Slappers Only

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    it's happening.

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    1. The Digital CEO

      guys it doesnt matter wtf its called. its gonna be dope.

      1. Yael Julio

        dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google :D

      2. mikecantreed

        Just coming back to say we told you so. View counts down to a fraction of what they were before and no video in a month. So yea it does matter what it’s called.

    2. Blitzy

      Damn the drop off in views is incredibly evident. Does a name change really have that much impact?

    3. José Ignacio Pacheco

      How to murder a channel

    4. REALworldHISTORY

      Like buzzfeed but good

    5. Carter McMillian

      stevie change it back bro

    6. Logan Mayo


    7. C L

      May want to undo this branding.. I used to watch this all the time but totally forgot about it

    8. El Camino

      Anyone notice how views dropped since this name change?

    9. Victor Bey-Smith

      Wow... Video views are a third of what they used to be. I highly recommend you change back, before people forget who Stevie Emerson was as well

      1. StanleyC0718

        Yeah I feel like he’s rushing videos too

    10. Gabriel Reis

      Hey Stevie! I really enjoy your channel man! you make top quality videos, funny as hell, but the name change, I think it was a bad idea. I stopped getting your videos on my recommendations, ever since the change, and I think you changed the thumbnails maybe to try and get more views, but they look like thumbnails for shitty videos on shitty channels, when your content is brilliant with a high production value. If I were to come to your channel for the first time and I didn't know how awesome your videos are, I wouldn't be appealed to subscribe or watch more videos. But that's just my opinion man, you probably know better!

    11. Abhishek Acharya

      Dude, you are hilarious but I think you killed the brand with the name change, like the views on the new videos are low bro

      1. StanleyC0718

        Same. Like I kinda forgot about him and I checked his channels and the views are low asf and it feels like the quality of the production is low

    12. David Gordon

      Anyone for a round of Goldeneye?

    13. Frankcegs

      Shoulda been big doggy vloggys

    14. Cole Oakley

      I fucking love this channel lmao best thing to happen to me in quarantine

    15. Gen Z

      Creative way of telling the fans

    16. Chicken in a burger

      Notice how much the views have dropped since the name change

      1. StanleyC0718


    17. zEROakaFlameForFame

      This is genius!

    18. Andrew Wiggin

      The journey continues 🙌

    19. Steeldrumbands

      A slapper, in the UK, is a very sexually active female. Where da h**s at???

    20. Rishabh Bhargava

      As long as the content remains the same. It is maybe like a move to make the team feel like a team, good for you guys anyway. Good luck yo!

    21. Derek Cheung

      This is so brilliantly put together it's amazing. Been a subscriber for a while but I really hope this all kicks off even more than it has already. Good luck mate.

    22. Arsonist to Architect

      You all need an aesthetic GAWD for your content... Hit me up @coach.j.wells :)

    23. Bernardo Petochi

      I love stevie’s content, but to be honest I don’t really get and like slappersonlyTV. You could have made a different channel for the community. I still will continue to watch your awesome content though!

    24. Jonas Berg

      Davie504 has join the chat

    25. Matthew Perez

      Okay but like can someone please link me to the outtro drop I tried searchin the soundcloud and am goin insane looking for this mix

    26. O Davis

      Comment for algorithm

    27. kbaygorman

      If you are called "slappers only" now, ypu have to make a video called "no oddjob allowed"

    28. 2uze

      I preferred the old name and pic

    29. Rory Attridge

      Yeah I rate

    30. Sam Wolfe

      this makes so much sense. I was watching him then saw slappers only, then I'm like does this guy have two channels but couldn't find his other one but now I see this days later

    31. Lag is Free

      Slappersonly. Please tell me that is a Goldeneye reference.

    32. Vlad Boros

      Angry davie504 noises

    33. Shailesh Rana

      I thought this video was gonna be bull-shit but I'm so glad it isn't

    34. Troy Gomez

      Fun fact you started watching this channel because it had latj vibes

    35. McOink

      It sounds shite.

    36. Vinnie

      Go back to Stevie Emerson pls!!

    37. MexicanosDelMundo

      Sorry, but "Stevie Emerson" was WAY better... "Slappers Only TV" sounds like the name of a Davie504 food vlogging channel. I love your content and it's really hilarious bro - but I'm not sure this is a wise move. Anyway, keep it up and get to 5M subs asap.

    38. Apollo

      yo guys remember when this channel was called Stevie Emerson damn i miss those times now this channel is gonna become a dirty network channel gross also not to mention sounds like an old channel from 2012 like grocerybagdottv i dont like that at all

    39. M Colins

      I liked and it went to 10,000 😳

    40. Raymond Li

      This is great, its like genius first rate advertising haha. SLAPPERS ONLY TV brings quality content always

    41. Joshua Rangel

      I don’t wike boi, but you do what you gotta do

    42. Tom Hind


    43. Kevin Kim

      For some reason I thought of 007 Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 with this name change.

    44. John Paul Sylvester

      Praise the algorithm.

    45. Matthew

      you got some genuine comedic talent, wish you the best

    46. Lucas LF

      I'm glad you didn't make a normal update video

    47. Kronos

      I think this is a bad idea. Your identity behind the channel was way more of a "oh shit i can't miss this upload" type of branding because we knew what we were getting ourselves into SlappersOnlyTv sounds very generic tbh

      1. Nathaniel Stevens

        I mean considering how many actors and actresses he’s collaborating on on each video, it would make sense that they want to do some sort of collaborative net work. Most of them have their own channels on their own anyway, but I do agree should have his own separate channel in addition to this maybe

      2. mikecantreed

        Yep you called it. I get that it’s a Goldeneye reference but it’s a terrible name.

      3. Pergrinepi

        Yup I totally agree they are going so mainstream they just need to keep it chill

      4. Giorgi G

        This turned out to be true. This channel's views have tanked since the name change. Kinda sad tbh, Stevie's really funny

      5. Pelsop


    48. Joseph Ballinger

      This is actually really smart. Everyone thats subscribed to their channel is gonna see a different logo on all their videos, an will think they haven't watched them yet when they have. Guarantee u this spikes their views up

    49. Ashar Rai Mujeeb

      Tight tight tiiiiiiiight

    50. Andradé

      gotta agree with some comments idk how I feel about this name; I'm cool with switching it up from Stevie Emerson but slappersonlyTV ain't doing it for me

    51. Andradé

      can u collab with Jimmy Tatro already

    52. Adnan A

      I wonder if got bought by a network or he’s creating one

    53. ratedpending (please don't sue me)

      HOW did I miss this notification

    54. LucasGames 1407

      1. Shit name and should have kept it the same 2. Didn’t understand anything about the new name or whatever and they where like “u guys get it don’t u?” Answer = not at all

    55. Tom B

      It's good that you're trying to launch a brand but it's not a good name.

    56. Alex Noble

      So this is a bass channel now?

    57. Saifty

      SlapperSon TV*

    58. Andrew Cortesi

      I love your content, sketches, and comedy, but Slappers Only TV is a bad name that doesn’t make sense. By clicking on this video I was hoping you’d convince me otherwise

    59. MC MLee


    60. ri3it483qthirf

      Slappers only is in reference to GoldenEye on N64? Haha nice they're probably in their early 30's

    61. FuryNotFurry

      Slappers Only? Like Goldeneye N64?

    62. RCoverC

      as long as you keep the outro song idc

    63. Umang Jain

      But why though?

    64. BEAST • 99 years ago

      The Name smells like a porno

    65. Layla Farhan

      Slapper Emerson

    66. Patrick Krott

      It's a no from me dawg

    67. Andrew Falk

      Try not to sell out and become a big Corporation

    68. Andrew Falk

      Yeah it makes sense it’s not just Stevie. slippers only sounds like a good plan

    69. Prajjwal khati


    70. Mahmoud Mohamed

      This guy is underrated

    71. Gabe Catalfo

      Hey dude slappersonlytv.com is up for grabs, go get it.

    72. Patrick James

      You're a legend! 😹

    73. BoxShifter

      lets gooooooooo

    74. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

      How much did y'all pay davie504?

    75. Divonte Roberts

      Im sure he gets this a lot but Steve looks like Daniel tosh.

    76. Beef Testosterone

      Slappers only that’s an n64 goldeneye reference right

    77. liamsneezes

      release the last juul video but call it e cig or something :shrug:

    78. Just The Highlights

      Davie504 subscribers incoming.

    79. Dhr. Y

      Keep the outro music. Maybe also the old outro images. So used to it and nice

    80. Nick Gauthier

      you had me at “more short films”

    81. Jorge Saenz

      Davie504 fans Vs Stevie Emerson Fans collab or a civil war lol

    82. Leander van Diepen

      Let's Go! Excited now

    83. Zorin Toto


    84. Banned As a Result

      Did a black guy slap you as a Child?

    85. PolarDarkness

      Damn, shouldn't have change the picture, almost didn't see that it was you

      1. Saxo Blakeman

        Same its kinda annoying

    86. Doctor Swazz

      hey where'd stevie emerson go

    87. Adam100A

      Who’s the girl in the intro

    88. Elvis Oty

      We good

    89. Benjamin Vilas

      *david504* slapper strike inbound

    90. MelDC


    91. Edzio Giorsetti

      Excited !!!

    92. mr_wright_official_

      Sounds like a porn site name

    93. Fortune Finder

      Why the name change though ?

    94. Noah Noway

      SlappersTV? 🤔

    95. Noah Noway

      Is this a joke? 😂

    96. Jessayesss

      feel like y'all could've came up with some better name

    97. NorthernChev

      ...this will be a dead channel in 12 months.

    98. Val Min

      Lightweight Schmacks...

    99. Dave Lawandra

      Davie504 approves

    100. Corey Laubenstein

      Gonna miss Stevie Emerson but this'll do just fine