How They Made "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

Slappers Only

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    That's lame.
    MERCH :-)
    Written & Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Shot by Ben Bashor
    @Trevor Wallace
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson trevor wallace funny grinch

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    1. Slappers Only

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      1. Brian Griffin

        Thlappers only

    2. Judah Weesner

      "Better than every Snapple I've ever read!" 😂

    3. Enzo

      I really like to pronounce it shlappers

    4. Tyler

      The absolute best duo on IRvision.

    5. Kyle Reaume


    6. Jamie Benson

      This reminds me of the style of the older stuff I like it

    7. Trent Aguilar

      Wait for it

    8. Josh Mender


    9. Renegade Zen

      Random comment here but do you think there is ANY chance this guy banged Lindsey Peles when he had her in that covid video?

    10. Chris Butson

      I haven't laughed this hard In a long time. Thank you 🙏

    11. Dainsleif

      I like how Trevor could adapt frat boy comedy like Steve and nerd kid comedy like Cherdleys 😂

    12. Thewolfepack

      Stevie and Trevor = power duo

    13. ThisIsMe

      HOW in the flying F*** do these folks not have millions of subscribers and views. Insane.

    14. Jose Soto

      These two guys just kill it together

    15. Kaitlyn Walker

      Been here since the steakhouse video from Stevie 😂

    16. Above Life


    17. Kai Hartmann

      Love this channel

    18. Ze Pokemon Wizard

      Video idea: Judge judy but with your girlfriend Kinda a sequel to the other videos

    19. Storm Swanson

      Hey where's your drive through video?

    20. Kincaid Feldman

      Drop the full track this version slaps way harder than the original

    21. Mr. Nissim Productions

      Liking the attempt to fix in the old outro, it just felt weird without the floor and altering the drop

    22. Giovanni Bazile

      More collab between you two please

    23. Sebastin Haobam

      Where the hell is Taylor Lautner? Haven't seen him for quite some time.

    24. Donnie Din

      I mean, he’s not wrong about the Snapple. I could eat a bowl of alpha-bites cereal and shit a better quote than Snapple.

    25. Benjamin Klein

      Trevor Wallace makes garbage content

    26. Harsha Sathi

      Slapping a comment.

    27. Mocos

      Had to put all the boys on Stevie

    28. Uli Quiröz

      So I can just comment and get a like?

    29. PJ Flood

      Ay when’s that album dropping

    30. MrBob2k99

      Dream team pairing!

    31. Kyle Harrington

      New outro is spice

    32. Phili Bear

      Could have spent more time and made longer better and more impactful. You get out what you put in I suppose. Sound effects weren’t good. Idk man but there is good potential, do a complete remix next time would be fire. Yeee

    33. Sean Salo

      I used to vibe so hard to the song at the end.... I kindly request you make my Christmas wish come true and remove the overdubbed voice that says "slappers only". Love the channel, not 100% on the new outro modifications. Show that merch, yeah! Just don't molest the song pleeeeeease it's my fav part of your videos!

      1. money man

        @Sean Salo yeah youtubers are gonna change there outro because you don't vibe to it 🙂

      2. Sean Salo

        @money man sometimes content creators take into consideration what their fans say. This wasn't your comment but you still replied to it.

      3. money man

        Its not your outro

    34. W1GS

      Whatever happened to the "Instagram captions" videos (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)? Those were absolutely hilarious. Did they get taken down?

    35. Reid Pattis

      I am convinced Stevie made this skit to show off his vocals. And tbh, it’s actually kinda fire.

      1. N3WE11

        @Reid Pattis Nah, if it were a different key the relative distance between the notes would still be the same. He's putting every note within a very short range.

      2. Reid Pattis

        @N3WE11 I would argue that he's just singing the song in a different key. Very common among cover singers.

      3. N3WE11

        Bruh I love this channel but he's way off pitch.

    36. T. A.

      *"FUCK YOU, I'M OUT!!"* 🤣

    37. Jared Podgorny

      When's the netflix special coming out?

    38. Ashley Smith

      Never disappoints😂😂

    39. RypeDub

      I love the production value on this one !

    40. Jack Lucas-Clements

      What’s the D&B track u guys use after the videos? Absolutely slaps

      1. Jack Lucas-Clements

        Ah my guy cheers - can’t wait till your big enough to not reply to specific comments like this u guys are jokes x

      2. Slappers Only

        lemay music

    41. Cletus Biggum

      I’m dead lol 😂

    42. ed3bn

      I'll like this more than your previous ones

    43. Spongequan

      Another heater

    44. jimshoes_

      ly steevie, been here since 20k love to see you growin

    45. Anthony DiMartino

      Love a Trevor Wallace X Stevie Emerson (Slappers Only) collabs.

      1. Slappers Only


    46. Trevor

      Fuckin' DED🤣💀🙌

    47. Akinle Armand

      I'm so dead Why is this so funny

    48. Albert Pelinovsky

      Why r swearwords censored

      1. FBI

        For monetization, they won’t get ad revenue if there are swears

      2. Slappers Only

        why not

    49. Kakas Sumi


    50. Sam

      Sorry but Trevor Wallace just isn’t funny.

      1. Slappers Only

        i disagree

      2. Drain DrainDrain_

        Not on Stevies level that’s for sure

    51. Ryan M

      Trevor breaking out his Airpods black turtleneck.

    52. Evan Pfeifer

      Stevie is going to make a name for himself in the film world and I cannot wait to watch it happen

      1. Alice in Bath

        He's actually an excellent actor

      2. Slappers Only

        gonna be tight

    53. Aachman Shekhar

      This is the first time I saw a IRvision countdown

    54. Kaleb jones


    55. Samuel Morpus

      Only the real ones sit here patiently for the main broski

      1. Samuel Morpus

        Omg, slappers only loving your comment?? Bruh, if you see this again, imma huge fan!

    56. Slasher 22


    57. Paarth Sharma

      Holy shit Trevor and Stevie in ONE FREAKIN VID HOLLLLYYYYYYYYY....

      1. Kevin Ty

        Check out their “How to get ready for a date” video

      2. L M

        Check out the dui one they have together

      3. Rodrigo Salinas

        They’ve made several together

      4. Chris

        Did they actually meet up for this i wonder? I've been waiting for these guys to make a vid together.

    58. Liyanage Ruwini

      With Trevor combined this gonna be a blast 😎😎🖤🖤

    59. Brian Scalabrine


    60. Brian Scalabrine


    61. The Legend of Po

      I live for these fucking videos 😂

    62. Cole Secrest


    63. Damion T-S

      camping out go brrrr

    64. Big O

      If you think about it Stevie is becoming tim burton always casting the same guys. Dudes a legend in the making.

    65. George

      Trevor never misses a character

      1. George

        @Sam you’re not really funny

      2. Sam

        He really isn’t funny

    66. Logan Schieno

      Rad. Looking forward to the vid. Let me make you a ring!! IG: Questionablerelics

    67. Slappers Only Podcast