If Online Ads Worked

Slappers Only

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    We did years of study and research!
    MERCH :-)
    Written & Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Cinematography By Danny Neal & Pete Magine
    Stevie Emerson
    Alex Varonos
    Christian Olivo
    Justin Sherman
    Reiss Parsons
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson online ad meme doctor

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    1. Slappers Only

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      1. Sebastian Kendrick

        Love your shit Stevie, keep it up man. Always loving the uploads brudda!

      2. Jamie Keiller

        Dudes, What is the name of the outro song? I cannot, for the god damn life of me, find it on the soundcloud

      3. Alice in Bath

        Great first vidoe slappers. Great!!!

      4. AxxL

        AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! PAAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!!! I broke my hand yesterday because of the hate comments I get on my amazing videos. I was so angry that I punched a hole in my computer. Please don't comment anything mean on my wonderful videos, dear wla

    2. True

      I'm laughing my ass off watching these videos. Seriously, somebody notify Netflix about these guys. I would pay to see this. And they should have AT LEAST 1 million subs. Great work guys!

    3. Arjun MAkar

      this is gold but change the name. Like if you want them to go back to Steve Emmerson

    4. Sketchy On Reviews

      He should have smirk to the camera at the end, after saying sorry.

    5. brodeurheaton

      Lol I have the same Led Zeppelin poster

    6. Obai Alsamadi

      “Doctors hate him”😭😂

    7. Juan Mercado

      This is a great black mirror episode

    8. JBL

      2:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brilliant acting!

    9. Kevin Ty

      yo stevie mah man! or maybe youre not called stevie anymore. but this was the shit burh! funny as hell!

    10. Max Dolfman

      tb to the christmas party when stevie was coked out santa

    11. N R

      Poon Wrangled ? Im dying. Lol

    12. Gen Z

      If the local milf ads were real the world would be a better place

    13. Ttsoapl soap

      random cheated girl: "This is real research, and you just stole them". me: smh

    14. Suave Passion

      The real question is, what is the outro song???

    15. Jones

      "No but seriously how'd you do it? Hmm Was it a pill? A website? Asking for a friend." 😁🤦‍♀️🤣

    16. Rishabh Bhargava

      Stevie forever

    17. GSon Dunn


    18. Random Guy

      I'm a young man right now but when I grow up I wanna be a milf.....

    19. ElliotMG

      Anyone else remember the cyanide and happiness skit about this exact thing? Not putting this down it's a different dynamic also funny but that c&h episode sent me man

    20. Broken Clock Films

      Tried this and now all my credit cards are frozen, clearly this is fake

    21. Tin Man

      There are too many "TV" IRvision channels. The name is going to deter a lot of people.

    22. Double V

      Remember: if there are still ads like this, it is probably because they work

    23. Drew Mertens

      Really struggling with the name change personally

    24. dathill

      What are thooooooooooose

    25. Jonathan Santos

      Lmao , these videos always make my day 😂

    26. jaydee

      Liked even before watching

    27. GS D

      The "I do not have coronavirus" shirt got me good

    28. Patrick Hemingway

      No more liking comments :(

    29. CanadaNuma1

      the people who disliked were the ones who only got 1 inch added

    30. Gustavo

      That would be a great black mirror episode

    31. Rooben Keeros

      They need to do more of these 😂

    32. Knowledge77

      Real art

    33. Sevrmark

      Curious about non-medical physicians.

    34. Pratyuttar Kumar

      I love the video size... It perfectly fits my phone

    35. Chace Bonanno

      Lmao this guy's been consistnely hilarious. Glad to see his production value going up and his move to create the slappers only brand

    36. Almerinda Romeira

      WTF happened to the views??

    37. 8BitEpidemic

      Just figured I'd say that your new channel name actually made me not want to click on the video. I saw the name and thought "Oh this sounds stupid". I'm not gonna watch the video, but I figured you should know why some people might be unsubscribing or not watching your videos anymore.

    38. cruthers

      absolute slap

    39. Ernest Prat Garriga

      "The other guys looked at me like I just discovered fire"

    40. MJSZ

      Geezz, exactly looks like Stevie Emerson, hmm

    41. Krompa

      This guy is so underrated

    42. sheleftanddidnteventaketheshittykids

      This name change feels weird for everyone else too right?

      1. sheleftanddidnteventaketheshittykids

        @True it was just the guys name before. Steve Emerson

      2. True

        What were they called before?

    43. Upmost Tech

      Where is next episode of Wall of Wall Street but with you ?

    44. V N

      Gotta be honest. Not a great ending

    45. Vince P

      Who even makes these ads, and who the hell actually clicks them

    46. Jayqo

      Video 8 of asking stevie for a working link to the outro song

    47. VESELIN trkulja

      My guy has a Led Zeppelin poster hung up...Like for that!

    48. Zac Spencer

      Petition to change “slappersonlyTV” back to Stevie Emerson👇🏼

      1. Andrew Fink

        @Austen Summers this man is wise beyond his years

      2. Austen Summers

        Slappers Only is a better name without the TV

      3. Raphael Tembo

        Don't matter bruh

    49. Shahil H

      I prefer Stevie Emerson

    50. ghanphol

      I fucking love this channel

    51. taimur ali khan

      Stevie a Zeppelin fan?

    52. Ashutosh Verma

      0:55 yes u r 🤣🤣

    53. Markus Noble


    54. Dr John Xavier

      I almost scrolled down without looking.this name sucksss

    55. jamesssssss

      gosh I preferred your name as the channel's name

    56. Bima Audi Praditya

      Nice led zep poster

    57. Akshay k

      Slapp that

    58. Sumanth Kumar

      Thumbnail reallyyy ugly. Didn't even recognise it was your video. Almost didn't watch.

    59. SharpTheDemon


    60. Ahmed Othman

      Still looking for a penis reduction ad, been getting a lot of complaints lately 😕

    61. Easterman

      Aww shit a new video from Slappersonlytv

    62. Max Fliegner

      Get this channel to 1Mil subs asap

    63. Ben Chaverin

      I love how the ruler was at like 7in when he held it up, implying his initial length

      1. bene100degrees

        Someone got it

    64. Deborah Stephens

      This is so underrated especially the second one XD she was so pretty

    65. Jules Sompayrac

      Enjoyed the first slappers only. Keep it coming.

    66. trevor casey

      Why does the music at the start sound like a porn intro?

    67. themrpwnedyou

      couldnt find steve emerson on youtube today, thisll do though.

    68. Jordan Cooper

      Awesome video man!!! One of your best, it's great that people like you are still making such good content and you have already put out so much!

    69. Matt Spencer

      Good video but would rather have seen some whitty response from the doctors outside, the shouting just took away the humour

    70. MF Anal

      This is pretty dope movie idea.

    71. James Martello

      That's why you don't give surgeons tiki torches ladies and gentlemen. How many times do we have to say this?

    72. ƵiRro

      So thats why you didnt link a new channel, its because u renamed this one ahh i see.

    73. Elkalite

      He should take note of the advertisements for how to the get views and subs too.

    74. D'Arcy Panziera

      Anyone else worried about how yellow his teeth are?

    75. Nona

      Am I early enough to ask for outro song name?

    76. D Dawg

      Slappers only threw me of

    77. flex

      New name is weird asf

    78. Syed Shahmir Hussain

      The sheer amount of originalism in this is unreal

      1. Michael Garcia

        This is hilarious! But I do have to mention Dave Chapelle did a similar skit on the Chapelle show

    79. TheHaloman555

      Bruh i forgot you changed the channel name 💀💀💀

    80. Benjamminn


    81. will regalado

      Slappers only 🔥

    82. Hammaad Akoojee

      Me: **installs ad-blocker** Horny Milfs in my Area: **NOOOOOO**

    83. Dwane

      This guy reminds me of the old smosh

    84. Dainsleif

      How the f he could get a milf ??!!

    85. Fortune Finder

      Why the name? What's the reference? 🤔

    86. Omar Perez Pulido

      When the quality is too high. major props on the growth my dude

    87. aritrosan 7

      the end of Stevie Emerson GOOD 2020 GOOD

    88. Sam Wolfe

      4 years? u mean 12 lol

    89. MoJungle

      Damn who is the mommi?

    90. Lil Boer

      This was funny as fuck 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    91. RiderZero

      Dang it the secrets out! Can’t tell you how many vacations I’ve won because nobody clicks the ads. Now the raffle pool will be flooded -_-

    92. Piyush Dwivedi

      Where the Milfs within the 5mile radius at? Dude you're so on point! 😂

    93. LetsGetThisBread 247

      2:59 "Do you see what happens larry?"

    94. Matthew

      That outro still slaps

    95. Claus

      What a slapper ay

    96. NaNah Thee Unicorn

      Pure genius. Where is the work from home making $100k an hour

    97. gracesmileyface

      What do American people think a slapper is?

    98. JoeytheIntern

      Damn, that was a slapper

    99. J cal

      Yo this is a whole movie

    100. Temple Marcee

      Me watching this during class