If Girls Got in Bar Fights

Slappers Only

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    Johnny I'm taking a 5.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson, Alex Varonos & Alyssa Tortomasi
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Reiss Parsons
    Alex Varonos
    Joey Fernandez
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Marc Shuster
    Max Marshall
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only girls got in bar fights

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-)

      1. Easy to tips and tricks ect

        *💥Leslie's a friend of mine, She just told me about your Channel, Showed me your Thanksgiving dinner clip, The Video. Is Well put together* Take it easy I look forward to hear from you, Bye for now Ken.. By the way I have a home improvement how to woodworking, channel with a mix of Vids

      2. Brian Griffin

        Thlappers Only

      3. FLIX

        amazing acting i been a fan since 2018

    2. Nick Beard

      I came for a fight and all i saw was people talking

    3. Ayush Bajaj

      Guys in the background are me in any fight or scenario with my bros

    4. Carte 420

      SlappersOnly is the new culmination of L.A. actors carving out a space for themselves. Mans is the new “dormtainment”

    5. Francisco Pulido

      The little quips that the guys do in the background, lmfao 😂😂😂 got me crying

    6. Aidan Demolli

      Bodacious Beanbags...amazing. New word of the week! 😂😂💯

    7. Sarah

      That's the same speedo Stevie wore in the "When She Has Coronavirus" video 😂

    8. Andrew Ochoa

      Just why is there so much foam in that corona though?

    9. Fortune Finder


    10. CUST0MxGR0W420

      I had no idea you were "slappers only" I finally checked my notifications and was wondering who the fuck that was so i clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised. keep up the good work love the content!

    11. Francis Collopy

      bring back the OG name

    12. LunaTheTuna

      Dudes views fell off hard

    13. Kwagin R

      i really like this one

    14. Love

      Neither of them are Latina nor Black. It will be a whole different story.

    15. Max Wagenaar

      Please change your channel name back

    16. Michael James

      These are usually funny. Weird. 🤷‍♂️

    17. Luffy Gear Fourth

      U should change ur channel name back to Stevie Emerson man, the rebrand has really hurt your channel in terms of views and interactions, and I really hate to see it because y’all are genuinely funny people

    18. umang mishra

      Stevie cmon man we wanma see you in your vids. Although this one was good but we want to see you too. Its not the Oprah show without Oprah herself. Same thing buddy. Hope you understand

    19. BRTC

      I cannot belieeeeve the amount of growth I’ve been able to see from this channel. IM TALKING WAY BACK TO THE PIANO VIDS😂😂

    20. Alex Tapia

      Hit er with the 1-2!

    21. Alex Tapia

      The guy in the back is killing me lmao

    22. Kronos

      Stevie - your rebrand has hurt your channel views and engagement. Please change it back and bring an identity to the brand again. I don't wanna see your channel die because you and your friends are genuinely funny and make quality skits. Sincerely Your fans

      1. rsap489

        @Laura Athena yeah not in mine either, I just discovered he’s posted like 10 new videos

      2. Laura Athena

        Honestly it's not that I don't want to watch the content, it just hasn't shown up in my subscription feed anymore. 😔

      3. Q K P

        Yall are all wrong. The point of the rebrand is to put a spotlight on everybody and not only Steve himself. This may have not been the plan from the beginning but the team felt as though the channel had enough subscribers and good flowing algorithm to finally rebrand the channel like they've planned to do. This was a great business move and even if yall feel otherwise, you gotta think that its *quality* over *quantity*. If yall are really fans yall would appreciate and stand by this change.

      4. Jace Widman

        True! I never get his vids recommended to me or anything anymore.

      5. Iggy Stardust

        @Kronos uhhh I mean technically your comment does have a little bit to do whether or not other people like the rebrand or not. That obviously correlates to more views.

    23. masterofgreen

      this is a masterpiece. yaas

    24. B

      Wait, I've never seen y'all before.......... And I'm subbed???? JEEZ I drinky drank A LOT..... Smh Edit: straight facts

    25. Daybelline Muñoz

      Please continue to post stuff to get our minds off this damn election and the next year. Thank you boys

    26. Discopark

      hit her with the ronda rousey

    27. Albert Pelinovsky

      Might just be me but not a fan of the new channel name and video style, it's okay just not as good as it was, also censoring videos on the internet just feels wrong

    28. David W

      Isn’t the guy in the white shirt a pro wakeboarder?

    29. Babs Ifeoluwa

      Hit her with the Ronda Rousey😂😂💔

    30. francargeric1

      The guys should've been instigating the fight lol. "What you're going to let her talk to me like that?"

    31. John Tapp

      I love when I can identify Alex's ines that he wrote for other characters... "bodacious bean bag".... definitely Alex haha

    32. Tommywantsjustice

      Where the fuck is stevie in this one????

    33. Nunya Business

      I didn't get it... Or laugh

    34. Soumya Ranjan

      "hit her with that Rhonda Rousey" 😂

    35. Noah Meurer

      Keep rolling em’ out. Good stuff legends

    36. SiaarZH

      "We're doing a special right now" got me

    37. Chris

      This was an absolute delight, I loved the editing.

    38. jacob18925

      Hit her with a ronda rousey!! Haha I love when roles are reversed.

    39. Ian Roth

      I'm not a professional but that is a good pair of NUTS

    40. nesian 94

      The quality of this

    41. Primo -

      You guys should post a side videos every month as a compilation of the bloopers from that month

    42. Tomás Ó Treasaigh

      You should have worn budgie smugglers for that sketch, you would have really looked like Taylor Lautner then, LOL!

    43. Gareth Simmonds

      What's the song at the end?

    44. Ian Kennedy

      1:24 Nice trick, opening a beer with the back of silverware?!? Hahaha! Must have learned that in a fraternity.

    45. Nick Juliano

      when he said “bodacious bean bag” i lost it bro

    46. FLIX


    47. Le Roy Waring

      Slappers is hilarious.....Never disappoints.

    48. Kev gab

      This guy deserves wayyyy more views and subscribers. Way better content than others

    49. Jack O'Malley


    50. Locstar Kyle


    51. Too Orangey

      Last line was a good homage to dumb n dumber 👏🏽 if u know u know

    52. clonetrooper576

      "my onlyfans is popping" LOL

    53. JF

      Bodacious bean bag

    54. Scott Lauren

      Seriously only slappers ever since I subbed, and I subbed a while ago.

    55. SirBassing

      So fucking funny!!

    56. V N

      So we're just going to ignore the "corona" beer?

      1. Dexter Renter


    57. Mortadah Asaad

      Damn stevie i miss u, pls i wanna see ur sexy face every week, don't be just the director No homo tho

    58. Sehen Gamhewa

      quality content check hehe

    59. J Buck

      Stevie’s acting so good I didn’t even recognize him

      1. duplex


      2. Vivek Kaushik

        Wait a min!

    60. Monarch Zero

      His family jewels 😂😂😂😂😂

    61. akaroach1

      hahaha absolutely amazing! I really hope to see you do a freaky friday style body swap skit between the guys and girls. Your take would be amazing again!!

    62. Noah Tharp

      This guy needs to join nelk

    63. Victor Espino

      Bodacious lol

    64. Ben Chaverin


    65. King of hearts

      Power with the foreskin!!! Where all my “hoodie” boys at???!!! Smash the like button if you ain’t snipped !!!

    66. Cletus Biggum

      Dam lol 😂

    67. Josef

      "Hit her with Rhonda Rousey!"

    68. Kevin James

      Keep Em COMINGGG 🤙🤙

    69. Astrokris

      Nahhhh, it ain't a slapper if Stevie isnt in it😔

      1. Dexter Renter

        He is tho

      2. Astrokris

        @Owen Ho same💀

      3. Owen Ho

        I thought he was gonna appear at some epic moment, but naw 😫

    70. Vegath Iscariot

      That's fucking nice.

    71. Mad Piano Life

      Last time I came this early I failed No Nut November

    72. Rick Baum

      well done. nicely acted. However, girls get constantly in bar fights. i even saw a 5 foot nothing 90 pound girl try to take on a 6'7'' 350 pound doorman once.

      1. Judah Weesner

        @B. Benjamin Eriksson Girls be pushing for equality till they realize that

      2. linkmasteree

        @Alyas Fukename Maybe, if i recal, it's because security guard are not allowed to "punch", not because it was a girl? :o I'm not sure where it was.

      3. Rick Baum

        @Ifeoluwa Adeoye naturally it didnt. how could it?!

      4. Ifeoluwa Adeoye

        Did it work? Did she take him?

      5. Rick Baum

        @B. Benjamin Eriksson dont try it. This society is so gynocentric, that there will be a million simpy white knights coming to her rescue in no time, no matter if it's her fault or not. And then, of course, you go to prison.

    73. SNAKEPLANT !

      This will actually happen in 5 months

    74. Schmittyyy HighRoller

      This was epic !!!

    75. Iason Boiangiu

      Here at only 43 views I AM A GOD (pls notice me)

    76. Dana Reeves

      Your vids are flipping hilarious, love it! 😆😆😆 Please keep doing what you do best!

    77. Connor Bentley

      We need more bloopers of this

    78. Jake T


    79. TheMrDarkPhoenix

      #FreeTheDick should be a thing 🤣

      1. TheMrDarkPhoenix

        @Aidan McFarlane free whatever you like too! Equality =)

      2. TheMrDarkPhoenix

        @Heed My Warning I'm with that too! Lol

      3. Heed My Warning

        #MilkTheBull should be a thing as well.

    80. Elijah Swanson


    81. Joshua Mendoza

      Shame to admit... this is my lady when we go to the dog park.

      1. Joshua Mendoza

        @Alyas Fukename I've been neutered, so my dog.

    82. Trey Ward

      My only fans is poppin 😂

    83. Deakin Carr

      Last time I came this early I had to start paying child support O_o

      1. Brandon

        Tell me about it

      2. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

        I saw what you did there

    84. Dumpling boys Gaming

      Big fan broooooo

    85. Adrian Montano


    86. Koda

      First, STEVIE BETTER GIVE ME A PIN OR IM BASHING YOU ALL e : calling them yamsacks from now on

    87. Lex Helix


    88. Dumpling boys Gaming

      First yoooo

    89. TheMrDarkPhoenix

      Love your content ❤💙

    90. DavidTheBeast

      Rip king von 😭

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    93. Will Motley