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Slappers Only

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    Guys I haven't left yet.
    MERCH :-)
    Written By Stevie Emerson , Alex Varonos, & Trevor Wallace
    Concept By Trevor Wallace
    Directed By Stevie Emerson
    Cinematography By Dillon Lane
    @Trevor Wallace
    Joey Fernandez
    Marc Shuster
    Ryan Jeric
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Audio Credits:
    Outro Song by Lemay
    stevie emerson trevor wallace waiter server food restaurant

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-) hit me on IG + twitter for more gas @stevie_emerson

      1. Aviva Sings Out

        you just made me fart

      2. Amin Lameh

        Bro you’re the goat! Love these vids

      3. Rohan Shekhawat

        you killin it .man u made for this genre. And it got even better with Trevor Wallace. y'all all fire

    2. SharpTheDemon


    3. Meisseli

      I mean, who complains in a restaurant anyway? It's not like the food is going to improve from your feedback unless you're Gordon Ramsey. You'll just ruin the mood for everyone around you and not get a better experience anyway. I just eat my fill if it's edible, leave and don't return.

    4. True

      Pure genious! Haha XD

    5. kroliks

      You guys are like the modern day key and peel I love it! I have been watching since the dwmj series and have recently gotten back into watching your guys videos and honestly they have just been getting both better and more funny! Good luck to you guys on anything in the future and I will be watching more of your guys videos!

    6. Jamie Benson

      This skit made me so uncomfortable I would be to ashamed if a server actually called me out on my shit

    7. Jamie Benson

      This skit made me so uncomfortable I could never handle a waiter actually calling me out on my shit

    8. zakaria radoine

      I hate this sketch . . . . But it's so good though

    9. mustafa uzgör

      What's the name of the outro song? Any links? I loved it. Which Lemay song?

    10. Magic Man but friendly

      These guys literally get me 😂😂💯

    11. Distribution Retail

      haha, gieked

    12. Jackson Dowdle

      you guys are seriously so funny, like the white Key & Peele

    13. Donna Babiy


    14. JozahXVII

      Fucken amazing love you guys

    15. Chace Bonanno

      Collabing with Trevor was a legendary move

    16. Nela azv


    17. Kgomotso Moyo

      I really thought the server was going to say that he did something to the food which is why it was so terrible😂😂

    18. Andrew Ramero

      Was the food ate during this film.

    19. V. X.


    20. Vincent Megens

      Whats the outro song?

    21. Belal Rais

      Please make one with the barber!!!

    22. G Man

      Tough situation. If you complain they'll spit on it

    23. N R

      Trust me they know.

    24. Casey Vee

      What is more common is that you get people who will never admit that they DO like the food. I ran a restaurant for 3 years, casual dining, fairly high volume place. We averaged 300 covers a day on weekdays, and about double that on weekends. SO, even if we did not know what we were doing (which we did), sheer odds would have dictated that some people got really good food. But you rarely, if ever, heard about it. OTOH- if something was not quite right, you heard about that instantly usually combined with "I don't think I should have to pay for it."

    25. DontGetSeen

      I made the video suggestion for this and they actually did it omgg!

    26. Susan Wojcicki should resign

      i watched this while drunk it was amazing

    27. owais farooqui

      "Give me a raise"......... 😅

    28. BIANCA MARGARITA Insigne

      It’s the “sautéed in cat litter” for me 😂😂😂

    29. Uncle Darthy

      Trevor was a great pick for the server

    30. Fortune Finder

      Why haven't I seen this channel sooner ?

    31. NaNah Thee Unicorn

      This is peak white people's manner

    32. James Schulz

      Went to school for Culinary Arts which makes this especially hysterical 😂🤣 keep it up

    33. Sheriff K

      I’m super critical about food because I come from a family of chefs, but I’m also super nonconfrontational... there’d have to be a SERIOUS problem, for me to say something...

    34. Jean-Marie CORDA

      So FUKIN good writing / acting / directing / everything

    35. Varun Shriram

      We need more sorrowful story of Dylan Williams

    36. Tuesday Racz

      ya’ll have strong BRO energy but it’s cool though

    37. Square body C10

      This dude need 1M subs

    38. Arsyan Thirafi

      It's like going into a shop but the shopkeeper is soo nice that you had to at least buy an item even though you know it's a rip-off

    39. SoBoredTV


    40. Sri Venkat

      Gordon Ramsay disagrees unfortunately. Maybe a curse or two would've gotten him onboard.

    41. Chrisgonepro

      A lot that key and peele sketch..

    42. Luke

      Such a talented chef :,)

    43. PhojillipsGaming23

      I love u Stevie and Alex!

    44. Tyler Mokarry

      nice collab

    45. Chavez -SAUCE- Mendez

      Dawg you're way too underated for too long now I'm tired of it!!

    46. Janeel Adams


    47. Listen

      What a great fuckin twist Add a seizure wanting to your outro lmfao

    48. DeeJay ViVo

      They just built up his ego for 1,000 more horrible meals

    49. Johnathan Trentwell

      I swear the only time I ever get overly polite guests like that is when it's dead AF and all the managers are super bored and dying to give away free food or comp food. And when the Karen's come in and inevitably complain it's beyond busy AF

    50. Aidan Badger

      I’d tip him $100

    51. Christian Castro

      More Colabs with this dude!!!!

    52. Bitxa

      Most Trevor Wallace cameos

    53. Rae

      the second I saw Trevor Wallace I knew this was gonna be extra good

    54. Ty Rvs

      Do more videos with Trevor 🤣 That was great

    55. Weissman Hyperion

      Your friend Alex looks almost exactly like Magnus Carlson holy shit...

    56. Syed Shahmir Hussain

      The ultimate dynamic trio: Stevie, Alex, and Trevor.

    57. Alpha Vo

      Eating the food with that middle finger got me ded 💀😂

    58. Mr Derek

      I would've written this skit differently

    59. J Variant

      This collab was needed!

    60. MCostanza47

      This shit made me laugh so hard

    61. Carnell Johnson

      Hey man I'm the CEO of Coast 2 Coast and I've been trying to get in contact with you for awhile. Do you have any formal contact information like a business email or anything like that? Anywhere I can reach you at?

    62. Ashton Nutter

      When Is the next bigger video or movie coming?

    63. Is this Jish

      Thank god the food is bad because we already know what they do 'When the food is too good'

    64. Zane Truesdale

      I was surprised by how the waiter actually heard them. Normally these guys avoid every confrontation in the sketches.

    65. youtube name

      The edm at the end really jumps the mood up

    66. Yousuf Fayyaz

      Man, this has become my favourite IRvision channel ! Really like your videos. Good luck !

    67. Joey Bear

      I rarely give thumbs up to videos but as a bartender/server I say yes. Yes yes yes.

    68. D4Gamerz

      That server did an outstanding job!

    69. MrYuckForever

      Nice crossover, Trevor is hilarious too. ✌️😝

    70. Arjun Muraly

      The Collab we have been waiting for

    71. Thyrian

      Just two men chilling in a nice restaurant, having a good time together. Nothing else to see here

    72. Kaleb Klink

      Dude, this was hilarious! Hope this one blows up

    73. James Stanbridge

      I don’t like this comedy... I absolutely love it.

    74. dafooziboi boi

      But the server though

    75. dafooziboi boi

      But the food taste like pickled ass

    76. dafooziboi boi

      But the server though

    77. Januzaj Adan

      Damn the writing is dope af

    78. Nathan Garcia

      When are there going to be more Juul god videos

    79. William Woolfenden

      Never seen trevor wallace act like that, he was honestly amazing

    80. Lait Er


    81. Joey Wu

      The way the main characters of this horror story shifted from customer to server....absolutely beautiful......genius

    82. Joey Price

      the collab i’ve been waiting for for so so long

    83. Jam Kon

      When did "Say it with your chest" become a thing?

    84. Matt W

      I love this. Keep it up

    85. Emily Rose

      Trevor Wallace hell yes my fav duo

    86. Jinho Park

      what's the song at the end?

    87. Andradé

      so glad to see these two collabing again

    88. Chris Williams

      Love your channel Stevie. My favorite video of yours will always be the pool boy, but this is another classic. Someone needs to get you and your friends a tv show.

    89. Samuel A

      I love your vids! Content always next level! Love when you collaborate with that other guy as well. Please keep uploading!

    90. Kamari Lewars-Smith

      The editing is just comedic goal! Especially when you can already predict the end because it was a great payoff. Just waiting to see it happen :D

    91. Sean Wilson

      Just the pick me up I needed, thanks homies

    92. Swavika Prasad


    93. LtUnreal

      Running out of ideas I see....

    94. Luke Scott

      Glad to see Dylan overcame his Bang addiction

    95. SharpTheDemon

      hahahah these are getting better

    96. Tiny Mike


    97. TheComicBox

      Nathan Kress lost his acting touch after iCarly

    98. John Smith

      Maybe the BEST Stevie video I've seen so far!

    99. Eric Champlin


    100. Sharissa Emily

      Fucking GOLD!! Thanks, needed this today 🖤