If The Horror Movie SAW Had F*%# Boys

Slappers Only

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    Stevie Emerson
    Alex Varonos
    Written & Directed By Stevie Emerson, Alex Varonos
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only funny saw parody sketch

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    1. Slappers Only

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      1. Andrew Ramero

        I see you are continuing Trevor Wallace’s Fuck Bois.

      2. Oussama Aba

        This one is the best one yet, keep up the beautiful work boys 😎😎😎

    2. Isaac Jacobs

      This is great.

    3. Joseph Schneider

      I think the saw dude is the guy who questioned Leo on his boat about cheating with his girlfriend. He couldn't cope and went straight mad.

    4. Don 22

      This was great

    5. SideRocketeer0

      you guys deserve more views and im going to make that happen

    6. Awesome Sauce

      "You've never gotten girl off?" "Fuck this guy" 🤣

    7. Unknown

      2D girls >

    8. SawForever

      Check out my saw parody! irvision.info/home/d4i5iqujc5Gmjrw/fy-lm-h-y.html

    9. DC Williams

      Whoop ya head boi!!!

    10. Lumpybumpskin Gaming

      1:36 I swear I heard a word that starts with N

    11. Devin Gallagher

      So you put the link to the outro song, but you did not tell us the name of the song. What is the name of the song?

    12. Michael Gaebe


    13. Lucidkris 2

      Soft Taylor lautner looking ass 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Tony Pele

      “You wanna squable?”lmaoo🤣🤣

    15. Quaz

      I slapped

    16. Brian T

      Everyman would choose death first and not have a peep

    17. Lorenzo Cabason

      OK, this was a SLAPPER!!!

    18. MarcyFilms

      dwmj part 5

    19. Dhw rha

      Never give up man. Been watching you since day one. Your gonna be bigger than everyone someday. I believe in you guys

    20. Sfb

      You guys popped up on my Facebook 2 weeks ago ... you guys are funny as faucke ... you guys don't try too hard either which is why I love your content... and that exotic girl on your cast is one of the most beautiful women I've seen ...

    21. Jacob Midcap

      No need to blurp the words fellas. Mostly adults watching

    22. Christian McL

      Whens the next short film coming

    23. Brett Minnich


    24. Yo Speed

      I mean why have the views gone down. This is the best channel. Have to watch every skit.

    25. Matt Windleborn

      What is your outro song Jesus tity Charlie Anderson!!!

    26. Yousef

      Yo part 5 juul

    27. Lia Mendez

      I remember when I stumbled across your channel and binge watched every single video. My anxiety and depression was non existent that day. What a time

    28. Michael Rudio

      Change your name back this isn't working

    29. Emma Keoghan

      It isn’t small.. it’s average 😂😂😂

    30. Philip DuDeVoire

      Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    31. Ayyub Chaudhary

      Bro just a friendly reminder that till this date, you haven't uploaded the 5th part of "Where's my JUUL?" series that you supposedly started 2 years ago amd didn't finished, i thinks that its about time that you do it, I'll be adding this comment on every new video you upload until or unless its done✌peace

    32. Hannah Sh

      So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

    33. Oliver

      Not going to lie reminds me of key and peele

    34. JusHere4DaComments

      Y'all are awesome

    35. Tony Jucik

      That was hilarious

    36. dizzy duwap

      1:36 what he say 👀

    37. Philip DuDeVoire

      Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    38. Thyrian

      Thanks for mentioning the genre, otherwise I wouldn‘t that SAW is a Horror Movie

    39. EmbolystOfficial

      Soft taylor lautner lookin' ass

    40. Given Mashabela


    41. Tomato

      Dont bleep words. Takes the fun out

    42. Junaid Haveri

      "soft Taylor Lautner looking ass boy" 😂

    43. Piyush Dwivedi


    44. Philip DuDeVoire

      Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

    45. Ben Gilg

      another banger boys good stuff

    46. Graham Root

      I thought the game was gonna be 20 questions lmao

    47. Nebroski Theraut

      My man coming up with lit content!

    48. oops.

      Big tough guy behind the screen dude. You wanna squabble?

    49. RemyVonLion

      "I've never been less proud of something...nah it's fine" perfect description of this content lol

    50. Digby Mooney

      soft taylor launtner lookin ass

    51. YoYo piah

      You think the name change affected the algorithm?

    52. Chai Tea

      He's just a rando? 😂

    53. Easterman

      Still don't get the namechange, Stevie Emerson seems way more brandable and relatable than slappers only

    54. MR LINN


    55. Chris Dutton

      Nothing like some Viagra water in the morning

    56. Kyru Kun

      Hilarious asf yall gonna be the comedians of this generation

    57. Ean

      Keep the content coming. I love it

    58. Harry Banner

      Feels different knowing that Stevie doesn’t own the channel anymore....

    59. Knapster4444

      Pretty good I will admit

    60. Pasha 23

      Damn IRvision is getting mad comfy with these double adds huh 🤔

    61. Ethan Israeli

      Lol love your vids man u guys deserve so much more recognition

    62. DC Williams

      This nigga said I’ll whoop yo head boi. I was dying when he said that

    63. Branden Aho

      That ended way too early

    64. Troll Hidden Cave

      I had to click on my subscription Tab and do some scrolling to find you dudes y'all aren't showing up in my regular home feed do y'all have hot alien girlfriends yet?

    65. Deathstroke critical ops

      Yall are fking legends👍

    66. David Torres

      1:10 soft taylor lautner looking ass hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha killed me

    67. Clicker

      Since the name change they have yet to have a video over 100K views. IRvision just throttling the shit out of great content. Too bad.

      1. Dirt E

        Noticed the same exact thing. The content is still great but it’s just not doing as well sadly.

    68. BNack

      Haven’t finished it yet but thank you in advance for this masterpiece

      1. BNack

        Lee Judd yeah

    69. Scott Lauren

      Its average sized. I believe you.

    70. Mustangkid29

      I’ll whip ya head boi. Get rich or die trying reference. Love it!

    71. Johnny B. Good

      God this shit is gold!

    72. Zahr

      The Juul and whiteclaw killed me 😂

      1. electrouser5

        funniest part

    73. Emma Leighton

      dudes this is amazing!

    74. Babetravelling

      It’s average size

    75. James Goldberg

      This is the greatest vid I’ve ever seen

    76. Ike U

      Its cool bruh i'll just die. Like I don't even have to think about it.

    77. Siem Jansen

      Stevie and Alex are actually bro goals man

    78. The Batman

      We need the full movie please

    79. Артем Демидов

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    80. 3 tick my ass

      I know bleeping is added after. so if u still have the original audio, maybe upload that as well. this was a big miss

    81. James Feguson

      The new name is far worse

    82. 3 tick my ass

      had to skip this due to the bleeping

    83. EJ Spark

      Dang wish these were longer

    84. Eazy-A

      fuck im among first ones and i have super chance to get tons of likes but i dont have idea

    85. Manze

      Dude these guys are on point with the acting, or maybe they are fckboys?

    86. Miles Reed

      Soft Tayler Lautner looking ass

    87. Ross

      Direct correlation between lower view counts and you changing the name of your channel. Just change it back man

    88. CorToTheVette Gaming

      This slaps

    89. Evan Wright

      This was some creative shit. Everytime I think: What's next? And out of nowhere glorious shit like this appears

    90. Sourabh Kumar Singh

      Love from India

    91. Babi BOBO

      deleted scene from the original

    92. Babi BOBO

      my boi is victim and clown at the same time. goated

    93. Mark Saldanha

      Taylor Lautner lookin ass ... 🤣💀

    94. tablet 11743

      Why are the curses bleeped out?

    95. Oussama Aba

      This one is simply beautiful 😂😂😂😂😂

    96. connor wilson

      Part 2 please you gotta do a thing like you did dwmj

    97. Kassidy Smothermon

      Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    98. J. Collett

      I always thought Alex looked like Taylor Lautner, glad they mentioned that. LOL

      1. luthien_gs

        Right?! They totally broke the 4th wall there :D

    99. King 595

      After watching all the "how to beat all the saw trap" videos recently, this hits different Lmfao

      1. One Night

        Same haha I'm analyzing it like the guy

    100. Jequeese Tyrone LeQueefus

      Yo why is he censored now