The 12 Days of Simpmas

Slappers Only

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    I had this bad dream...
    MERCH :-)
    Concept by The Slappers Only Team
    Written By Stevie Emerson, Marc Shuster & Christian Olivo
    Directed By Stevie Emerson & Christian Olivo
    Stevie Emerson
    Alyssa Tortomasi
    Marc Shuster
    Reiss Parsons
    Christian Olivo
    Lindsey Pelas
    Lauren Compton
    Alex Varonos
    Hana Giraldo
    Chy F
    Dylynn Abbey
    Rachel Sterling
    Steph Langnas
    Max Marshall
    Tori Ross
    Stefani Somers
    Track Produced by FOMO Music
    Audio & Outro Song by Lemay
    Visual FX & Colors by Nicholas Reynolds
    stevie emerson slappers only 12 days christmas

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    1. Slappers Only

      ENJOY :-)


        any new videos soon? we miss u!

      2. KING CLASH


      3. Mn ey

        I love your videos but the name "slappers only" has gotta go! Just. doesn't . Ehh ..idk... Idk the answer but slappers ain't it either.....

      4. Alice in Bath

        I looooove you guys💖💖 I would like to spend all my money on youuu😂😂

      5. REALworldHISTORY

        Drunk skit next

    2. Pan Pan

      Unsung heroes exposing the simps... Well done boys

    3. Daniel L

      Whata banger this made my day

    4. Neethinify

      Honest but Terrible to watch

    5. Michael Costa

      this easily deserves 500,000 views... well edited, this took Hours/days to make

    6. Mr. Meeseeks

      2 loads of laundry geeked me every time

    7. Muscular Class

      I hope the next generation will have less simps and thots than our faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaked up generation.

    8. Will Fer

      Some dude watched this, had a laugh and still went and payed his true loves rent so she and her boyfriend could have a warm place to cuddle

    9. Man Mannington

      Sorry to see the algorithm hasn't treated you well, your skits deserve more! Hope all is well

    10. Zach Heke-Davis

      whens your next video ?

    11. Zed

      So... did this channel just give up or something?

      1. Zed

        @Yo Speed nevermind

      2. Yo Speed

        Where the new content? He said on a live Instagram vid that he was very excited on the new stuff they are working on.

    12. Andy Hsu

      needs more views on this channel

    13. Andy Hsu


    14. MrJuggernautishere

      Sad that this channel has been throttled and shadowbanned by youtube

      1. Zayn

        Why though?

    15. Gustav Fourie

      Stevie, where are you bro?

    16. WolfxE1998

      They said wait till January for a banger then never released. Damn I think the channel might be dying. Name change was def a risky move

      1. BCGTR

        If you notice, view counts plummeted after the video where they announce the name change.

      2. Zachary West

        they should have never changed it

    17. A. Chun

      Part V yesssss

    18. A. Chun

      Where’ve you been??? Stevie?

    19. Judah Weesner

      Wtf is a mini-pedi

    20. Solomon

      Liked the old username for this channle before

    21. Erwin Bohunsky

      is slappersonlytv dead?

    22. Absolute Indian

      That Meni Pedi guy 😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Calisto Riviera

      Is this channel still going? It’s been a while.

    24. Joshua Barnard

      where is some new content? love you guys

    25. Playfulpottery

      After switching names no video could make a 100k views

      1. elemenopi

        Damn, might be the reason they havent made any recent vids. The subs are still there tho. Do you think if he changes it back itll make 100k views again? Maybe people just missed the memo and don't recognize this slappers channel they are subscribed to.

    26. SharpTheDemon


    27. Evan Loftin

      Bro why are your videos not in my recommended anymore

    28. Jahari Tucker

      Really solid point to try to get across! Fucking slappers!!! ✊🏼❤️

    29. Mad max Crashes

      Only person i simp for is hentai women atleast they cant take my money

    30. Fishing InTheDeep

      IRvision literally stop recommending me his videos once he changed the channel name

      1. Blitzy

        @asimple Stevie Emerson

      2. asimple

        @Uncle Iroh what did it used to be called?

      3. Uncle Iroh

        Honestly felt like he wanted to attract a younger viewer base and his videos had that same feel. Us OGs realized it’s better to leave then start disliking the content.

      4. Pergrinepi

        Worst move every. His new videos are just cringe and low effor back in the day when Stevie and the other dude (forgot his name) your spit funny ryming shit and do funny shit now it's just like haha dating in quarantine funny. 😔

    31. Robbie Richard

      They got all the stereotypical simp chicks too 😂😂

    32. DITLab

      More Dylan Williams videos please!!

    33. Caleb Miller

      anybody know the names of any of these girls?

    34. AndrewTube

      not one of the girls looks like she isnt enhanced in some way

    35. Mn ey

      Change the name

    36. Krish Rajpal

      Only person I simp for is Stefani

    37. William V.

      I hereby swear.. I will never ever in my life ever again blow a dollar on a girl that isn’t my mother or sister!

    38. Bryan Shackleford

      I randomly found this channel

    39. abhay mathur

      i love slappers only!

    40. ellie o

      This isn’t really simping tho.... this is just gold digging...

    41. Chet W

      This was really good, but the timing I think was off with the release. Really low views is most likely due to the fact it didn’t reach people till after the holidays (like me). I almost didn’t watch because well.. Christmas is over. I would have done it at the start of December.

    42. San-Gyis

      How is this only have 25k views?? This is comedy gold.

    43. olo YT

      Sorry this didn’t get the attention it deserves Slappers Only

    44. Drew Maybury

      Its after the new year Stevie what’s good? Let’s see what you’ve got cooking.

    45. ScrappyBest -_-

      His views 📉📉📉📉📉😬

    46. Jackson Meya

      Guys who Simp are just hella weak... an embarrassment to all men 👎

    47. Hunter Dean

      The girl from the 10th day is a smoke show.

    48. Coacon

      Who has that much laundry?

    49. Nopehahalolwut

      The Uber girl was the best!

    50. Ferris Habicht


    51. JWP

      you couldn't get the boys to sing on key huh

    52. Austin Sosnowski

      Uhhhhh what was that at the end????

    53. Jordan Cooper

      Well written and shot really appreciate the content you guys make :) have a great new year!

    54. Calcelmo

      What happened to Pelas smh

    55. TheRomanZero

      Still enjoy your content, what was the old name of this channel, I even forgot. Not sure how many of your fans are aware of the change

      1. Nunya Business

        Stevie Emerson

    56. Bojor

      Good video! Simp o bells next x mas?

    57. serenada0 _

      I saw the title and then saw only 11 girls on the thumbnail and was like “where’s the 12th?” and then I realized I’m the 12th

    58. Denys 277

      No simping from me, never.

    59. Sal Al-abdullah

      This shit slaps

    60. Fps Doug

      One of the weirdest videos I've ever watched

    61. Frank

      This is hilariously genuis 😂👌🏽 I fuckin love this 👌🏽Been here since the juul days, and will be here forever man. You're awesome. I'm here before this video goes viral, Thanks for the laughs man, happy holidays & Happy new year !! ⛄🎅🎄

    62. Winterdweller

      Sorry, but this was terrible episode

    63. Jesiah Calabrese

      Never fail to upload quality!

    64. MOLEMITTS12

      God, the rebrand is just killing this channel. I don’t know man, the content is the same but Jesus. I know you were trying to be inclusive to all the actors and actresses on the channel by not having it just be under Stevie, but when the rebrand is doing so poorly you gotta consider just changing it back, right? Slappers Only also wasn’t the best choice in names, idk. I love the content and want to see the channel succeed but the way things are going that’s not gonna happen

      1. Francis Collopy


    65. Luke Menge

      Only person I simp for is the coke dealer girl in the dude where’s my electronic cigarette series

    66. Paarth Sharma

      Honestly a song along the lines of the switchup for 12th day verse could slap

    67. Where Eagles Dare

      Damn the production value was 10/10, but the 12 things could've been way better :( Take care of my children Emotional Support after bad date Car Rides Marry me when I'm 40 Fix my appliances Even help out current boyfriend

    68. Laughter Cannon

      This video is a more immaculate conception than that of Jesus

    69. Yash Shikhare

      This is cinema, true.

    70. Yash Shikhare

      This feels like a long movie

    71. SuperMrC2000

      Algorithm comment

    72. tmanowen

      Finally some Alex airtime

    73. Ernie Tsenji

      You had more views when the content was stevie Emerson content 🤔

    74. Izzy Wizzy

      Up next 13 days of pimp-mas

    75. Joel Miltenberger

      Hilarious! Love the content! Have a Merry Christmas Stevie and crew!

    76. Jeffrey Ricklin

      Incredible quality

    77. Shortcut 101

      I'm simping for Lauren Compton 🙇‍♂️

    78. squad cast

      Girl on day 4 looks like stiflers mum on America 🥧

    79. Alice in Bath

      Oscar worthy🌟

    80. iHappened

      Im sorry but Stevie changing the name of the channel was a BAAAD business move brah.

    81. Blazer

      I have yet to regret having this channel for all notifications. Amazing work!

    82. L.A. Prodigy

      This is currently taking place right now (Dec 25th)

    83. Michael B

      This is the joyous thing I’ve seen this season. What a Christmas gift

    84. Micah Potts

      2:10 Lindsey Pelas, I'm in a commercial with her!

    85. Dylan Carroll

      This is amazing

    86. vl4eva

      10,000+ IGs requesting!! 😁😁

    87. Jose Carlos Montemayor

      1:29 hits differently

    88. Bob Chen

      This is great. But those are not simp worthy girls.

    89. FOMO Music

      Big YEET. SIMP gang 4life

    90. Babs Ifeoluwa

      Three mani-pedis gets me all the time😂😂💔

    91. Hardey Lim

      Siccccckkkk mp

    92. J C

      big slapper fellas

    93. Ethan Israeli

      Great video guys !!!

    94. R C

      dedicates an entire song to simping to then ask you to simp for them

    95. Michael Bates

      How does this not have 10 billion views

    96. Jed Orr

      You are my hero. The best shit you guys did was when it was you and your main homie just talking shit. Please I need more Have a good Xmas your biggest Simp

    97. Taheem Lewis

      This feels like a personal attack

    98. Jack Kanoff

      Guys I think your name change screwed up your views and stuff :(

    99. Coachh Glock

      Your grandfathers father would be spinning circles in his grave right now if you did any of those things. Don’t be a simp and merry Christmas 😂

    100. Kakas Sumi

      It was his true love though.😎