Guys Who Pay For OnlyFans

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    I am a big handsome man.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Cinematography By Chloe VanMev
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-) hit me on IG + twitter @stevie_emerson

      1. John Lee

        Sounds like Trump supporters making excuses for him

      2. Bambi732

        *You have the **_BEST_** laugh to ever exist.* ~ And that's on everything holy, dark and beautiful in this total shitbomb of a world. _Thanks for cheering me up during such a shit depression phase, too. Lmfaoo. Love your ass._

      3. The Kern Cinematic Universe

        I know people like this

      4. heelhookcrook

        link the fan only

      5. Yamil Morales

        Bro this is too fucking funny

    2. Nico Legasto

      Hearing this is like hearing people defend their MLMs, abusive partners or religious beliefs - funny but quite heartbreaking.

    3. J. Francis Ward

      Those who respect women do not need to say they respect women.

    4. P JX

      1:35 Is this for the Margot Robbie scene in Wolf of Wall Street?

    5. Tue Blom

      “I subscribe to that 7 days a year”

    6. Bronje Samuel

      Getting serious anxiety watching that Macbook sit on the ledge like that.

    7. VAL ERY

      Dudes be doing this under 30, oh shit ! Fack yo 😂😂😂

    8. Harley Quinn

      This is a joke but I really feel bad about this man, there’s a girl in my school she has an only fans, she now have a Lamborghini because man like this bought it for her, it’s y’all fault simple don’t pay and the girls will stop posting of no one subscribe and they will find a job and get education

    9. Mr Cle

      Why it's so bad to pay for porn? Would you go to the cinema and not pay just because you can watch free movies at home? No, so there's no point judging Men who pay Woman who wants to undress for money. Live & Let Live!

    10. December

      You a fool boy!!!!!

    11. Matt devereux

      only fans=men living in la la land.

    12. GoodGrief007

      Genuinely funny guy, always a laugh 👍 Nailed the SIMP game 😂🤣

    13. Lanre Adekoya


    14. abnattitude

      the money potential for virtual porn with fully body suit in the future is immense.. just like in the movie ready player one.. no real human woman will be able to compete with AI.. imagine.. AI learns you and knows what you triggers you and gives it to you

    15. mel C

      Lmao why does dude look like Stephen Amell from Green Arrow

    16. Hello There

      This is real

    17. Dunken Hunter

      Well, people who pay for things like that, are just idiots

    18. Sie

      These type of dudes exist?? Bitch i better start an onlyfans

    19. Barokai Rein

      You know I never really thought about it,but thots on onlyfans are indee not anyone's daughters.

    20. ghost245353

      It's criminal how these women take advantage of men

    21. Greg the French Guitarist

      Wow bro how's this 30 minutes long even though it's 3 minutes long?

    22. Dan Med

      This is so funny! But it’s sad these guys exists. Haha. “Does ChristianBale fight crime as Batman every night?’’ Has me dying.

    23. Maimed Fascia A.K.A. New London

      Look at him in the bath 1:05😂😂😂😂😭 This video was HILARIOUS

    24. Copper 5

      I won't even pay for World of Warcrack. Why the hell would I, or anyone, pay for onlyfans!?!

    25. King fish


    26. Song

      the laptop on the ledge giving me anxiety

    27. Adam Strine

      15.99 a month? Granted that is wwwwaaayyyy cheaper than a real one.

    28. Elyuz Lukes

      “This is my lover.” Man’s a genius.

    29. Nunya

      The problem isn’t that this is a joke, the problem is that this is completely fucking real rofl

    30. Lumba Lumba

      Alright, let me tell you why from a person who actually often buy these things. First, I have more money than enough, I don't want to flex with lambo or anything like that, and I suck with women and I don't want to date women that just wants me for money. Onlyfans is just a hobby for me, spend things on pointless stuff because I have more than enough, welcome to capitalism. You might think, "well you should donate to noble causes instead of doing these things". I've done that too, but I'm not as noble as bill gates to focus on that kind of stuff nor am I as rich. Some of my favorite onlyfans are girls who took effort to cosplay and do porn, cuz even in pornhub premium I rarely see good cosplay porn.

    31. Jonathan B

      "How do you know your real girlfriend is your real girlfriend?" Dam hes right?

    32. Vincent Megens

      Whats the outro song?

    33. John Norman

      "the British are coming" I died 🤣🤣🤣

    34. Stuff Summed Up

      This is sad, because there are actually guys like this out there.

    35. quangtran527

      I'm not a simps! I'm just donating to the needy!"

    36. Sheriff K

      I feel like most who pay for that kinda stuff, just has the money and is particular about their tastes.

    37. Rick Dalton • 13 years ago

      They’re also not run by the girls themselves they have mods 😂

    38. Jeremiah Caver

      I subbed off of this video alone😂😂😂

    39. Oisin

      It’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for an egirl to fall in love with a simp

    40. Gustavo Lembre

      "Bienvenu, I mean, Bon Apetit" It's these small things that cracks me up😂

    41. Michael

      Is that a left handed guitar?

    42. ƵiRro

      I am jealous that you got into a 45% discount and I didn't :(

    43. Blunt After Blunt

      Lol I think it’s Tom Brady on the thumbnail 😂

    44. Ian

      This channel is fire

    45. Bandit Skipper

      Close your legs and open your bibles

    46. Trusted Flagger

      Seriously where are all these onlyfans simps?

    47. oluwadare joshua

      This guy👏

    48. Joe Kingham

      Literally the only good thing about 2020 was finding these videos

    49. Generic Name

      damn bro this is relatable

    50. AlignedGuide65

      Am I the only person that thinks Stevie should make an onlyfans for 9.99 and tell you some dumb jokes?

    51. Leon Flint


    52. Grant Wilson

      "That's somebody's daughter!"

    53. scot am

      yeah that's it lets shit on men some more after all they asked to be born a man with a sex drive.

    54. Tara Heidorf

      Hey y’all check out my onlyfans. Brand new to the site. And fun content @taxley21 😛😋

    55. Scorpion Guide

      To every shirt worn in this video 👏🏽

    56. TheWizard137


    57. D&A Vlog

    58. MobiusCoin

      Fuck, I'm so jealous that these girls make 6 figures a month 😭

    59. Lema A


    60. Chief- DaTPark

      I needed this after paying for an onlyfans. I feel like such a dumb fk...

      1. bosshog

        wtf is wrong with u jesus

    61. Max

      the next dwmj?

    62. Alehabarr Gaming

      To the person who is reading this: You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe and I hope your dreams come true one day! 🌈 My dream is to reach 100 subs. I’ve been struggling to get there.

    63. Davron Atherley

      This gaff is amazing 😂😂

    64. klouchy

      Title correction: S I M P S

    65. ZackyP 615

      I’m so glad i discovered your channel. Stevie your making the world a better place with your humor. Keep doing you bro.

    66. TheNineThrees

      HA Jokes on you man she’s NOT YOURS! I only pay her $9.99

    67. afiq jaffarran

      Do you think guys who paiid for onlyfans are pathetic?

      1. Chief- DaTPark

        Nah just naive but even the rat learns to spot a trap when he sees one.

    68. Capri Koziol

      0:35 Bwahahahahahahahaahahaha

    69. Glasco Martin IV

      Lmao so true

    70. Jordan Gustafson

      Damn...Tom Brady has really changed since moving to Tampa Bay.

    71. Freddy Jongue

      LMAO man I love this channel

    72. Mr. MagicJack

      Dude make a video of this with mosquitos.

    73. Ted Scott

      This is like every guy on 90 Day Fiancé

    74. Sonu Roy

      Name of the outro music?

    75. Diesel Douche

      Seriously though, guys who pay for that are sad beta simps who empower these women who have no real world skills to have huge egos and make money off of losers without having to work a real job like the rest of us.

    76. Ali Moharam

      This is so good it got dark 😂😂😂 I feel bad for the guy now

    77. Emily Hill


    78. Pedro Volga

      Your laugh ruins the video :/ can’t share it now.

    79. The Fly Guy

      Dudes pay for onlyfans but complain about not being able to afford a gym membership

    80. Killmonger

      Man I don’t be finding white youtubers funny but nah you got me laughing my ass of bro

    81. Demeter's Daughter

      Y’all call these guys simps, but then will go to strip clubs and tip extra because you think she’s into you. How is this different?

      1. Penitentone

        It isn't different they are all simps the same. Paying money and getting nothing return.

      2. Jonathan Cole

        Never went to a strip club never will can you image how many STDs they problary have in there its filthy . Also judging by your pf you definiately got an only fans which made me lose any respect I had for you .

      3. Nigel Higgs

        That’s exactly how I view onlyfans, I don’t subscribe but I definitely have hit the strip clubs in my time lol to me I see no difference. What’s weird is when guys can’t wrap their heads around the fact that your not paying for a gf, but for a momentary experience.

    82. I Scott

      Instead of wasteing money on only fans go to Instagram

    83. Camila Meireles

      Tbh I think is a lot better to sign up for onlyfans than watching porn in sites that support child/teen pornography

    84. Emanuel Martinez

      Fellas, I bit the bullet. I went ahead and got an OnlyFans. I mean, the low price for $3.50 a month? Come on, that's a bargain!

      1. Emanuel Martinez

        @Chief- DaTPark Man, I subscribed to two accounts and the second one is what I'm talking about! Although, the ladies be making a killing on that site. I can't dog on that type of hustle.

      2. Chief- DaTPark

        That ain't bad I fell for it at 7.99 as long as we learn from our mistakes and dont buy it again we good.

    85. Dragonheart14

      It would be great for Stevie and cherdleys to Collab.

    86. SpaghettiNoob

      Still trying to figure out what a simp is and what onlyfans is...

    87. Diego Martinez

      Dislikes: dudes who buy OnlyFans

    88. Xavier Garcia

      the crooked bow tie kills me😂

    89. Amari Whitlock

      Bruuuuuuh 😂 stop the madness...

    90. Deborah Stephens

      But like. real talk. is it that easy?

    91. Tremain Dzuimo

      The people thar disliked were the beta males that actually live life like this

    92. Kush Taj Gyasi


    93. DOC

      Hahahahaha what is currency!

    94. Kakeru Leonhart

      Guys who pay for "Onlyfans" are simps....and the needy creators the reason why people should start using condons tho 🤷‍♂️

    95. 16bitFishing

      Onlyfans... but they aren’t even fans, they are perverts

    96. Emerson Portillo

      Hey dude, my name is Emerson too :D

    97. Seth C

      Let us bow our heads for the lost men out there 😔

    98. Shay Hansen

      I subscribe to that 7 days a year

    99. fifatatics

      iDubbz lmaooooooooo

    100. Godot

      ‘Men’ who pay for OnlyFans have a lifetime citizenship to Simp Nation