The Reverse

Slappers Only

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    MERCH :-)
    Written & Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Delany Luh
    Joey Fernandez
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson funny sketch comedy date uno

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    1. T S

      I’m doing this to the IRS

      1. Bronje Samuel

        Sheeeit not if you enjoy good clean air. They don't play dat...... Specifically Uno.

      2. jc denton

        #Miqdaad Indori Yes do it

      3. Girigiribear

        Update: now it’s fairly rated

      4. Girigiribear

        Lmao underrated comment

    2. Truthsabre7

      Let me tell you man how you weed out the bad women. You can take him out two times. Spend this little money as possible. Then at the end of the second date you tell them the following. You asked them would you like to go in another date most of the time they will say yes. When they say yes you tell them great, you will be responsible for the next date. I am just showing up. You can take me to dinner make me dinner take me to a show give me a show. It's up to you. If she gives you any flack you just tell her this is not a negotiation this is a requirement. It should refuses you dump that b**** immediately.

    3. True

      They only want equality where it suits them (:

    4. kayn

      Feminism dies when the bill arrives or the ship sinks

    5. Sid in

      Leonardo di caprio

    6. Childish Fendinø

      How else was here when it was called “How to make a girl pay for the date”

    7. Hibbs

      It’s literally why I don’t date, I’m too broke

    8. たいたい笑笑

      We need a whole movie in theatres

    9. OnlyAmv90

      Got her lmaoooooooooo

    10. Jasper Grit

      The waiter's humor reminds me of Trevor Wallace

    11. Jacob Ocejo

      Women like that don't deserve nice dates

    12. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

      Only reason you paid is cuz ur tryina smash. But u can smash any girl and these days not even spend a dime. You shoulda walked away but you didn’t, and for that reason..... I’m out

    13. Ethan K

      Never thought I’d find a online skit comedian funny... legitimately this is the first guy that’s ever made me laugh

    14. Swaroop

      the bill was $1,141. wtf did you guys have LOL

    15. NoImaginationMarc

      0:39 why is this she wearing two watches?

    16. Rudra

      I just go "we're doing Dutch right? Yeah we're doing Dutch!!" You got to aggressively just slam it down before she puts a word in. And make sure you say it when the waiter is there to split the bill.

    17. Alexander Christofi

      wolf of wall street stevie would've been tossing those reverses and +4's at her like fun coupons

    18. Splain Life Comedy

      wolf of wall street stevie would've been tossing those reverses and +4's at her like fun coupons

    19. Rocky Elo Road

      I like the name change Stevie, keep up the great videos!

    20. Timothy Luong


    21. Lizandro

      I personally think the mature thing to do is just to ask if she can invite for said meal that one time. If I date a girl, I need to know that she also is earning money and financial literate bc honestly, communication and prenups are key 😉

    22. secretAZNman

      Imagine being with a girl that still thinks the man should pay for everything......

    23. Striker Infinity

      Please change ur name back bro 😢

    24. Sloghen

      I don't get it? What was that card?

    25. Sunny Sy

      Lmao. I hate that girls expect a guy to pay all the time.

    26. Wolfdeamon24

      That's why I never date anyone I can't outrun just in case they are cheap.

    27. Edden Yohanes

      can yall stop making my guy the waiter!!! get one of your 40 white friends on that

    28. RanMind YT

      The king of short-films keep up the content :)

    29. RavenZero4

      Why would you attempt this? Now you lost money AND you don’t get to smash

    30. Myth

      Change back the channel name bro wtf is this?!

    31. Joe's Fish Garage

      I hope the name change costing half the views doesn't stop this channel.

    32. Lucas Murphy

      Dang I was hoping she was gonna play a plus 4

    33. fanofsongs

      that waiter was hilarious

    34. Tristan Möller

      Someone have a good rule of thumb, when it’s appropriate to expect her to pay?

    35. Finnish Ski Bum

      1:23 Wild Waiter Trevor Wallace appears

    36. Skeletal Pirate

      I used to be traditional and pay on the first date. But now I will split it. Too much wasted money on girls who didn’t work out.

    37. Alfie Fairs

      haha best one yet

    38. Yashraj Singh

      Where is Nikki Howard. Tf man

    39. Andrew Fink


    40. 0 Neonited

      Can someone please tell me the outro music name... 🙄

    41. John Heffernan

      I carry an uno reverse card in my wallet at all times. It comes in handy lol

    42. Mary Nguyen

      HA this was hysterical 😆

    43. Moncef

      The only time she'll get the other half is after divorcing.

    44. Cecil Baloi

      00:59 what did you two order?😂😂

    45. lovingreds

      I got a rule, if i like the guy I'll let him pay as I want to see him again and then I'll pick up the checks on other date...if I never wanna see him again, I'll fight to pay half the bill. It is just the decent thing to do.

      1. Deepraj Roy

        well that's nice

    46. Andrew D

      What a strong independent woman!

    47. Knowledge77

      Reminds me of the Wolf of wall street boat scene

    48. Is this Jish

      Ngl that laugh at 1:06 is scary

    49. Zach Blenkinsopp

      “It doesn’t grow on trees you know”. I hate women, but love them so much.

    50. Riot

      these are really good but you should work on thumbnail and title cuz this kinda puts me off

    51. Jian Tatt Choo

      And here I thought Stevie was providing a public service!!!

    52. BoMantis

      Stevie trying to be smooth 😂

    53. Chris Brown

      Next one, at the end after trying to convince her to pay, have her put her hair up with a scrunchie. Then you say, oh for sure, I got this.

    54. Andy Oliver

      fire content but still dont like the name change to slappersonlytv 😅

    55. Jones

      "Doesn't grow on trees ya know?" Girl: "Alright nother one on me."

    56. Jortus Pelatus

      The camera work and the production quality on these skits are just too professional for IRvision...

    57. Stef

      Instructions unclear. Got kidnapped instead

    58. Pāvels Derjagins

      I didn't get the joke in the end :( Am I stupid ?

    59. itsdrip

      Could you please change you name back to Stevie Emerson

    60. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

      The passive-aggressive energy was just unreal.

    61. Stefan Supra

      Funny how it is accepted for men to pay but when you flip the script people get mad at you.... as if there is some kind of a standard...

    62. manuel bastidas

      I was literally dying when the waiter mentioned the draw 4 and then started whispering nonsense 😂 😂 too good!

    63. Rao Venu

      I dunno about getting the girl to pay for the whole bill but If you want her to pay her share, these are the steps which worked for me a) Start small. Goto inexpensive places/coffee so it is difficult for her to pull the "women make less than men" argument. Also helps that you don't plunk down a ton of cash to get nothing in return. For subsequent dates, you can decide to upgrade. b) Qualify her / challenge her. Tell her you have certain standards for women you date. An indirect / non-confrontational way to do so would be to do in a story form for e.g., "my buddy Steve met this amazing girl and they hit it off. And he knew that he respects her more cause she always chips in her share". c) No surprises. If you do the above you should not have any surprises when the bill comes. If the chick still decides to ignore the bill / lay it on you then she is sub communicating that she is not really into you. Do as you wish with that information. d) Do not show any signs of desperation. Chicks are used to saying No and would be surprised to see a guy who is willing to say No. Of course, this is just a roadmap and you have to figure out what to do on your own. I have had women put minimal effort into the conversation, expect to be wined & dined, tell me they don't have the money, and even have been told that there wouldn't be a second date if I didn't pay. In turn, I used to tell them I know the directions to the nearest ATM.

    64. CchewWitup

      u change ur channel name or something?

    65. etello2221

      Used it, worked like a charm Stevie. Always keep that uno reverse locked and loaded

    66. ri3it483qthirf

      The bill is over $1000 what y'all eating damn 😂

    67. Jack Oedekoven

      Hey I love you Stevie, but where’s the full Wolf of Wall Street parody? I’m still waiting on it

    68. Rocket Reviews

      Sometimes I just get up “go to the bathroom” and sneak out 😐

    69. Achint Singh

      Is it just me or has their view count dropped massively since the name change

    70. Vibhu

      Not so slappy 👎👎👎

    71. VyOk

      When the homie owns a restaurant so you gotta milk the fuck out of it for content

    72. Alpha Vo

      Who else is doing this on their next date??? 💁‍♂️😂

    73. Jabroni Destroyer

      A girl with an oiled cuttlefish face like that don't deserve all that, my kings.

    74. J Ewert

      I’ll always pay for first date, but after that if she still isn’t offering every now and then, it’s ciao.

    75. the missile skud

      Equality ladies, right?

    76. Tw!ce Uh-Borted

      $1,141 😂😂😂

    77. Syed Shahmir Hussain

      1:05 Stevie's maniacal laugh was everything lmaooo

    78. Pasha 23

      Stevie low key the goat

    79. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

      Imagine life without Stevie😭

    80. 206robert206

      Definitely a slapper

    81. lightnin bolt

      Next can you do how to get a date?

    82. Starstrike

      haha i love this man, keep it up with the skits

    83. Relykate

      He hit the woah 😂😂


      I used to always have girls pay for me on our first dates...and a few others lol Dates where I pay, I never got to see them again or anything.... ...wierd lol

    85. Calcelmo

      Until I can afford many great things, she will pay half.

      1. Calcelmo

        @luna XV Yes, I’ve lost sight of the objective and I’ve strayed into spouting social problems… ORANGE MAN BAD! BIDEN GOOD!

      2. luna XV

        @Calcelmo Sudden change of heart?

      3. Calcelmo

        @luna XV My remote doesn’t offer that feature, sorry.

      4. luna XV

        @Calcelmo I guess you do since you consider that amount of time sudden

      5. Calcelmo

        @luna XV Oh, you live on fast-forward?

    86. Dinosaurs of 2016

      My ex offered to pay once, but then she complained about it the whole time.

    87. Jordan's Take

      46 sec. ""

    88. Twizzy Twitch

      Lol.... it's on you bro bro... Everytime

    89. Clips

      Always bangers💯

    90. Nathan Pedneault

      Gonna do this my first date...jk

    91. VolumeImpact

      I wonder is waiters ever feel uncomfortable when dropping off the check

      1. Keith M

        Not unless the couple had a big fight lol. Otherwise it's fun to see who pays. Spoiler alert: the guy does in the vast majority of cases.

    92. Mikhail Lamay

      Favorite guy to watch on youtube! Thanks for the content man!

    93. Kevin

      Every feminist has left the chat...

    94. Adnan A

      If only the Uno reverse worked

    95. James Ward

      I remember back when you were still Stevie Emmerson

    96. Thyrian

      I like How the waiter has this typically creepy posture over the table when he hands them the bill

    97. Sonny B

      I need to start carrying an uno reverse card on me.

    98. Cody Sray

      You actually can have them pay its no big deal, if they make it a big deal just stop seeing them its pretty simple.

    99. John Southworth

      Somebody explain this?

    100. Sejal Sud