUF

        what about you

      4. Alice in Bath


      5. iSoundpro

        maybe, but let me show you a magic trick

    99. A-DOM Prod

      the ending caught me so hard

    100. Anthony Sokolov

      The only IRvision channel I’ve ever hit the bell for