Dating Back Then vs Now

Slappers Only

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    Not a minute later!
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    Written By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Directed By Stevie Emerson & Alex Varonos
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    Nikki Howard
    Brent Pella
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson then now funny

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-) hit me on IG + twitter @stevie_emerson

      1. Fascist Shrek


      2. MeirFiveNight


      3. Las Vegas

        lol on some player shit this is great.

      4. HawYee

        i feel attacked edit: but ight

      5. Hyperdeaththe3rd


    2. Jokerpilled Saint

      No wonder boomers have such outdated expectations on dating these days.

    3. Mikey H

      This is mad depressing 😂

    4. Gabriel Marinescu

      kinda sad thou how we lost appreciation for things due to our phones...

    5. AcemanX Ace Wolf™

      Love that look she's rocking on the 50s

    6. Billy Bob Jimmy John

      I had to stop because I was dying from the backseat bingo 😂

    7. Don Van

      Thats why 80s-90s was the best era in between the shitty times when shit was good

    8. Mateus souza

      this actually got me sad ;/

    9. True

      Aww, how times have changed... For the worst :)

    10. Jonnie Zuramski

      bro the bloopers at the end have me dead. funniest channel on youtube

    11. Ray Wang

      Other than texting in the bar, everything else was relatable asf.

      1. Damir

        you need a new girl then ;)

    12. जिज्ञासा

      She got stronger shoulders than my farmer grandfather

    13. Average Joe

      1:01 does anyone else think this sound is grating as hell

    14. Jackson Cochran


    15. HEED

      The Bloopers At The End Tho 😂😂😂😂

    16. Ryan Epstein

      I cannot stop fucking laugh at the old timey ne

    17. Rik Horrevorts

      Still want to now that outro song

    18. Steven Hocking

      It's so sad what technology has done to society. Worst part is, it'll keep innovating cos people don't realise the dangers of it

    19. Don 22

      Fucking love this dude

    20. Joseph Albatross

      With her acting chops, Nikki can nail almost any part... but not that of an innocent little angel ;)

    21. DocsDota

      You missed an opportunity to do this for "I'm pregnant": Back then: "I'll have to marry you then, it's the right thing to do" Now: "Abortion next week?"

    22. SweetWheatsy

      ... and subsequently Charles and Mildred got married, as was social custom not to be outcast, and proceeded to live a happy life not at all filled with repressed desires, secret affairs (mostly for Charles though) and slow, burning resentment

    23. Brad Macneil

      What's the song name 0:33

    24. Vafa Pa

      These videos a funny as fuck. Keep up the good work bro 👌👌💯💯

    25. Finnhearts Youtube

      Had to watch this again. That voice! 😅

    26. Kevin Karnes

      The BS 'Leave It To Beaver' dialog aside. This is a good commentary on people paying more attention to their phones than each other. Freakin' sad. ✌❤

    27. Samuel Ojo

      Had to comment to change the number from 666

    28. K1 SA

      Dude's range is Incredible tho. 👏 mad props

    29. Ayomide Ogunlade

      "NOW" SUCKS!

    30. HG MBPS



      Bro when we didn't have phones we were better off and I'm a youth

    32. ComputerGenerated

      It’s like that one Smosh video but it’s actually funny

    33. BMAN 1989

      Backseat bingo. I lost it

    34. Eric Tolfree

      They should have done the part where they met on tinder and he said he was in jail for rape by has 6 pack abs, she has 2 children lives with her mother he is hitting on h at the door. And when they are out they run into all her ex's

    35. Hugo Groom

      Hey guys, awesome videos! I'm down here in Australia and i use your videos to teach English to foreign students. Is there any chance you could put subtitles on your vids?? That would help a lot as the content as is awesome! Cheers!

    36. LWM

      Someone make me understand why people need keyboard sounds enabled.

    37. JesseJames

      Seems like back then being polite and caring about other people really mattered. Now its cool not to care and to be rude to others. How times have changed .

    38. Brent Rothery

      Wow this is painful how true it is lol

    39. St Nr

      Oh golly geeeee!!!! Ohhh mannn!!!

    40. Ateka9

      If anyone is on their phone, it's not a date.

    41. Gregory Bussey

      I’ve never seen a. Relationship like the “now” ever

    42. Michael Cote

      In a ford ranger though, how low of standards does she have?

    43. Cris portalés

      What hurts the most is that actually this is real for many people

    44. Cris portalés

      This is soooo sad omg

    45. Cris portalés

      This video gives me ANXIETY

    46. alo2acs

      This girl really looks like August Ames when she smiles.

    47. Alex Iglesias

      Haha millenial says phone bad

    48. MintyyGal

      stevie looking exactly like his girlfriends father

    49. Logan Schurman

      Pretty depressing lol

    50. Aaron Barthel

      holly hell iv been doing this very wrong. No wonder im not getting anywhere with the ladies x.x

    51. ppkeaton

      Doea stevie like comments doe?

    52. Fortune Finder

      This just made me sad...

    53. Paul Nathaniels

      Trey Kennedy..... ya

    54. garosh hellscream

      I read the comments and realized something the buble these people are living in is crazy.The reason dating is and always has been like this (the Now version) is because people are poor. Love and all other Disney related notions are and always have been for the few and wealthy the rest of the world just does and always has done just that quick sex there is literally nothing else to do.

    55. michaelcrane17

      what is the song in the credits? I went to the sound cloud and listened to the tracks listed for Lemay, but didn't seem to find it.

    56. ms teresa


    57. Jean-Marie CORDA

      Fucking front of wallmart : so romantic 🥰

    58. GinoBikes

      I legit still date like a proper date. Hence my current loneliness.

    59. Leo Saffaleo

      "Im only talking to you" "Here" 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    60. Jolly123123123

      In defense of the 50s... they had access to cocaine legally... like there was cocaine in Coca cola. I'd be happy af about everything if I were high on coke all day too.

    61. Straw Hat Luffy

      Careful. You wouldn't want to imply something you might regret.

    62. Gajo Romário Fotografia

      "that's what she said"

    63. B B

      This channel is not funny

    64. Olivia Curry

      This was depressing

    65. Hot Sawce

      The sounds he makes like at 1:18 kill me

    66. sazti

      That dad is really crushing life, he looks as young as his daughters date and seems genuinely happy

    67. CW Productions

      Awesome vid haha

    68. Dennis Johnson

      Chuck Berry still slaps though!

    69. Andrei Mihu

      You trying to act as if you are acting, just be natural if you cannot act.

    70. Logan dogan

      This kinda made me sad. Now me cry.

    71. eken keofo

      I cant tell which era hes slandering

    72. sean hoyer games

      the end tho wow

    73. Toxic Cupcake Harvest

      Find happiness within yourself, only give away to those who want you to remain happy. It’s worthless to waste time on those who wish to waste yours.

    74. yang

      are these 2 legit dating irl? 😂

    75. Price Rowland

      This feels like a dystopian film.

    76. Kits

      You're what LifeAccordingToJimmy used to be. Excellent ;D

    77. pierremarel

      Sadly true. It was more romantic and magical before.

    78. Christina Sims

      I love this channel

    79. rich ernest

      Age of innocence!Flipping funny.

    80. Sir Henry

      I like the approach. But I don't like the execution... It's way too inaccurate.

    81. Daniel Percent

      LOOOOOOOL capitalizes on how depressing we are in this day in age.

    82. tylar winegarner

      Note to self: don't say goodbye anymore instead say, see you on the moon baboon

    83. Tock Sick

      I neeeeed this outro track, I know its by Lemay but Shazam won't pick it up and I cannot find it on his soundcloud

    84. Alessandro Giovannone

      i'm only here for the outro

    85. Taco Face

      This is just depressing

    86. Hunter Dean

      As goofy as things were back then, it definitely seems like people were a lot happier and had more fun.

    87. Kuziai

      ahaha :D

    88. Cam Knopp Music

      Lmao "this song is such a finger zinger"

    89. Nick

      No wonder they only text now. They realized how damn annoying their voices were back then.

    90. happy human

      Would say ok boomer but...spitting some facts

    91. BCGTR

      Please make more then vs nows please

    92. DaFrancc

      Everyone talking about how people were more social and grateful for things back then, but did you see that a hamburger back then costs $0.19? There is so little that costs less than a dollar nowadays that I don’t even have the cent sign.

    93. Hk 4lyfe

      Y'all should do a video on snorting cottage cheese

    94. xxkornmetalxx

      He sounds like Rod and Todd 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Andrew Cortesi

      I would say this is accurate but this was released July 2, 2020. So I guess you’re forgetting the face masks. What a time to be alive.

    96. Ethan Israeli

      This video just makes me want to live in the olden days

    97. Michael Que

      Her shoulders look like the Great Wall of China

    98. whutwhut

      they are both hot

    99. Edi Callier

      When he COUGHED I just instinctively slowly backed away from my screen 👀👀👀😷😷😷😷 What has this world turned us into??? 😭😭😭

    100. Npc 900k

      See you in the moon baboon its the best thing i've ever heard