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Slappers Only

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    That is so cool, that you have a backhouse!
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson & Nikki Howard
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Stevie Emerson
    @Nikki Howard
    Reiss Parsons
    Marc Shuster
    Leslie Reynolds
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson slappers only thanksgiving homemade

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    1. Slappers Only


    2. Impostor82


    3. Non Essential

      I have not seen a video from them in my recommendations in like forever, I thought they quit making YT videos.....

    4. Arivas

      When he drank all his wine lmfao

    5. KingTheodore

      The grandma w the white hair was lowkey instigating it

    6. Benson Lin

      Why does this have barely any views?

    7. True

      This show is the best XD

    8. Kartik Ranjha

      Loved the slap in the end.

    9. Possibly Someone


    10. Possibly Someone

      The way he downs the wine

    11. SharpTheDemon

      unbelievable quality

    12. Yianni Mav

      I’m watching this on my iPhone, which has a lithium-ion battery that I made myself by mining for it in the depths of Chile. True story. Chile can confirm.

    13. Jordan Cooper

      "you know what my secret ingredient is ........ gratitude" fucking excellent laughed so hard!

    14. JML Sam

      This one is literally a slapper

    15. Mohamad Omais

      The sister gives off Cersei Energy

    16. Conrad Helix

      It looks like Stevie busted the guy in the jaw with his utensil on accident and Stevie has that “Oh shit. Sorry dude” look on his face.

    17. Prater Hiker

      i love the cut and the facial expressions

    18. Hagen Bodenheimer

      This was really good y’all lmao

    19. SiMON

      man, these guys need more views and subs

    20. B. Jardim

      Honestly, I don't know how this channel doesn't get more views.

    21. Brian King

      This is fucking hilarious!

    22. Derick spawn

      I love this!!!🤣🤣💯

    23. RETURNZ

      It’s the I WENT TO POLYNESIA for me 😂😂

    24. zach woolams

      The food spit sent me

    25. RavenZero4

      The mom with green glasses was low key hot 9.5/10 would smash

    26. Enrique Barahona

      As an Ecuadorian I can confirm she did come here

    27. Jamiel Cotman

      Nah, if he went to Polynesia, spoke to their village leaders and exchanged ideas, that food was fire!!!

    28. Sunwoo Kim

      This should be a comedy series

    29. Discopark

      Was this a slapper though...?

    30. Ryan M

      You gotta go back to the Stevie Emerson name. I don't even think it's the IRvision algorithm. It's just bad branding. From my personal experience, my boys and I like referencing IRvisionrs by name. For example: "Hey did you catch that new Trevor Wallace video?" or "You see that new Trey Kennedy video?" or "You see that Gus Johnson video on Reddit?" etc. etc. It's easier to just say the creator's name. Even if you're not the only contributor to the video. Jimmy Tatro never changed his name even though Christian was in almost every video. Just how it is.

    31. Torrin Watson

      Lmao 😂

    32. Heavy Micro Grow

      I feel like that spoon really hit dudes face, and Nikki really slapped the f out of him 🤣

    33. Rammu Ammu

      I never regretted subscribing

    34. Peter Pan

      If anything, this is an accurate representation of sibling rivalry

    35. B. Benjamin Eriksson

      Oh shit. I have never seen this in my own family so I'm a bit shocked. Amused but shocked. But we don't celebrate thanks-giving, maybe that is a good thing.

    36. bene100degrees

      Quality content right there

    37. Derick spawn


    38. Nicholas Woods

      Lmaooo Best Stevie video in awhile

    39. 100Hasake

      The way she spat food at him is hilarious

    40. tmanowen

      Ever since the name change, youtube really isn't bumping your videos much.

    41. RedDead89

      You gotta ditch the name man your content still great but you’re not getting the views like you used to

    42. geometricbass

      I wrote this comment from scratch.

    43. Joel Macy

      NGL these new thumbnails are really obnoxious. Not a huge fan of the new branding. But I do like the videos😜

    44. Tim Gudex

      Been a fan for a while but just realised I should support these guys! So now a patreon slapper

    45. Lorenzo Cabason

      Just here for the outro...!

    46. Plactoriox

      this is perfection

    47. Patrick Kiringai

      Certified Slapper!

    48. Matthew Siddon

      Costco coming in clutch once again

    49. Angelo Maestas

      Best fucking thing I have seen on youtube today! Or yesterday.

    50. Essam

      The end literally made me LOLLL

    51. JJ Flips

      the end had me dead

    52. clonetrooper576

      Haha get it slappers only and they end the video with a slap

    53. Charlie Oberheide

      Hahahah the ending got me

    54. aka Justin

      Who's making 0:54 into a gif?

    55. Philly Philly

      This is how a Saturday night live skits should look like! They will never be this funny!! You need to be a writer on there show bro!

    56. miguel rocha

      You have waited until Thanksgiving to drop this video

    57. Slasher 22

      That had to be tough to film😂

    58. Centurion MCJK


    59. Noth De

      Not sure why IRvision's algorithm stop recommending vids after you put logos on them

    60. Will A

      That ending tho!!! lmao!!

    61. tlotlo molefe

      I need the dialogue from when they are both ranting at the same time 😂😂😂😂😂

    62. theglenlivet12

      Was this video made from scratch?

    63. Jacob Bornowsky

      “We exchanged ideas, we exchanged methods “

    64. Mark Anthony’s Music Picks

      1:09 he has food on his face lololool

    65. SpaghettiNoob

      3:45 this Maffia stuff right there

    66. Phil Leotardo

      I love that girl so much thats always in the videos. Her and stevie chemistry is so good. The video when they get pulled over by the cop is still my favorite

    67. ISM

      Change the channel name back bro...

    68. darren f

      1:56 😂😭 rip

    69. Pelsop

      Views have been really low since slappers rebranding

    70. La Ghibli

      When does the youtube algorithm pick you up? You deserve more views

    71. Eremenkko

      videos seem to get less views since the name change

    72. Damien

      haha that last bit as classic 😂

    73. John Dorian

      Honestly this could be seen as a satirical take on how globalized our food market is and how we all forget where our food actually comes from sometimes. Im 14 and this is deep

    74. David Torres

      Stevie, I miss slappers sunday!!!

    75. xpepsimanxcr

      The acting is just superb. The amount of anger you all summoned is just so MUAH. Wonderful, I don't know how you do it.

    76. Hido Taniguchi

      the white smile is so goddamn funny

    77. Masked Spartan

      YO I DIED XD

    78. Rob Ardell

      When I was 11yo my best friend told my Nonna that the store bought macaroni tasted better then her handmade macaroni. She has HATED him for 30 yrs & even booed his best man speech at my wedding 😂

    79. MANSHN


    80. Elvin Jakinda

      Great Pee Pee 🤣

    81. Shoam Tomer


    82. Sri Ram Nithin Lanka

      I'm hungry. Do I go to Costco or follow Meemaw & PeaPaw's recipe :P

    83. Jonathan Sanchez

      Please collab with latj aka jimbo

    84. hsk

      stevie's inner leo was coming out

    85. Clint Votruba

      That was freaking hilarious particularly the neighbor getting slapped at the end.

    86. Heart of the Pack


    87. Christian Cabrera

      Do a colab with Jimmy Tatro!!

    88. Brian Shava

      That ending honestly just finished me🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    89. Are We Still Doing Phrasing

      When did the channel change name

    90. Griffin Fraser

      No better combo than Stevie and Nikki👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    91. T S

      I see what you did there at the end. Love the channel pun!

    92. Shortcut 101

      Who are the two elders? Their acting really good!!

    93. Michael Lindsey


    94. DoyinTheSage


    95. Dave Symonds

      Lmao this might be one of my favorites. Love the way you each gave it 1000% in both writing and performance in that escalating rant hahaha.

    96. fedaur rahman

      as someone who only eats store bought meals I'm ashamed see you in the next vid!

    97. Mind of Z

      I like how there is a chill piano music in the background.

    98. David Gaffney

      Is that his actual mom they look so much alike its insane lol also such a good sketch

    99. Dexter Renter

      I lost it when she spit out the green beans

    100. Blake Larsen

      Yo Stevie, no hate bro, but it was a bad move to change your IRvision channel name. Your name stood out, not anymore.